Hand Placement in the Front Lever

Ball up. Let’s spot, hands on. Knees in tighter, knees in tighter. Hands on the athlete. Push down, thumbs in. So come down, all the way down. One, I want you spotting. Two, when you lower, thumbs turn in and compress down. So think of it like—your upside down—think of it like you had a bar in your hands and you want to press down, push down against my hands, push down on the bar. This way on the rings—no tension. This is not going to support all your weight right here. Here, we can compress down, use the lat and push. Let’s try again. Ball up. Hands on, there you go. Knees in tighter. Knees in tight, squeeze like a little ball. Hands on back, guys. Turn the rings in, thumbs in, push down. There you go, better. Nice. And down. Do you feel the difference? Student: Yeah. That was good.

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