Guy vs Girl ROWING Beer Mile (ft. MaxNoSleeves)

[Music] hey Vitaly I’m Ali hey best max I’m max Fischer and we’re doing the rowing beer mile actually it’s more like 1.4 3 miles you know where to be her mileage drinking beer around a quarter mile she’s doing that 4 times so you’ve ran a mile and drink for years you might be familiar with Ali’s previous attempts at this so the CrossFit conversion from running to rowing is 4 rounds per time drink of beer and roll 500 meters as best you can we suck beers into this Athletic Club but max doesn’t know the loser as to where the other persons were both winners yeah we know anything from Spags is his previous history she likes to talk a big game and then athletic in tears has Loic paneer vernacular athletic vernacular there what is this functional fitness or you’re welcome to join clubs heart Oh okay the first poll doesn’t count cut the things got to wake up there’s a lot of sloshing oh my god thirty-six seconds in really terrible and you appreciated on your cat eye contact 30 seconds of rowing all right what I’m like all right that’s enough for the rest of my life the socks are faster than me oh no I didn’t extra pull I feel compelled to say now don’t try this at home come on team here we go kid you ready don’t wait no this is a real competition what do you mean worried basic good we’re all administered : Simpson sound effects how does that come out of me ironic there’s an entire ocean out there and we’re growing staring at it I’m still haunted behind you she cracked it in let’s do this nice job speck having a good time so smiling and row yeah croupier oh that’s Ribeira thought here’s what I’m worried about I’m not feeling drunk yet maybe like it’s gonna hit your last really yeah you’re gonna run this thing right off the balcony it was a drunk rowing accident slightly over halfway right this way done turn more into the rested just show it off everyone this is what lifting will get you every single one of these read them on the Chuck no not this time generally I crush on the Chuck locking the next exercise you’re number three you know just my time lasts different shoes I’m done with this sleeveless shirt Khloe laughs they had ten left envious spec’s teen stag all-time snacks that’s in the 450 right now seventy 15 10 5 no it’s really hard harder or easier than a running beer my huh I don’t know we’re gonna have to try or anyone – Nikki good job you one was that time we’re really close yeah so how do you feel about your choice of tech night at I’m not mad about it no and it needed limes for a burrito burrito mile oh my god have you had to do this again what would you do differently I would grow again someone not so good how are you feeling I feel terrible yeah when you feeling as official in your belly and every time you go like it just slop a side to side all right we’re done I’ll see you later max is that I had so much fun your shelves Oh comment if you want to see us do this again actual running or just like no matches off the hook Oh doubt I should be great don’t say that fight okay bhagava an actual drunk now why’d you kill me [Music]

40 Replies to “Guy vs Girl ROWING Beer Mile (ft. MaxNoSleeves)”

  1. Good idea Ali, but stick with running.
    So now we wait for the normal beer mile against Max and the burrito mile against Max.

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  3. Beer 🍺Burrito 🌯 and finally Blintzes miles are what you should do with Max. Also amazing vid Ali laughed quite hard. BTW always surprised by how awesome you make burping and working out look

  4. ❤❤💓❤💖❤💜💜💜❤💜💜❤❤💖💖💖💙💙❤❤💗💓💗💓💗💖💖❤❤ tecate light lol hahaha

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