hi guys and welcome to the vlog I’m
warming up my first meal which is gonna be my egg whites protein pancake and
turkey bacon from Ikon meals it’s a custom breakfast that I made here’s ever
wanna make a custom breakfast you can tell them what portion sizes you want so
this is like one of my favorite meals that I look forward to every single day
and I even brought my own sugar-free syrup or on top baby everybody and
officially welcome to the vlog thank you so much for being here I am currently in
Houston Texas and I’m right now at a fleet gym I got up at 4:40 for a
literally checked my phone it was 444 drove to the gym got here I had a makeup
artist named Kelly she’s actually right here come say hello to the blog he’s
gonna say hello like oh she’s like I was moving alright
oh this wonderful woman it did my hair and makeup thank you so much where did
you drive in from Dallas she was up at like started driving at 1:00 a.m. to be
here to shoot so literally thank you so much and you guys can tell I think she
did a pretty damn good job I know say so myself so I cannot wait to work with you
on Saturday as well and she’s in the Dallas area and works with like NPC like
all-around can do all show makeup and regular makeup wedding makeup so if you
guys are in the area make sure to give her a holler yourself of you down so the plan for today now that I have
had my hair and makeup done is I’m gonna do an Alphalete try on haul because we
have some amazing new items coming out this is one of them oh my gosh you guys
are absolutely obsessed I’ll try to save my obsession for the try of all but I
have that today and then I’m also filming this vlog for you guys so I’ve
been really busy with my new position and everything that’s been going on have
had five back-to-back events lots of traveling and I’m in competition prep as
you guys know so it’s coming up like show day is coming and even though I’m
traveling that does not stop prep prep has been my number one priority which is
why I have taken two weeks off from posting on YouTube by the time that you
guys see this and I’m also taking two weeks off of my podcast simply because
there’s just not enough time today for everything so I’ve really had to
prioritize prioritize my prep so prep is going really well right now I’m not
hitting new low weigh-ins right now but I see my body changing a lot so it’s
kind of a hard point in proper you’re like okay show day is coming I need to
be ready the scales not necessarily dropping as fast as it was whenever I
first started prepping but that’s to be expected the last minute body fat is
always the hardest things that I’ve changed since last time I talked to you
guys I have started a women’s fat burning stock from first forum it’s the
bliss and the goddess so that is a very natural fat burning stock I have taken
it before from first forum and I believe I’m on week two of taking it so I’ll go
into more detail on that later if you guys are interested or maybe in a
future vlog but as far as prep goes honestly I’m just putting my head down
and grinding I feel like it’s the least that I’ve been on my YouTube platform
during a prep but by the time that I get back home July 1st my plan is to go
really hard to pave with the vlogs and get as many as I possibly can out for
you guys so I hope that you guys will enjoy this video we’re to have a great
workout we’re gonna have some food in there you guys saw I just ate my
breakfast which is my favorite to the meal of the day and it should be pretty
good vlog so sit back enjoy throw the video thumbs up if you would like that
would really help me out and I’d appreciate it subscribe if you want to
make sure to see the rest of my prep and I’ll see you guys for the workouts there’s nothing wrong with me at my dear there’s nothing wrong with me like getting into the zone right now so
I’m just gonna work out my normally work out whatever you get awesome whatever
you don’t get it but am I gonna redo anything I’m not do anything for the
cameras I go to the Train putting this chocolate you know it’s now
but maybe let me know but right now good you should watch how many times day I wanted to change the way they are Sami
now I feel I wasted so much shoves my son there’s nothing wrong with me my dear there’s nothing wrong with don’t care oh you think it’s all
make-believe why don’t we agree to disagree yeah what do you think it’s all a bully we agree to disagree please post where Daniel is the ever so
fancy chicken rice and broccoli but you guys you know what this chicken is
seasoned so well it actually tastes delicious and I’m gonna put my little
secret sauce on it which is not secret at all it’s just a leftover syrup from
my breakfast I’m gonna put it on it’s gonna be so good
even though then the broadly what are you doing why do they have these this is
not Fitness friendly peanut butter on toast e sandwich crackers people are
gonna think this is so gross but I promise it’s so good
would you eat this yeah I feel like like everything tastes good on time yeah that is so good damn that chicken is too
good like I want to give her a bite on my chicken do you like chicken waffles
yes comment down below if you guys like chicken and waffles that is one of my
like most recent guilty pleasures that I’m never allowed to have but like when
I’m allowed to have it just huge fried chicken with like butter syrup on top
mmm insert photo of the last time that I had it here it was so good thank you
guys so much for watching this video I figured I would take a few moments and
kind of share with you guys where I’ve been a little personal life update as
well as a prep update so I am about to do my fifth event back to back the first
one started in Toronto with I Camille’s the second one was my event in LA
evolved with Emily the tangible experience that was the most amazing
thing that I’ve ever been a part of then I had my coach Paul’s posing clinic in
Riverside California and that was really cool because sandy the head judge was
there and one of the other judges was there and she really helped to explain a
lot of things to the girls I hope at some point that maybe just maybe I could
get her on either my youtube channel or in my podcast for you guys because
there’s so much misinformation about this sport and about the Federation and
about the judging and the girls were able to ask their questions and she
answered them in such a way that makes you love the sport even more like after
listening to her answer their questions I was even more in love with this sport
and what it’s about and the truth of like how they do everything so I think
you guys need to hear from her and from them in general I’ll try to find I know
there’s one judge that posts online and it’s really cool because after like a
pro show she’ll post her feedback on why certain you know girls place the way
that they did and I think it’s so helpful as an athlete even as an amateur
you know the pro division is what sets the pace for the amateurs so I think
it’s really important to keep up with it to follow it so that you know what to be
looking for at the end of the day you just need to bring your best you don’t
need to try to look like anybody else after that event I had first one summer
smash in st. Louis Missouri and we had so many people out for that event you
guys as if the event wasn’t already amazing they had no
come out and play fresh and hot in the kitchen you know I’m saying like we were
up there just singing and dancing all night long it was the most amazing thing
and I’m really thankful to have been a part of that this weekend the fifth and
final event is summer shredding with alphalete so I am beyond excited for the
summer shredding classic it’s a bodybuilding show here in Texas they
have asked me to come and guest judge again so I judge the first one I’ll be
judging the second one along with my other fellow judges some of them are
awfully athletes as well so you guys will see them and after this event I get
to see my family for another day and then I’m headed back to LA on July 1st
so you guys it’s been a lot of traveling which brings me to my prep update it’s
been really difficult I’m not gonna lie and I knew that this would be a really
like trying month and you guys when I look back over the past month I cannot
tell you like how proud I am of myself for all those moments that I pushed
through there were so many moments guys where I can’t tell you like I got off a
flight I was exhausted I didn’t have the proper sleep that I should have been
getting and I’m adamant about my sleep so it’s not like I was irresponsible
about it but it’s like with the time difference the flight and the
itineraries there was nothing I could do so you guys I pushed through every
single one of those moments and I think back and over the last month and I’m
like man if I had like given less than my best or if I hadn’t given it
everything in that moment let’s say I’d even skipped a session how many sessions
would I have skipped when I felt that way probably a lot that’s why you can’t
ever listen to your feelings you can’t ever give in to the feelings of I don’t
feel motivated I don’t want to guys there’s absolutely no excuse I literally
just did five back-to-back shows five back-to-back events and I made it happen
and that’s the thing is whatever is most important to you in your life you will
make it happen I will say with all of this sum I can’t do everything there is
such a thing as too much on your plate I don’t care what anybody tells you you
cannot do absolutely everything in the world and perform 100% at everything so
for this period of time for this period of traveling I have prioritized my new
position with first form I prioritize my traveling itinerary I prep comes next
which means my food my sleep and my exercise and my training so those were
the things that I prioritized which meant my social media took a little
of backburner see so my Instagram posting I took a break on my YouTube in
my podcast but now that I’ll be back in LA you guys I have such a sense of
gratitude that I never would have had how do you not just gone on that crazy
month and however many days it was because now I’ll get to sleep in my own
bed I’ll get to get adequate sleep I’m on my attend array I’m not in anyone
else’s itinerary I get to put my head down I get to focus all of my energy is
for me and for my prep and you guys if I just killed it in the last month with
all of that going on what do you think is gonna happen when I’m at home by
myself tunnel vision focused going into the
last few weeks of my show I feel amazing I feel focused I know that this is my
time to be doing this right now so I’m beyond excited for you guys to join me
on this journey I hope that you guys will stay tuned I’m gonna be bringing
more consistent videos now that I will be able to breathe at home so I love you
guys so much I will see you in the next video make sure you give this video a
thumbs up press subscribe if you want to see more and I’ll see you just a little
bit more shredded so many times day isn’t onward I know

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  1. Thanks so much Emily, for being awesome and a great place to land for motivation, inspiration and just general great mindset! 🙂

  2. Emily two questions!

    What is your new position? I must have missed it!

    Do you announce your show date yet?!

    Much love xoxox

  3. You are the definition of unstoppable and the hardest worker in the room! Damn I get emotional watching your dedication! It’s so inspiring!!! Keep it up babe I appreciate everything you do

  4. I"m not gay but I have a serious girl crush on you lady! Go hard or go home…I be trying to tell these birds!

  5. Great update like always and the edit is slick…hang in there lady….you can do it and it will be so worth it in the end.

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