Home Chest Workout (No Gym No Problem) 2018

(upbeat music) – What’s up Elite Thenix Athletes? It’s Chris Heria. Welcome to another video
of Official Thenix. Today, I’m gonna show you how to work out your chest from home, and effectively target
each part of your chest, for a complete structured routine. Now, to make sure that you’re targeting every part of your chest, you need to be engaging
the top, middle, and bottom portions of your pecs. As well as spreading
your chest horizontally, targeting your inner and outer pec areas. And the best part of all
is you don’t need a gym to efficiently target these areas. If you’re looking to add more mass and dense muscle, then the only thing you really need is to add more weight with a weight vest. So we’ll be using one today, and I’m gonna run you guys
through a complete test routine that will deliver real results without ever having to leave your room. So we’re gonna start off
focusing on the middle/bottom portion of our chest
using Explosive Pushups. All of these exercises
that we’re about to do will engage your chest but we’re gonna be using certain ones to emphasize on particular areas to make sure that you’re getting that complete
structured workout routine. So let’s go for 20 Explosive
Pushups real quick. You guys ready? Let’s go for it. (gritty rap beat plays) Woooh! Alright, yeah that feels a lot different with this weight vest on. Alright, so next we’re
gonna target the upper area of our chest with some Inclined Pushups. So if you guys have a chair in your room, in your house, you’re gonna need that
for this next exercise. So you wanna get up. Keep those hips straight. Don’t have that butt droop. Even though your feet are up, you still gotta keep that form, stay looking forward, and when you come down, come down in a forward motion. Alright, let’s go for 20. (gritty piano beat plays) Woooh, ayeee! Quick 20 right there. Next we have Archer Pushups. Now the Archer pushup
is a special exercise because it utilizes a pushing motion, as well as a spreading motion. So you’re gonna be targeting
the middle area of your chest, but you’re also gonna be
horizontally spreading, which is gonna be targeting
the interior and exterior portions of your pecs. So this is a great move. And on top of all of that, you’re isolating each side. So you’re really putting a greater overload on your chest
by doing it this way. And you’re also gonna be
having them working out separately, which is gonna
ensure that both sides are equally being trained, and that should help cure any muscle imbalances that you have going on. So we’re gonna go for some Archer pushups, let’s go for 10. (slow rap beat ) Alright guys, so have a pretty wide grip. We’re gonna start on one side and you wanna lean to that side, go down, try to keep
that other arm straight, and press right back up. (slow rap beat ) Alright switch sides. Wooh, make sure you guys are
doing this one correctly. Don’t rush it. (slow rap beat) Wooh, dang, that’s a
killer one right there. Alright, next exercise we have, Diamond and Regular Pushups. (slow hardcore beat) Wooh, alright, that one
definitely got to me. But we’re almost through the first round and we have already
successfully targeted our upper chest, middle,
bottom, interior, exterior, and as you can see, I’m breaking a sweat. So we’re gonna move on
to the next exercise. This one’s gonna be
working on that spread. We’re gonna go for Wide Pushups. Let’s go for it. So you get real nice and wide grip, and you go down, still gotta lean forward and come back up. It would really help if your elbows are before your shoulders. Your shoulders are in front of your hands. (slow rap beat) (loudly grunts) Woooh! Okay! We should finish the routine right now, but you know what? Let’s finish off with maxing
out our push ups really quick. And that’s gonna end round one. Let’s go for it, no breaks! Here we go! (light rap beat) (grunts loudly) Wooh, I might have to save
some energy for the next round and probably the third round. I might just take off the vest. Well that completes round
one of the workout routine. Thank you guys so much for watching! If you enjoyed the workout, definitely smash that like button. If you guys need a weight vest, pick one up at Chrisheria.com As soon as we release them, they’re all sold out. So we have a couple more on
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the app store to take our workouts with you, everywhere. So again, thanks so much for watching guys and before I go, just want to let you know that, the track that I released last week, the music video just dropped. Go ahead and check it out! Chris Heria, “On my mind” is the single. I’ve already made it this
far because of the support from all of you guys. Thank you guys so much, I know we’re gonna rock the music world. Go ahead and smash that like
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Sunday with a brand new track. Mad love, peace out. (upbeat snare plays)

52 Replies to “Home Chest Workout (No Gym No Problem) 2018”

  1. im new to working out and following ur vids..very informative and inspiring but aren't you working out ur arms at the same time?

  2. Love the channel but u copied Austin Dunham. You are a good person and it is nice to see that he influenced you. You also indirectly helped him 🙂

  3. Note to self
    Explosive pushups×20
    Incline pishups×20
    Archer pushup×10 each arm
    Diamond to reg pushups×max
    Wide pushups×10
    3 rounds

  4. Hey Cris thanks for making this video its really great. Can you please show some exercises that will exclusively target the lower part of the chest.

  5. It is impossible that you built this body with a resistance exercise and resistance exercises help to lift the body and burn the fat and not to the mass muscle

  6. When you get to the wide push ups and you're in tears but you don't know if it's because they're a blessing or because you're in pain

  7. I'm gonna copy u all
    1 like=20 push ups
    Let's hope i can do them

    I'm probably gonna take over a few months if i get over 50 likes

  8. no matter what push variation or how many i do. I cant feel the burn in my chest. I promise that form has been looked at, and practiced voer and over to perfection. Help me out if you can?

  9. I gotta try this with a weight vest I remember I couldn’t even do it without it now I’m knocking it out 💪🏾

  10. So in 1st you will do the workout routine, then in 2nd push up till you can't go on then in 3rd rest.. is that correct? Or you need to do the workout routine for 3 times?

  11. Tip: if you squeeze your butt while doing push-ups it focuses a lot more on your chest, honestly it's much more efficient but much harder to do

  12. I have a question Chris, is it okay to use your straight arm to help you push yourself back up or is that cheating??

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