Hamstrings and Glutes Workout (TIGHTENS BACK OF THIGHS!!)

Hey, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX for Women
and today I want to provide you with a workout that’s going to build up the back of your
thighs, how to increase the size of hamstrings and strength, and also teach you how to lose
body fat there. Let’s do it. Okay. So our first exercise is going to be using
dumbbells, then we’re going to go into the stability ball. So talking about the back of your thighs we
want to tighten, strengthen, but also lose body fat at the same time. So one thing you want to remember is, you’re
also dealing with a very sensitive skin area. So as long as we’re increasing the muscle
mass in that area it’s also going to lift, and straighten out the skin in that particular,
vulnerable area that a lot of us women face. So deadlifts are very, very important for
strengthening those hamstrings, and also giving it more of a ham-glute tie-in. That tight, round look that we’re all after. So deadlifts here, dumbbells, we’re going
to come as deep as we can. It’s a great stretch. Keeping your back flat, and then up, and squeeze. So let’s do 10 of these. Up, and squeeze. You can see how you’re contracting right underneath
the glute, down, into the back of your leg. So the back of the thigh is a tough problem
area for all of us, but we’ve got to work at it, right? So building the hamstring up lifts it, and
straightens that skin out. Smooths it out. Three more. Three. And up, and squeeze. Two. This is one of the best exercises for that
area. And one. Good. Okay, now we’re going to go into single leg. So this requires a little bit more focus. So you want to use a chair, or something to
learn how to do these up first. So right leg, right arm holds the dumbbell,
okay? One leg at a time. So now I’m targeting just the right leg. I’ll show you from this angle. Just the right leg, versus trying to do two
at once. Now my whole, entire hamstring is working
just on the right side. And I’m going to do 10 here. Five more. Five. Take your time. Four. This is definitely a balance challenge as
well. Three. Two more. Two. Last one. And one. Good. Okay, so switch hands to work that other leg. It keeps your hips squared. So if I’m going to hold in the right hand
and try to go down with my left there’s too much torso rotation going on. So keep your hips squared, working that left
leg now. For 10. Squeeze at the top. Nine. Keeping your knee slightly bent. Eight, seven. Up, and squeeze. Six, five, four, three, two. Last one. And one. Awesome. I promise, those two already; you’re going
to notice big, big difference in the back of your thigh. Okay, last two. These are great finishers on your back. So we’re going to go ham curl, and then a
hip raise. We’re doing a combo exercise here. So hips are up, you’re going to curl it in,
hip raise, back out. So you’re going to combo it. Ham curl in, hip raise, back down, kick it
back out. We’re doing 10 of those. That was two. Ham curl, hip raise, back out. Five, six, seven, eight, nine. Last one. Ten. Awesome. All right, there you have it. That’s a great combo exercise. I promise you, I promise you if you do those
deadlifts and you go right into the single leg deadlifts and then you add that awesome
combo with the stability ball. Do three, four, maybe even five rounds of
that and you will feel the blood pumping in those hamstrings are going to get stronger. They’re going to tighten and it’s going to
lengthen the skin on the back of your leg and also make it look much more smooth and
give that appearance that we’re all after. Thanks for joining me! Thumbs up, comment below. Let me know how you guys like these videos,
this particular one as well. We’ll see you next time. Bye!

26 Replies to “Hamstrings and Glutes Workout (TIGHTENS BACK OF THIGHS!!)”

  1. All of these exercises definitely do a wonder on the back of the thighs n hamstrings I know firsthand because I've included these 3 into glute day routine last month and I definitely see a huge difference in how my rear view looks just be sure to warmup & cool down your hamstrings for sure!!!!!!!

  2. On that 1st one as you coming back up do you squeeze you buttocks forward or is it your thighs as you come back up?

  3. I love the exercises but im not used to the shortness of the videos as i used to watch the other athlean x videos. jeff definitely gets deeper into the matter and explains more to us which is super helpful and reassuring.

  4. Jeff, our girls need more of these vids for them! And my girl wants you to teach it! Also, she's 39 and does some facial exercises….she wants to know which you would say to do! Thanks for your knowledge!!!

  5. Hey, Would you please help me?
    is there a workout to lean up the quads and hamstrings, I have muscular thighs naturally and right now my thighs are disproportionate to the rest of my body. I have managed to target my saddlebags and inner thighs and I look pretty alright from the front. When I turn to the side I look massive because my quads and hams are very wide, I also have a flat butt so it just looks very weird and nothing looks good on me anymore. If there is anything you could suggest it would be of great help. I am pretty much looking for the opposite of this workout. Leaning up that area.
    I do cardio and hiit 2-3 times a week, weights twice a week and yoga on the weekends and my legs are losing the fat I can see it but the width of my quads and hams just won’t get lean. So help me maybe?

  6. Hope they work. So many conflicting videos. Trying to get muscles tight WITHOUT building bigger. Want butt bigger w/o making thigh bigger. These seem ok?

  7. Thank you!! I workout almost every day, and sad to say I neglect my hamstrings. . . no fun to see your glutes losing their shape. Sep.23/2018

  8. Amy Jo, THIS exercises is what I was looking for. The last one, I feel it from my butt to the back of my thight almost to the back of my knees. Thank you!! Please make more for this problem part of our body. Nov. 8, 2018

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