Hamstring Activation Drill

So we’re going to do some hamstring activation stuff, right? Because a lot of people have no idea how to activate their hamstrings. Alright? So, partner’s going to lay on the ground. Other partner’s going to start here with the med ball. I’m going to roll this down his back. When it gets to his feet, he’s going to kick it back up to me, okay, using his hamstrings. Make sense? Alright, let’s see if you can do it. No pressure. Feel your hamstrings? One thing to note, alright, there’s this thing that us CrossFitters have that most other people don’t in like, from outside fitness. It’s called a butt and glutes for the most part, so if you try to roll from here, the chances of that ball making it to his feet over that booty is probably not that great. So start down there, and just roll that thing down his butt, and not, like, from his upper back, because it’s not going to work out real well, okay? Cool? 3-2-1, go.

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