Healing Movement For Your Heart ❤️

it has been ten years since I became a fascia
stretch specialist and exactly in February of 2010 I realized
how pain emotional and physical can be stuck in our body underneath our skin
penetrate through our muscles fascia ligaments tendons
and if not addressed it can really cause many physical and emotional imbalances that may
prevent all of us from growth my journey with fascia allowed me to work
with some of the best athletes in the world but most importantly it really helped me to
understand how touch and movement and nutrition can be healing for our body
and today I kindly invite you we are switching a little bit our message as every day we speak
to you about nutrition and how it impacts your daily performance
today as the performance structural balance and flexibility coach
I invite you to watch three specific very gentle for your body moves that will open
up your heart your chest muscles February being the heart month or American
heart month I should say really helps us to remember how important our heart and our trunk
muscles are not just to help us look better but especially
feel our best so a little bit different approach today but
I think you will appreciate seeing the exercises that will help you to continue to live a healthier
life and I know if you are watching our Instagram
posts that you are an active person and I know that you will benefit from them
so if you have any questions to the moves write us a comment let us know if you would
like me to elaborate on anything but for now go ahead watch them and enjoy them remember
Resync is here to help you live a healthier life

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