Guys Try Pole Dancing For The First Time

Hi everybody me name is Jamé Elis, and I’m coming to you from evolve dance studios and I’m here to show some men some poll tricks. I’ve seen pole dancing before… I won’t say how. I’m certain I’m not strong enough. I’m two hundred and fifty pounds and I have to move that up and down a pole and that’s bad news for everybody… do you guys have any experience on the pole. *laughing* no… Roll down partition. holding yourself up. Hold that for 5 seconds. Don’t slide. Oh my god. Wait this is like from Mulan. Be a man! Use those muscles! *screaming* Elbow in. So you’re jumping. I want you to be like a sail even glide. That’s what I… That’s what I’m missing technique. you better work. I need a second… I need a second. Bend it just a little bit. Boom! Get up, pick up that leg! I’m flying! Oh that was it! This is where that good upper body strength comes in. What if we have zero of that. You know we’re going to work on that. No strength. Keith you look like you’re about to poo. I feel similarly. I can’t do that. Take her down! Take her down! OH YEAH! Nothing says come over ladies like a bruise on your arm. The most important part is getting your butt over your head… Here, Like that. That’s where I’ll die. *screaming* So keep your legs straight. Press over your legs. *laughing* Great job! Woooo! *hooahh ooooh* Roll up, yeah that was good. That was good, but extend your legs for both of you guys. That rainbow yeah. It looks so wrong but it feels so right. I would good bank on you. Thank you. *screams* oh my god! YES! That was awesome you guys! How do you feel? Oh, sexy. You guys are hardcore. I had a long history of climbing trees as a child and I think that helped a little bit today. Uh today I learned that I am fat and weak. No it was really fun. It’s almost impossible. I didn’t break my neck… I thought that was going to happen. So much credit given to people that do this for a living. You’re like the Albus Dumbledore of pole dancing, thank you.

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  1. Pole dancing isn't wrong, it's just a way for women to dance and feel good about themselves. Don't be against it just because that's what your parents told you.

  2. Pole "dancing" doesn't have to be sexual and it doesn't even have to be dancing. You don't have to strip to do pole sport. It's an art and a very good exercise. People who strip don't go to places like in this video. The place in this video is a pole studio where people learn how to do pole sport. You can do competitions if you want but most people don't do any sexual performances. Most people don't get paid for doing this, people pay to do this. Pole helps with body strength and body correlation. I have never known someone who does pole sport to strip. This comment is to people unaware/some comments I've seen. It takes years to become a professional at this and most people who have a job involving pole sport, are instructors who own their own studio like the one in this video.

  3. My elementary school playground had like slanted and straight poles to climb and one day I like hung upside down using only my legs on one of the poles the whole recess. I won five bucks that day.

  4. Admittedly she did not start them off with beginner moves. The intro pole classes at my old studio you aren't even allowed to climb regularly, you just do spins and leg hooks and things like that. At the intermediate level you start inverting and climbing.

  5. I would be flying on that thing like the American flag saluting to its nation on a windy day….😂😂😂

  6. The other Try Guys need to do this ASAP. Eugene would kill it, Zach would be so adorable, we could see more of Keith on the pole and Ned is probably gonna bring his wife 😀

  7. I'd love to do this but firstly- I live in God's anus somewhere where nobody knows. Secondly- people would REALLY not approve

  8. When they were climbing the polls I was like "Heyy that reminds me of Mulan" and then they started singing it 😂😂😂

  9. 0:46 when they were climbing up the pole it reminded me of when Mulan climbed up that wooden tower to retrieve the arrow

  10. I'm amazed by how they're teaching them inverts in most of these ''People try Pole Dancing for the first time'' videos. It's an intermediate move, these people were on the pole *for the first time*, therefore they could have gotten badly injured. I believe that Jamé didn't mean anything bad, but girl, if you're an instructor you should know that this is something that takes time to learn. The guys actually did a great job there, considering that the moves weren't for first-timers. Well done.

  11. My favorite part of this was the guy who sang "Be A MAN" as they climbed the poles. I loved that reference.

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