Heel Drop Exercise

Heel drops, beginner strength exercise. As with all your exercises, and especially
important with your heel drops, you want to maintain your best postural alignment. Your
feet are going to be hip-width apart, knees ever-so-slightly bent, or unlocked. You want
to keep the back of your ear over your shoulder. Tummy muscles engaged, or recruited. Holding a surface in front of you so that
you make sure that you have good balance, you’re going to lift yourself onto the balls
of your feet, so onto your toes and the balls of your feet. And then with the heel drops,
you’re literally dropping back. And depending on your fracture risk is how
hard you want to drop. So if you’re at a low fracture risk, you can go for it and drop
really hard. And if you’re at a moderate fracture risk, you might want to drop moderately hard.
And at a high fracture risk, drop a little bit more gently. So a high velocity drop would look like this,
where there’s a lot of pounding. When they looked at a study where they actually put
force transducers in the hip, it was like three times the body weight. So it’s very
forceful. Breath. Now if you don’t want to drop quite so hard,
you can come up and let your muscles take some of that force. And if you want to get
the benefits of strengthening your calf muscles, but without the pounding to the skeleton,
then just come down gently. And that’s it for the heel drops.

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