100 Replies to “Here’s why the chair challenge is nearly impossible for men”

  1. These are the most patheric man on the planet geneticly. To not be able to do this means you're a soft idiot. No brains or muscle

  2. There are too many variables to say only women can do it. I’m sure a tall woman with big feet would find it harder, and they should all be out their shoes… it’ll be the ratio of the distance from wall, versus length of legs, length of torso, weight, and core strength. I’ve noticed some people lack the flexibility/strength required to pull the chair to their chest (I.e: if you’re able to pull your arms up high enough so your elbows are higher than your back). I’ve also noticed some folk can’t even follow the basic instructions to do this challenge too… 🤦🏼‍♀️

  3. Guys that are paranoid about possibly dating transgender women without actually knowing have them do this 😅 before the date

  4. i did it no problem, and after i did it with a chair i tried with adding 2x 5kg dumbbells on the chair and did it with a slight dificulty… btw i have big feet too

  5. I disagree it's about foot size. I'm 5'4" and have large feet (10.5) and I had no problem doing it. I'm going to test my hubby when he gets home.

  6. It’s all about the degree.. not the gender. Look at the women they are at a 90 degree angle. Men are passed 90 making them have to pick up there weight impossible for either gender. Don’t believe me over exert yourself to get to the wall passed a 90 degree angle you can’t do 90 you can.

  7. Lmao, I cracking up at all the guys thinking they can do it cause they are strong. When it has nothing to do with strength and everything to do with physics.

    All these idiots are litteraly bragging about being built like a woman.

  8. We figured it out! It’s a challenge that only short people and not tall people can do(or maybe it’s shoe size based?)
    Neither of us can do it with the set parameters but if we step about 1-2 inches forward it’s super easy (because of the angle change)

  9. The reason why men cant do this is only because their feet are taller than women so when they take the steps that make them far from the wall and the body will be diagonal to the wall like if we remove the wall they will fall on their face u can see the difference between them

  10. If i did it without shoes on (while doing my best to move back the entire length of my foot) then it didn't matter where along my torso (or even right up to the wall) i held the chair- i could stand up. While wearing shoes and trying it the same way, i wasn't able to. Small difference but all the difference.

  11. A woman has a longer lower torso and carries her weight in her hips. A man has a shorter lower torso and carries his weight in his shoulder. Their expert was wrong about the big feet,it is women have more leverage because their hips are higher.

  12. Hey guys,
    Yes I can do it!!!

    Try it without a footwear you will be able to do it….

    It because of the shoes ur step size increases and thus ur Center of Gravity falls in front of ur Base of support and u are not able to getup.

    Cheers 🤸🧘

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  13. Pretty sure if you have any basic leg strength and mobility it’s not a problem. Used a metal stool and did with ease- I’m 5’9 160 with a size 11 shoe

  14. It depends on size of foot. I have size 6.5 feet and was able to do it. My partner has size 9.5 feet, he was able to do it. I tried it again, but moved my feet my another three inches further, and was not able to do it.

  15. The first time l saw this done was on All in the Family. Archie was a hoot. Funny thing is l thought about this a couple of weeks ago l wanted to see if my family rememberd us trying this all those years ago. Maybe l can remember one day when we're together. The guys try and try they couldn't do it. Lyn

  16. Didn't have a light enough chair so tried it with a laptop. Still the guys couldn't do it and all the girls were able to… go figure!!

  17. I don’t think it has anything to do with that, I am a woman with large feet and I still can do it. My son wears a size 14 and he couldn’t do it, so he thought it was the size of the feet too but I doubt it

  18. Okay they need to sit in a chair outside the public restrooms with a sign that says if you can't lift this chair your ass need to go in the men's restroom😂😂😂😂

  19. Mens feet are bigger we are further out then the women doing it which is why we are more top heavy and cant stand up

  20. Depends on the size of your feet. Women have little feet so they aren’t as far from the wall. It’s not center of gravity.

  21. Lots of guys sadly can't touch their toes without bending their knees. This trick plays on that weakness with the two paces back rule. Notice how all the girls did this challenge with their legs straight as arrows and none of them except the girl in the fancy heels had to lift their heels at all. They just moved their torso up. Then it's the guys turn, and he's already on this tippy toes to get his head on the wall. If you can't keep your feet flat or if you hammies aren't flexible enough your will fail this challenge. Also men have larger/longer feet on average and therefore will more likely end up slightly farther away from the wall than the girl which in turn makes it even more likely for them to have to bend their knees.

  22. I identified as male and i couldn’t do it and then I identified as female and I could. I identified as chair gender and someone else picked me up.

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