Ben: Okay. Kit: Failure’s what we want. Ben: Oh, we’re gonna get plenty of failure. Ben (walking): I’ve never really seen myself
exercise on camera before, but…pretty sure it’s not gonna be very flattering. Ben (driving): So you may not have noticed,
because I’m hiding my chins underneath this beard, but I’m a little on the husky side.
Doctors have another word for it. I used to be an athlete. I wasn’t a good
athlete, but I was an athlete. I mean, I could even dunk a basketball. Don’t worry, my
friends don’t believe it either. So I’m spending the week with celebrity
trainer Kit Rich. Because I want to learn the fitness secrets of the young, and the
rich, and the beautiful. Because I’m pretty sure they have secrets. I learned a lot that first day. I learned to never hire a sound guy off Craigslist. Trust me, I just said something hilarious. I also learned that vomiting from exercise
was a real thing, and something to be afraid of. But more than anything, I learned that this
tiny woman could absolutely destroy me. But then I stopped thinking about celebrities,
or fitness secrets, or even how much my man boobs were sweating. I just listened to Kit’s
commands, and then I tried to do them the best that I could. And that’s when things got interesting. Kit: One more. Can
you engage your core? Kit: Use your lower abs. Pull them in. Kit: I need you to breathe on the up. Breathe!
Two more, you can do this! Come on! Come on! Kit: One more. Kit: Six. That’s it. Use your core. Pull
in. Kit: Come on! Remember your athlete days!
Remember your athlete days! Kit: Ten seconds to go! Ben (VO): And this is when I finally learned the fitness secret of celebrities and other beautiful people. And the secret is…there
is no secret. It’s just hard work. Lots and lots of hard, goddamn work. Ben (VO): And that’s kinda beautiful. Ben: That’s so embarrassing! Ben (VO): Because it’s so simple that anyone
can do it. But it’s also kinda terrifying. Because if it’s so simple that anyone can
do it, then why can’t I? Kit: Fifteen seconds left. Ben (VO): I wish I would have found a different
secret. I wish there was some kind of magic Pilates or kale juice or even designer steroids
that all the celebrities took to get fit. Kit: Do not give up on yourself! Give me on
more! Give me one more! Ben (VO): But there isn’t. There’s just
hard work. Ben: Son of a bitch! Ben (VO): Lots and lots of hard work. And
if you’re lucky, someone like Kit to make it feel a little bit easier. Kit: Okay, here we go! Overhead shoulder press. Kit: That, I’m gonna have to charge you extra.


  1. Or you can barely exercise and eat a salad or bowl of vegetables for lunch, eat a normal dinner and either don't drink very much or don't drink every day.

  2. lol its not as simple as effort. Celebs have money and time. Time to work out whenever they want and the money to buy whatever healthy foods they want. not to mention they usually have dietitians and personal instructors. Pure effort is great but its a lot harder to hit the gym when you work for a living. Effort wont get you an extra $50 for groceries so you can go to whole foods and load up lol.

  3. That was horrible. I saw the same crap every foolish trainer does. Overwork somebody to make them think the trainer is doing their job. It is hard work, but you don't need to kill people to get them to change. It's what turns most people off of exercise.

    I guarantee, a palates instructor is not who they call in to do the quick transformation. First half of what is done is illusion. Yes they gain muscle, and loose weight, but exposing that muscle from under the fat makes it look larger. Then both removing hair, and getting some sort of tan, if needed, doubles that effect. Then the director knows exactly how to use lighting to make it even more impressive. Also they usually start with somebody who is already leaner than the average person if it's for a role. If it is just one of the "Hollywood Transformations," then it was something that took a few months to achieve.

    90% of weight loss is in the kitchen. Weight lifting should be the core of any exercise routine. I saw horrible form, too much weight, and going to failure too often. (Can be good, but it slows recovery, so should be used sparingly.) Add in kettle bell swings, (and you need to learn how to do this,) and steady state brisk walking in the mornings, (preferably with a protein source, no carbs,) and you have all you need.

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