Hip Mobility Guide: Roller Routine, Stretches, & Favorite Warm-Ups

What’s up guys? Jake Hutton from Fitness
Culture. Today we’re gonna be talking about hip mobility. So, we like to give
you actionable items for things to do, so we’re gonna give you a roller routine, a
couple mobility routines, and then our favorite warm-ups that we like to do
before leg day. Let’s get into it. Alright guys, so when we think about hip mobility,
the things people normally think about are gonna be your hip flexors, which
you’re also gonna want to mobilize the quad to basically get deeper into your
hip flexor, and then obviously your hip rotators. So usually you’re gonna
be trying to mobilize your your glute on this one. I usually just start off
just nice and straight, just working back and forth through the glute right here,
and then once I feel like it’s opened up a little bit, you can either just do a
figure-four, roll back and forth and through the muscle, or I usually like to
crank on it a little bit and get a lot of tension, and then roll back and forth
through the muscle as well. So once you’re done there, flip it over to the
quad, and then usually just start by relaxing the quad a little bit. If
this is super painful then you can just stay there. I’ll work up into my hip
flexor, and then after that I try to add more tension, so I’ll grab my foot and
then roll through it, just really get deep into the quad and hip flexor on
this one. So I usually spend about a minute on each area. So like I said, we’re
trying to give you actionable things to do. We don’t want to spend 30 minutes every
day, so hit the glute, spend about a minute there, a minute on the quad and
hip flexor, do that on each leg, and then we’re gonna move on to the mobility
routines. All right, I said this on past videos, but I like try to find things that
I can use minimal effort to get into and just hang out there and relax for a
little bit. And so that’s where I found basically the most success in actually
gaining mobility. So the first thing that we’re gonna go over, I like to do a two
box set up, so if you have some soft boxes, you can also set up against the
wall, you don’t need the second box, but just at least one box, and you get into the
couch stretch. So what you’re gonna do is set your knee as close as you can to this
back box, and then what I like to do is just slide this box into my hip, and then
I can just relax in the box. If you’re a person that works at a desk all day, this
is a great place to get your laptop and just switch between legs. But if you’re in
the gym, what we normally do is spend about a minute on each leg. And what I
like to do is relax for a minute, let the muscle release, and then
for the next 30 seconds try to squeeze my back glute through, posture up, squeeze
through, and actually work some contract and relax. So I’ll contract for
about six seconds, pull the box a little closer, and then just relax for a minute.
And then I’ll contract again, squeeze that back glute through, and then relax.
So it’s been about 30 seconds to a minute just relaxing, and then contract
and relax for another minute about, so you’ll get two sessions. So you contract
for six seconds, rest for 30 seconds, and do that twice, and we’ll do that on each
leg. So after we use the couch stretch to get the hip flexors and quads, then
we’re gonna work on the hip rotators, and what we do here, the thing that I like to do,
slide the box kind of close, I’ll step my front leg off to the side
right here, and then we’ll go into a figure four stance. So just
drop right in between the boxes here. Being so close to the box lets you
just sit up and relax. So you can sit up in this stretch for a long period of
time, same thing, if you’re someone that works, you can easily just work on a
laptop in this position and increase your mobility. But if you’re in the gym,
same thing, you can just relax for a little bit, and once you feel like you’ve
gotten a pretty good stretch, then you can try to start thinking about posturing
up a little bit, trying to get your chest up, and really put some tension into that
hip capsule. Spend a couple minutes on each leg. After those two stretches,
stretch the hamstrings a little bit, and then get into our warm-up for the
day. Guys, our next mobility routine is gonna be a band distraction routine. So,
using the band to distract the joint a little bit is going to give you a
little extra room in that joint. So you’re gonna get the band, get it
right up to that glute and hamstring tie in, and then from there I
like to set the band up somewhat high on this one, just because it allows me to
lay forward into the band, and take off a little bit of my body weight. And then I
grab a second band and just put it on my foot like this, and then I use this band
just to add tension to the movement. So if you’re not very mobile, you might not
want to add this band. You can just add tension this way, and then basically just
lean forward, and I like to relax into the band like this. And this
is one where you can just hang out and not put a lot of effort into it. So usually I spend a minute or two in this position. Let it open up.
You could even get the band tighter and basically do some contract by flexing
your quad, and then pulling the band tighter and getting deeper into the
stretch. Same thing, you can posture up, squeeze that back glute, and press
through to really get some more tension in your hip. So a couple minutes on each
leg here, and then what we’re gonna do is work on the hip rotators. So I pull the
band down a little bit, and then we’re gonna distract the hip laterally. So
basically the band’s gonna be in the same position, and we’re going to go into
a pigeon stretch, like in yoga. So you’re gonna step out and try to square your hips
up as much as possible. And then you’re just going to lay down into it. You’ll find with the band
distraction, I mean, it’s up a little bit, so it’s taking a little bit of your body
weight off, but for most people this is gonna significantly increase their range
of motion into this stretch or if you didn’t have the band. If you’ve gone to
yoga and felt completely defeated doing this stretch, using the band’s gonna help
you out a lot and allow you to get deeper into this position. We usually
finish this with some hamstring work, so I’ll just show you guys that real quick. So
you’re just gonna keep the band right where it is, and then from there
put your feet together and push back, and that band’s gonna help pull you back
into a good position. Alright guys, now that we’re done mobilizing, we’re gonna go
into one of our favorite warm-ups. So, the first part of this warm-up, we usually go
through about three different movements and just go through them two or three times.
So the first part is gonna be, we call the bulldog circuit. So you’re gonna be
on all fours. From here, what I try to think about is, a lot of people on this
one will make a mistake, the first movement’s going to be straight out to the
side, but you want to avoid just completely opening your hips, like this.
You want to put a lot of tension in that hip capsule, so try to focus on staying
square to the ground. That might mean that you’re only getting this high,
but that’s fine. The goal is to, every rep, to actively
work further into your hip. That’s how you’re gonna increase the
mobility here. So you’re gonna be here, you’re gonna work up, once you hit the in range of
motion, press up and then come back down. So we usually do five on each leg of
that one. And the next one’s gonna be a kick back. So you’re gonna kick back, and
then you’re gonna rotate as high as you can all the way to your
armpit, and then back down. Keep your core tight. It should be nice and slow, really
the whole time, working to get as high as possible, core tight.
Rotate, and then back down. All right, so we’ll go five each leg there. From there
we’re gonna go reverse of that. So we’re gonna kick out to the side, kick up
high as you can, and then press back as far as you can, and then back down. So
five each way on that one. And the very last one is just gonna be your leg
straight out to the side, and straight up and down. It’s gonna be right here, core
tight, press up, come back down. Really get as high
as you can. Alright, so we’ll go through that whole routine, five each leg on
every exercise. Alright, so the next one’s gonna be a reverse lunge
and reach. And this one’s really good to basically actively open up your hip
flexor. So you’re gonna put your foot on a carpet slider, and then from
there you’re gonna think about doing a single leg squat on that front leg, so
you’re not gonna push back a lot. The goal is gonna be to come
straight down basically, but then the biggest thing to think
about is to try to keep that back leg as straight as you possibly can, and squeeze
your back glute, so it should be turned on the entire time. So from there you’re
gonna come down, under control, back leg straight, squeeze the back glute, get to
the bottom, really work on keeping it straight. And then you’re gonna reach
up, open up, and then come back up. So take your time, really keep that back leg
straight, squeeze that back glute, and then reach up to open it all the way up
at the bottom. On that exercise we usually do about six to ten reps on each leg,
slow and controlled, really focus on keeping that back leg as straight as you
can and turning that back glute on. Alright, the last thing we’re gonna do is
just going to be a kettlebell squat. And the goal here is going to be, you’re
gonna come down with the kettlebell, chest up, you’re gonna
pause for five seconds at the bottom, and then drive your knees out on the way up.
So it’s gonna look like this. Kettlebell’s gonna be in the goblet position.
I usually go a little bit wider than my squat stance just to really work mobility.
Sit down on the bottom, drive your chest up. Keep those knees out. Glutes on,
straight back up. So really focus on those knees are pushing out the entire
time at the bottom, chest is up, and try to turn your glutes on and pull
your knees apart actively as well. So you’re really gonna feel this in your
glutes and your groin to open up before we start squatting for the day. We
usually do however many sets were going through, but we usually do about 10 reps
with a 5-count pause at the bottom. Alright, the last thing we’re gonna do is
some glute activation to finish up the warm-up. So we’re just gonna get down on
our back, and then depending on your mobility and your level of fitness,
you can start with just a regular glute bridge, and just really push to get your
hips all the way through, squeeze it up at the top, make sure you come to full
extension, and back down. So really, the focus here, since we’re warming up, is
really maximal contraction in the glutes, drive those hips through, squeeze, and
then come back down. If you want to move to a more advanced version, you can just
do a single leg glute bridge, and it’s gonna be executed the same fashion. You’re gonna drive
up, squeeze that back glute, nice 2-3 count squeeze at the top, and then
come back down. So if I’m doing a double leg glute bridge, I usually do 20 reps, and
then the single leg I usually do 10 reps on each leg. Alright guys, that wraps it
up for our hip mobility and activation routine. So if you guys want to see exactly
how we would lay this out, basically all the sets and reps and the times that we
would hold each stretch, you can click the link in the description, and we kind
of laid it all out for you, if you want to actually use it before your next leg
day. I hope you guys enjoy the content, and leave me some questions below for the next video that you want us to do, and please like and
subscribe. Thanks again.

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