They say good thing to people they know, and bad to the unknown Still parents feel scared of giving birth to a daughter. Congratulations!!! Girl or boy ?? ehhh, it’s a daughter. A son is needed to continue the generation. A son is needed in every event in the family. SON IS THE MUST. Is okay. Next time we will hope for a son. In our society we need a mother for their love, a wife as a life partner, a daughter in law to handle the house hold, but why don’t they need a daughter?? Ehh, Don’t you play with that !!! That is not for you. Take this. This is what you play. We are in that kind of society where a women/ girl can’t do anything as they want. This is her first mensuration. Don’t get out of the room until 7 days. Dont you touch anywhere when you are on your period, don’t talk or play with you brother or your father. Don’t go inside kitchen and temple as well. The moment when a girl need love the most , why we treat them the worst at that time ?? look at that girl, talking with bunch of young boys with no shame. That girl is out of the league. Why is it not okay to have a boy- friends in this 21st century ? Isn’t that too long for you ? Better don’t wear any Now you go out all night wearing that kind of cloth. This kind of cloths are the reason for all the crimes going on. This is the reason why crime rates are increasing. Now this kind of cloth are good on you.Each and Every part covering. Yeah this is good. Now no one will bat an eyes on you Is this justice to judge a girl from her appearance ?Does th length of her skirt defines for character? A women doesn’t need education more than this, this is enough for her. Hands made for doing house holds, doesn’t suit a pen. Now, it’s time to find a nice man and get married. Is it okay that a girl is forced to get married and leave her dreams and desires ? If people start treating son and daughter equally, there wouldn’t be any kind of discrimination. Change starts with us. There should be a change in our thoughts , beliefs and behaviour. And the solution for all the problems is CHANGE. It’s better to make a Change instead of waiting for it. Just imagine what would happen if your daughter was standing there. What would you do, how would you fight? So you have to join hands, you have to take each child as your daughter. Soon you will feel their sorrow and then you will feel the strength that comes out of you to protect them. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY


  1. Women here in America are marching for women's rights on women day, please explain to me one thing. " What fuckin right do men have that women don't here in America " They have more than men. It's ok, I'll wait…….

  2. This is pitiful, really? How about each individual stand for themselves. International women day, really???However I can see the point being valid in muslim countries where women have zero value.

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