GYM SHIT: Why Going To The Gym Without Resistance Bands Is A No-No!

Hi guys, my name is Christina Makoyawo. I’m the Social Media Editor at The Body Department
and here’s what’s in my Gym Shit bag. First thing is the cell phone. I’ll just go on Snapchat and I’m taking evidence
that I worked out. Or I’m on my phone looking at work outs on
IG. Opening up the bag! First thing I’ll bring out is my water bottle. I’ll put like my favorite protein mix in there
just to replenish the muscles after a heavy weight-training day which usually is the case
because everyday is leg day. The next thing I’ll bring out is my favorite
Supreme hat. I always work out in this or a different Supreme
hat. My favorite sports bra. Speaking of bright colors, leggings. I love these sneakers especially because they
are super comfortable. And then this is my workout staple. I won’t go to the gym without this – the bands! I always use this if I’m doing leg day. I just something that’s just going to
activate my glutes and make the work out worth it. And who doesn’t want to get their glutes bigger? C’mon. My mini-cleansing kit with these makeup wipes. My face feels so clean afterwards but because
I’m a germaphobe and a bit of a psycho, I’ll go in with a deeper cleanse. My favorite cleanser at the moment is by Tatcha and it’s super small but feels so good afterwards. I’ll follow it up with this moisturizing balm
by Glossier and then this for my lips from Glossier as well. And this one especially because it smells
and it tastes like birthday cake. Who doesn’t love that? When I’m leaving the gym I’m usually still
hot, still sweaty so then I’ll spray this on my face because this just feel amazing. It’s rose spray by Mario Badescu and I feel
like every girl should have this. And I’ll put my hair in a bun and be about
my business. So that’s everything that’s in my Gym Shit

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