Hampton Inn & Suites Hotel Review – Anaheim Resort Convention Center

The Hampton Inn & Suites Anaheim Convention
Centre is a hotel with perks & personality Hey everyone this is Julia with Honest Hotel
Reviews and today I’m at the Hampton Inn & Suites at the Disneyland Resort giving you
an Honest Hotel Tour & Review. This video is not sponsored So if you find
it helpful we’d love your support, Give us a like, leave a comment, or subscribe and
let our conscience be your guide. This Good Neighbour hotel has been Categorized
as a Deluxe Resort on the Disneyland website and is about a 20 minute walk from the park
but is right across the street from Anaheim’s Garden Walk where you can find your standard
resort style restaurants like the cheese cake factory, bubba Gump’s and PF changs. Since this is one of the newer hotels in the
area, we decided to check it out for ourselves. I should mention that there are currently
two Hampton Inn & Suites in the Disneyland Area, but this video is on the Anaheim Resort
Convention Centre location at 100 w Katella Ave. Here’s how our reviews work. Each hotel is graded on the same 4 categories
which are: Overall Experience, Hotel Amenities, Room & Value. This way you can see how they stack up against
each other. For the Disneyland Resort Area hotels we’ve
adjusted our rating scale to be more lenient as many of these hotels are from Walt’s
era and are showing their age. Walking into the hotel, We were greeted by
some super friendly staff. Before I go any further, I have to say the
staff here are some of the most genuinely friendly staff members I’’ve ever met. we were immediately impressed with how much
space there was for guests to hang out, and we found ourselves smiling at the little touches
that gives this place it’s personality. This hotel has a check in of 3pm and a check
out of 11am which is average for the Disneyland Resort area. this hotel is further than we’d like to
walk to get to Disneyland, taking an uber or Lyft cost us between five and seven bucks
each way or you can shuttle to the park. All in all, we enjoyed our time here, so we’re
giving it a 4/5 for Overall Experience The hotel amenities offered by The Hampton
Inn & Suites feels more sophisticated and geared towards a more mature crowd, but they
do also cater to kids. The pool area is really nice with lots of
tables, comfy chairs and loungers. Unfortunately, there’s no restaurant on
site, so if you want food & drinks by the pool, you’ll have to bring your own. They do offer a daily ‘on the house’ buffet
style breakfast between 6 am and 10 am and they sell snacks and things right beside the
front desk complimentary coffee & tea service is provided in the lobby which is nice considering
the closest Starbucks is about a 10 minute walk away. Their fitness centre is large and adequate
with loads of towels and a water filling station. A quick tip for our viewers who are looking
for filtered water to refill their bottles, here’s a great place to fill them up. There are laundry machines and a business
centre on site but one of my favourite things is the fact that this hotel will try to help
you out if you need something. One evening I wanted to buy a small milk for
my cereal, but they were all out. When I asked the front desk if they had any
milk, the lady went and grabbed me a cup free of charge. They also let you know that if you’ve forgotten
an essential, like toothbrush, or shaving cream, they’ve got you covered. The amenities they do have are great, but
considering they don’t have a restaurant on site, we’re giving them a 3.5 The rooms here are among some of the smallest
we’ve stayed in at the Disneyland Resort, but with the high ceilings and the good use
of space, they have done a good job of making them feel bigger than they actually are. The rooms are immaculately clean and have
a better than average list of In-room amenities, namely the microwave and in-room safe which. The bathroom was clean and had an extra tall
shower head, a full sized hair dryer and Neutrogena toiletries. The things we didn’t like about this room
were The beds are VERY firm and the bed frame was super creaky which surprised us for a
newer hotel, and we could clearly hear the conversations from the people in the hallway
and from the people in the adjoining room. So, we’re giving them a 3.75/5. For more information on how we came to this
rating, check out our full room tour & review. We have seen this hotel listed at a wide range
of nightly costs. So the value you are getting really depends
on what the cost is compared to other, closer hotels and what kind of stay you are looking
for. Many of the hotels that are within a block
of Disneyland park might cost approximately the same but are of a lesser quality than
this hotel and might just be a motel from the 60s, on the other hand if you’re looking
for the same quality, they are going to be more expensive. a couple things to consider are this hotel
charges $20/night for parking. Also, their ‘on the house’ breakfast might
not be as free as you think, we have noticed that the nightly rate of this hotel increases
for every additional guest in your room. Plus there is a $4 nightly resort fee. And if you are taking an uber or shuttle,
those costs will add up to. In the end, we’re giving this hotel a 3.5/5 This gives the Hampton Inn & Suites by Hilton
an overall score of 3.7/5 We recommend this hotel to budget minded couples
and business professionals who are looking to have a slightly more sophisticated stay
at a Disneyland Good Neighbour Hotel and prefer a firm bed. For more information on the Hampton Inn & Suites,
check out our other honest reviews, such as the room tour & review, Pool & fitness centre
tour & review and our review of the Hampton ‘on the house” breakfast buffet. If you’re considering other hotels in the
area, we add new hotel reviews every week. head over to our youtube channel or check
us out at honesthotelreviews.com for our hotel recommendations and travel tips. I’m Julia and this has been another honest
hotel review.

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  1. We recommend this hotel to budget minded couples and business professionals who are looking for a slightly more sophisticated stay at a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel. If you're considering this hotel but have some questions, please let us know in the comments below, we're happy to help.

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