This exercise is known
as controlled angular rotations or Hip CARs.-The beauty of this exercise is that we can improve your neuromuscular re-education of the hip musculature
while maintaining neutral alignment of the spine. -Very important for all
functional activities. -So Bryan’s in quadruped position, he’s going to activate his core by pulling his belly button to his spine with an exhale. -Now
he’s going to lift his knee up off the ground and pull it into his chest while
maintaining a neutral lumbar spine alignment. -Now he’s going to abduct the
leg. -Turning it out, as well as adding a component of external rotation. So lift
up here. Drop the hip a little bit more to maintain that alignment and then he’s
going to internally rotate the hip as much as he can. Turn it in, turn it in.
Maintain that alignment. Don’t drop at the hip and then bring the knee into the
chest. -Good a little bit slower this time. Abduct the leg to the side. -Right here
you see his hips start to pop so we’re going to encourage him to keep that down
for neutral alignment. -Push down at the ankle up at the knee. Rotate to the
back. Heel points to the ceiling to internally rotate at the hip. and then bring the knee into the chest again. -So we’re going
through this full range of motion while maintaining that neutrality in the
spine to improve mobility at the hip as well as the surrounding muscles.

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