Hamstrings stretch on the step

hello guys it’s Fitsmile here again and today we’re going to show you how to stretch your hamstring, so back on the upper leg.
Make sure you have some step and we just gonna put the leg on the step and
leaning forward towards our foot, toes pointing face and make sure you lean forward but you bend from your hips, okay. the leg is straight you should feel the
tension and like a small pulling on back of your upper leg if you can reach your
toes would be great and if not stay low as low as you can okay 20 to 30
seconds and switch, if you can manage to go a little bit longer would be great and make
sure you repeat it twice. Make sure you toes are pointing your face and if you can reach your toes that would be great, enjoy. That was your hamstrings. Okay, guys you’ve been watching Fitsmile Sport & Performance Channel See you on next one

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