Hard Knocks (2019): Madden’s Back-Breaker Drill (Clip) | HBO

NARRATOR:For some,
it’s a relic.
For the Raiders,it’s a long-time symbol
of toughness.
Their beloved backbreaker,the seven-man sled.JOHN MADDEN:
That’s the first thing
we used to do.
We used to start off
every practice in the morning… you know, with hitting
the seven-man sled, that’s the first thing they do. So that would get rid
of all hangovers.This is the basis of football.I mean,
this is where it all starts.
Let’s go get the pads down.
Come off together
and come off relentless. Let’s roll. MADDEN:
Everyone has to hit this sled
at the same time,
or it doesn’t work.
You should hear one boom. -♪ (INTENSE MUSIC PLAYS) ♪
-(PLAYERS GRUNTING) GRUDEN: Excellent, excellent.

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