Home – Day 15 – Reset | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, party people? Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 15. Ah, the halfway point. Today we take the opportunity
to celebrate that we’re halfway through the journey and
we also take the opportunity to hit the reset button. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, my friends,
let’s begin today standing at the top of the mat. Stand up nice and tall. Just take a couple
of seconds here to tune into the
sound of your breath. And we’re gonna start
with some shoulders circles. So just loop their shoulders
a little forward, up and back. You can start to really feel
your feet on the ground here. Maybe find that soft
bend in the knees that we’re always talking about. So here we are
at the halfway mark, the perfect opportunity to reset with a rejuvenating flow. Are you ready? Benji, are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s go. Inhale, reach the
arms all the way up. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, float it down,
bend your knees. Forward Fold. On an inhale, halfway lift.
Keep it soft and easy. Again, soft bend
in the knees here. No need to push or force. And then exhale
to soften and fold. Great, inhale,
reach for the sky, root to rise here.
Big breath, big stretch. Stand up nice and tall. Exhale all the way back down,
Forward Fold. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Find length in the neck,
pull the shoulders back. Exhale to soften and release. Listen carefully, from here bend
your knees you’re gonna just crawl your toes all the
way out and then hips up to Downward Facing Dog. Take a couple breaths
here to find what feels good. Clawing through the fingertips,
stretching through the feet. See if you can find something
new here as we set out on the second half of our
journey here within the 30 days. Then anchor through the right
heel and on your next inhale, slide the right leg up high. As you exhale,
bend your right knee, shift it forward,
step your right foot up into a nice low lunge. Go ahead and
lower the back knee. Front knee over front
ankle and just take some soft, easy movement here, as always, to create space
and deepen your breath. If you are seeking
a little more here, remember you can always
walk to the left knee back, creating a little more space. Then inhale,
come up off the fingertips, light a little fire in your core
as you open the chest, lift up. Then exhale, fingertips
come back to the mat. We’re gonna drag them all the
way back as we peel the right hip crease and flex the
right toes towards the face for your runners stretch. Inhale in deeply here. As you exhale,
roll through the right foot. Nice, we’re gonna take the right
fingertips now over towards the left and we’re gonna keep walking over towards
the left side of the mat. As we pivot on that back foot,
we’re gonna come into that Standing Wide-
Legged Forward Fold. Alright, toes turn in. We find our version here. If you can see if you can relax
the weight of the head over. Promoting a
healthy blood flow here. Inhaling deeply,
exhaling completely. Then inhale in again,
find a soft bend in the knees. Exhale, roll it up
all the way to standing. Stay grounded through the feet. Inhale, Star Pose,
spread the fingertips, take up space. Exhale, Warrior II. Turn the right toes forward,
sink down nice and low, widen your
stance if you need to, pull those pinkies back. Head over heart, heart over
pelvis here, strong legs. Today, keep that front
knee bent as you send your right fingertips up and back. Peaceful Warrior. Inhale in here. Exhale to cartwheel all the
way back down to your lunge. Big inhale to find your twist. Right fingertips
reach up towards the sky. Wiggle the
right fingertips here. Good, and then exhale,
bring it all the way back down. Now from here,
step the back foot up halfway, Pyramid Pose.
You’ve been here before. Fingertips on the earth or you can bring the
hands of the waistline. Inhale in. Exhale, bend both knees
kick your left foot back, return to your nice low lunge. Great, plant the palms. Strong core here, step the
right toes back, Plank Pose. Inhale in to look forward,
shift forward. Exhale, lower all the way
to the belly with control. Try to keep your
elbows hugging in. Good, press into
the tops of the feet, loop the shoulders. Inhale, lift your heart,
Baby Cobra. Exhale, forehead
releases towards the earth. Inhale, curl the toes under. Exhale, press up
to all fours or Plank. Inhale in again. Exhale to Downward Dog. Take a second here,
notice how you feel. Return to your breath. Try to find something new. Here we go, anchor
through the right heel, inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Claw through
the fingertips here. Exhale, shift it forward,
bend your left knee, squeeze and lift and
then step it all the way up, nice, low lunge. Back knee comes
to the earth softly, sweetly. And again,
a little bit of a sway. You can walk that right knee
back if you want a little more. Front knee over front ankle. Just notice the
patterns here in your left foot, maybe turning out or turning in. Toes point forward. And here we go, lighting
a little fire in the belly. Loop the shoulders,
inhale, open the chest, fingertips come
off the mat, we lift up. And then exhale,
fingertips back to the mat. We’ll drag it back with the left
hip crease, runners stretch. Active through that left foot. Good, inhale in here. Empty it out. So really articulate
through this left foot here. Rolling through that left foot. And here we go, swinging
the left fingertips around, we’ll lift the back knee. We’ll start to turn to the right
edge of the mat now for our Standing Wide-
Legged Forward Fold. Your version.
Strong legs. Activate from the
arches of the feet. Draw up, lift the kneecaps. If you can,
let’s experiment with relaxing the weight of the head over. Again, just promoting healthy
blood flow here, circulation. Then take a deep breath in. Use your exhale
to bend your knees. From your center, from the
middle let’s rise up strong. Feel that power in your
feet as you ground down to lift up, take up space here. X marks the spot. Wiggle the fingertips,
inhale in, lift your heart. Exhale, Warrior II. So in this Warrior, think about
like sending energy way beyond your physical body. So we send the left
fingertips out in front. We send the right fingertips out
in back and can you imagine that this energy, this line of energy
is going way beyond the fingers. Warrior II, stay nice
and calm with your breath. Nice, long inhale. Nice, long exhale. Keep this front knee bent. We’re building strength. You got this. Inhale, left fingertips
reach up and back, Peaceful Warrior.
Relax the shoulders down. Tuck your chest slightly,
inhale in. Exhale with control
from center we cartwheel all the way back down.
We pivot on the back foot. Here we go.
Leaning into that right hand. We’re gonna inhale, send the left fingertips
up towards the sky. Big twist.
Breathe into your belly. Wiggle the left fingertips. And then slowly bringing
it back down to the lunge. Here we go. Stepping the back
foot up just about halfway. We find our Pyramid Pose. The legs are straight,
but knees are not locked. Beautiful, take one more
breath here, your version. You got it. Anchoring the mind in
the sound of your breath. And then here we go,
walking the fingertips forward, bend both knees,
shoot the right leg back. Plant the palms,
shoot the left leg back. Plank Pose.
Mhmmm. Listen carefully, we’re gonna
dial the heart towards the left, turn the toes towards the left. You come on to the
inner arch of your left foot and the outer edge
of your right foot. Now press away from your
yoga mat with the right hand. As you inhale, lift your left
fingertips up towards the sky. Wiggle the fingertips.
You got this. Careful not to
collapse in the neck. Use your vocabulary,
you have it. And we’re gonna
bring it back to center. Take a little break on
the knees if you need to, otherwise keep ’em lifted. Here we go, pressing
away from the yoga mat, lifting the heart up, then dialing our
hearts towards the right. We come to the outer
edge of the left foot, inner arch of the right foot and send the
right fingertips up high. Side Plank variation.
Keep the neck nice and long. You got this for three, two,
wiggle the right fingertips and bring it back on the one. Feel free to
lower the knees here, otherwise shift
forward on the toes. Squeeze the elbows
into the side body, lower all the way to the belly. Yes. (laughs) Inhale, we rise, Cobra. Exhale to soften and fold. Press up to all fours. You can go straight
to Downward Dog here or you can join
me in a Child’s Pose. Three breaths. So you can choose
your resting posture here three cycles of breath. In and out.
In and out. In and out. Downward Facing Dog,
take your time getting there. That’s where we will
all meet all together now. When you get there,
take a nice wide base. So hands are wide.
We’ve talked about that before. Same thing with the toes now.
Walk the toes out kind of wide. So we have a wide Dog. Then hug the low ribs in, feel that hollow
body through the front. Press into your left palm. Then we’re gonna take the right
hand and bring it to the outer edge of your left leg. Anywhere. Even if it’s
just for a moment. Down Dog Twist. What?!? Come back to center. Inhale in. Use what you got. Everything you’ve
learned so far see if you can
integrate, implement. Here we go, inhale. On an exhale,
hug the low ribs in. We connect to the core. And then we take the
left hand to the outer edge. Anywhere will work, even if it’s just for
a moment to test it out. Maybe bending that left elbow,
looking underneath the right armpit chest, Down Dog Twist. And then back to center.
You did amazing. Bend the knees.
Inhale to look forward. Exhale to make your
way to the top, your version. Inhale lifts you up halfway. Exhale to soften and fold. Root to rise here.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Big stretch.
Spread your fingertips. And exhale, hands to heart. Pause here.
Capture a bit of the magic. Listen to your breath
and notice how you feel. Bend the knees, inhale,
fingertips go down to come up. Big breath as
you stretch up high. Exhale, bend the knees
as you take it down low. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Long neck. Exhale to soften and fold. Plant the palms, just walk it, crawl back to
Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high. Good, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Step it all the way up. Lower the back knee here. When you’re ready, inhale,
sweep the arms up and overhead. Exhale, listen carefully, from
here you’re gonna come all the way into that runners stretch by
lifting the navel up and back, straightening that front leg
and then bowing forward into it. Beautiful, inhale, look forward. Roll all the way
through your right foot. Here we go. Standing
Wide-Legged Forward Fold. Bring the right hand around. Use your hands to walk it
out towards the left edge. Ground through the feet,
toes turning in. Relax the weight
of the head down. If it’s available to you, maybe come on to
the hands or the elbows. If it’s not,
don’t worry about it. Embrace exactly who you
are and where you are today, it’s awesome. Inhale in. Everyone, exhale,
bend your knees, roll it up. Strong legs here. Hands are gonna
come to the waistline. This is our superhero posture. Beautiful,
pause here, breathe in. And empty it out. Good, inhale, Star Pose. Send the fingertips
all the way out. Exhale, palms come together
and back down to the heart. You’re gonna bring one heel in,
then the other. And yeah, you guessed it. We’re here to hit the
reset button, stir the pot. Meet your comfortable
edge and surprise yourself. Get down low. Get down low.
That’s what I sounded like. Okay, lift your right heel.
We got this. Drop it. And lift your left heel. Drop it.
Optional to just stay here or lift both heels for three, two, get your center
underneath you. And one. Drop the heels,
inhale, reach up. Take it to Warrior II. Front knee stays bent,
Peaceful Warrior. Inhale, reach it back. And exhale,
cartwheel all the way forward and through to your lunge. Next big inhale lifts you up,
right fingertips to the sky. And exhale back down, beautiful. Plant the palms, step it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Use your breath.
Let it guide you. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. When you get there, take a
big full I love you breath in. And a nice cleansing breath out. Second side, let’s go. Inhale lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward. Bend that knee,
squeeze and lift. Step it up.
Lower the back knee down. Crescent Lunge.
Inhale, reach for the sky. Okay, so from here,
navel draws in and up. Reach a little higher
from here, from your core, from the middle start to
straighten that leg and then paint an imaginary
wall with your hands. Down, down, down.
Runners stretch. Mhmmm. Inhale. Exhale,
roll through the left foot. Take your left hand,
bring it around. We’re gonna walk now
across the right edge of the mat coming into Prasarita. Let the weight
of the head soften. Even if you’re working
with hands on the thighs. Just try to let the
weight of the head soften. Working to get that
head below the heart here. Maybe, right? Maybe not, maybe
that’s not for you. Together let’s
take a deep breath in. Use the exhale to
ground through the feet, lift the kneecaps,
tone the quads, roll it up. You got this. Hands come to the waistline. Power pose here.
Whatever happened, reset here. Use this moment to inhale in. And exhale, land. Step into your power. Beautiful. Inhale, spread the fingertips,
reach up high. Take up space. And palms come together
and back down to the heart. Bring one heel in,
bend that knee. Then the other, bend your knees. Get down low, here we go.
We got this. Now lift the left heel up. Just the left heel. Drop it down.
Keep breathing, get down low. Lift the right heel,
just the right heel. Press into your pinky. Good, now stay
here nice and low. Breathing, meeting
your comfortable edge. Do not give up.
Stick with it or lift both heels for three. Lift ’em up high.
Two, sink down low. And on the one. Yay! Drop the heels.
Reach up towards the sky. Blossom into Virabhadrasana II,
here we go. Can you find something new here? Return to the
sound of your breath. Steady. Try to keep
this front knee bent. If you’re working
on building strength, it’s gonna want to creep up
here so keep it nice and low. Left fingertips reach
forward, up and back. Peaceful Warrior on an inhale. Then on an exhale,
hug the low ribs in. Cartwheel, take up space. Come all the way
through and into your lunge. Big breath sends the
left fingertips up high. And exhale to
bring it back down. Beautiful. Plant the palms.
Last call for vinyasa here. Feel free to skip it,
go straight to Down Dog. We’ll come through to Plank. You can do a
Half Plank here working, you know, where it
feels right for you today. So belly to Cobra,
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. If you want to insert
a couple of pushups here, go for it. And I’ll meet you in
that Downward Facing Dog. Here we go. When you
get there all together now, a couple of cleansing breaths.
Let’s hit the reset button. Get ready for Lion’s Breath. Big inhale in
through the nostrils. Exhale, Lion’s Breath. Stick your tongue out. Twice more, inhale. Exhale, Lion’s Breath,
tongue out. Come on, surprise yourself.
One more, inhale in. Melt the heart towards
the thighs, breathe out. Good. Slow, controlled
descend of the knees down to kiss the earth. Swing your legs
to one side, any side, and come through to
lie flat on your back. When you get there, (chuckles) go ahead and hug
the knees into your chest. Then take the knees wide. We’re gonna reach
the hands through, grab of the inner arches or
the outer edges of your feet. If we can’t reach,
no worries, you’re not alone. Then you can take your hands
just below the knees or you can even use your pant leg or like
if your leg hair is super long you can just like wrap
it around your knuckles and hold on your
leg hair here. (laughs) Happy Baby Pose. Kicking the soles of
the feet up towards the sky. Dropping the shoulders down
in socket and then using this little healthy push-pull to
find this yumminess in the hip socket, hip joint. If this is too much,
one thing I like to suggest is to work one leg at a time here. So you have your opposite
foot to kind of ground you. And work. If you are
pretty open in the hips, then this is for everyone but
I’d like for you to really focus on the cue of lengthening your
tailbone actively towards the front edge of your mat. And then when
you feel like you’re guided into it, explore. Close your eyes,
maybe soften your gaze. Breathe deep. If soft, easy movement
feels good here, you can extend one
leg and then the other, maybe. Again, reaching the soles of
the feet up towards the sky and dropping the weight
of the shoulders down. Blissful baby. Awesome, take one
more deep breath in here. And then slowly go
ahead and release that. We’ll bring the soles of the
feet to the earth and we’re just going to windshield
wiper the legs back and forth, back and forth until the legs
are extended all the way out. Then you can center
yourself on your mat. Tick-tock the
toes a little bit here. Just shaking out
through the ankles, the legs. Shimmy the shoulder blades
underneath your heart space and then allow your arms to
rest gently at your side. Tuck the chin,
lengthen through the neck, take the deepest breath. And as you exhale, allow the
weight of your body to release completely and
fully into the earth. Be still. Allow your breath to soften into it’s a natural rhythm, whatever that may be today. Relax your tongue in
the base of the mouth here. And just notice how you feel. As you’re ready, inhale lots of love in. Exhale lots of love out as you
slowly bring the palms together, thumbs up towards the third eye. Killing it. Thank you for
showing up here today. Tomorrow, Day Sweet 16. I look forward to seeing you. In the meantime,
continue to enjoy the ride. Remember that the
breath always comes first. What an amazing tool for
hitting the reset button. Inhale in. Exhale to whisper Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

100 Replies to “Home – Day 15 – Reset | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Hello dear friends! Give yourself a high five and a hug today, you've reached the halfway mark! And it's here that we reset. Did you find something new in your practice today?

  2. Thank you! That may have been my favorite. I taught 7 classes today and thought I was too tired to do this, but it turns out, it's just what I needed!🙏🏼🤸🏽‍♂️💜🦋 📚 ✨✨✨

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  5. Today’s practice was my favorite of this 30 days yoga journey yet ! I came on the matt really tired and feeling my body couldn’t make the moves fully today and yet with this awesome practice with rare poses I discovered just today, I surprised myself having more flexibility and strength to do these poses than with similar poses before. Thank you for giving this awesome practices to a big community and for your very warmth presence every day on the matt with all your good words and even your very funny jokes ! 😂❤️

  6. It took me three years of practicing with you, Adriene, but I finally managed to successfully make it through the side planks! It has been particularly difficult for me because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (which can cause spontaneous subluxations and dislocations), and I have dislocated my left shoulder at least twice, so it is usually unstable. Thank you for all you do, and for the motivation to keep trying. Namaste.

  7. I had a really hard time today-awful balance, frustrated that I can’t swing my leg straight into forward lunge or walk to top of mat from downward dog, too afraid to try any one-handed planks. The only part that felt good was going from deep forward fold to star pose, and I was feeling all around pretty pathetic-until the RIDICULOUS happy baby pose! As funny and awkward as I must have looked, it felt great, I could feel yesterday’s work in my hips, and ending the session with a move that I could easily push myself into was needed. I think now that I’m over the mental hurdle of the half way mark I can be a little more forgiving to myself tomorrow.

  8. I love this one ! Actually I love them all but this one felt great today. Sometimes it’s not just the practice, it’s HOW this one practice feels perfect for YOU on THAT day. Another day I might not feel the magic like I did today, and the magic will be there with another practice. That’s why doing yoga everyday is such a wonderful journey !
    And this year for me is special because after doing yoga for more than 3 years, I’ve decided to start running too. For me it feels like a miracle because I used to absolutely hate running. But because of yoga I’ve realized just how enjoyable, how wonderful your body can feel when you take care of it so I want to combine yoga with another kind of exercise and running seems like the obvious choice. You can do it anytime anywhere. And with the pre-run yoga video I have all the tools I need. And Adriene’s smile to encourage me lol !
    PS: to be honest I enjoy yoga way more than running but it’s early days for me yet.

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  16. There were some moments today where I had some difficulty and I felt disappointed in myself, but I'm trying to focus on all the other ways I've improved during this program. Can't wait for tomorrow's practice

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    Grateful for the opportunity to pay such lavish attention to myself and for this tender little meatsuit of mine. Grateful for this commenting exercise I started, for the space to truly just take a MOMENT and appreciate all that yoga has gifted me and what I've gifted myself through my practice, instead of hustling and bustling to get the rest of the day "done" (guilty of this in the past 30-day yoga challenges). Intention and attention…it matters! D'OH. Of course, of course.

    No need to be anywhere but here; no one to change but self. NAMASTE TO ALL.

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  32. Day 15: Gosh I am doing this on day 16. I skipped a day :(. But, for good reason. I think all this positive intention setting is aligning things for me. I might be getting some new work in February if everything goes right. Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you so much, Adriene. I am even more determined to continue showing up on the mat. I have started to feel little sad though, now that we are at the half mark. But, I am grateful for everything. Namaste!

  33. I was in a not-so-great place physically today, dealing with menorrhagia and since I'm still new to yoga I was a bit concerned about putting too much strain on certain muscles. I was thinking about just bowing out completely for the day and continuing from day 15 tomorrow, but fifteen days in I was surprised to find that the thought of being a day behind the 'live' videos was sad to me! So instead I followed along at a MUCH chiller pace than usual, and ended up just sitting and listening during the 'happy baby' pose. It still felt so nice to show up though! (And maybe I'll revisit this video on its own some day.)

  34. almost skipped today’s practice after i let go of a toxic friend just a couple hours before i came to the mat anyway. i didn’t even know the title of today’s practice but Adriene your timing is beyond anything else. i’m so grateful for you, for your sharing this practice, and for everyone else participating💛

  35. “ the breathe always come first. Breath in deep,breath in love”💓 Wonderful reset! Thank you Adriene, Namaste🙏🏻💗🌟✨💫

  36. Yes!! All my life I wished there was a reset button-but who knew it would be found in yoga. Haha.

    This week, I tried some new stuff, met some new people…but I noticed that perhaps Yoga has been increasing my sensitivity to the energy of others. Be it erratic, stable (rarely) or whatever form the energy takes, I feel like I can feel it tenfold now…and lately I end up doing two or more practices to help me ground out all the energies I experience throughout the day. I even went on a long hike this week, and I crave being home even more now.

    But maybe that's why resets are important. Love and namastes to all! Going to do this practice again tomorrow with Light-Throat Chakra 🙏

  37. Day 15 done although very very late into the night! Had a super busy day, did more than planned so needed time to recharge before yoga. But I've taken a policy of not sleeping before I do my daily yoga and I've managed 15 days in a row including days where I was in pain or super anxious or just not motivated to do anything 😀 But even on the days that I find myself not hyped for yoga, I'm still determined to do the full 30 days and I always feel a little better afterwards, even if I might not be willing to admit it in the immediate aftermath. 15 days done which in itself is an achievement and marks the halfway point of a 30 day dedication to myself

  38. Not going to lie, today my body cracked more than a glowstick 😂 I love that I could do my best today and be happy with it, despite not being perfect. This session helped to drive home the idea of just turning up to the mat and listening to your body. Thank you Adriene 🙏

  39. Missed Day 14 because … welp, I was honestly just lazy and my mental barriers got to me. Though I just did Day 14 and Day 15 and I'm caught up. I surprised myself with today's practice. I had a lot of fun hahah! I laughed at myself a couple of times (in the best way possible lol). Yay for day 15!!!!

  40. Halfway point! Yes! Never in my life would I have thought I'd be able to do that side plank variation but hey yo! I did! Thank you Adriene! I feel myself getting stronger and moving with more ease, but I also feel my mindset changing. Truly, from my heart to yours: thank you.

  41. I did this practice yesterday and am still reaping the benefits! Thanks to the hip-opening practice from the day before, I was able to get my head lower than I ever have before in standing wide-legged forward fold… and it felt so good! The sweet, loving bunny kisses I received all over my face were a perfect reward. Whenever I do my yoga practice, I have my three bunnies and my dog to help me… breathe lots of love in and lots of love out <3

  42. Yes, I found something new. I found a flow I did not have on the previous days. I also sensed an openness, and an integration between my spirit, soul, and body. But something I can not put words to happened also. It was like I felt an intimacy….something that I am actually afraid of, but it happened anyway. I guess I was ready for it. You are right Adriene, miracles of transformation is happening! Boy, you and the Universe make a powerful combo!

    I know that such powerful instruments, as your self, of the divine need covering and protection, and you better believe I am praying the Angle watch over you and keep you covered…it is my passion to do so.

  43. I did find 'something' new in that last warrior pose: a lightness, a bounce, I've never felt before, as though I were suspended :-). That felt amazing!! xx

  44. Thank you so much !!! I really liked this session, my favourite one so far! I'm going to get a longer one for my routines… Seems like I really need to reset 😉 ♥

  45. Catching up on day 16 and followed that beautiful practice with this gentle but strong flow! I feel so peaceful and ready to walk in to school with my heart open. I'm feeling so lucky right now that I have a safe home, food in the cupboard, a job where I can care deeply about people and the time to spend on my mat. Thank you Adriene you remind me daily of the power of gratitude! Ollie the dog was crazy after his walk, growling and playing with my yoga blanket but the magic of the practice has him crashed out on the mat now! Thank you so much ❤️

  46. I am enjoying YWA so much – this is my first time following and I’m amazed at how much stronger I feel in such a short time. Who knew I could do down dog twist even for a moment! Thank you 🙏🏻

  47. Can we take a moment to appreciate how beautiful of a flow this was. Adriene really outdid herself, this was so lovely

    I did real side planks today! This has been a goal for me for some time. Something shifted and it just happened. I didn’t even realize what was happening until I realized I actually did it. Amazing

  48. I started practicing with you a year ago Adriene and have done so nearly every day since. It's been a wonderful journey so far. I am so much stronger and calmer, a better person. Thank you. Truly. It's such a remarkable and generous offering that you give to us.
    I'd like to suggest, with respect, that you might look into supporting actively ethically made clothing for your merch. I believe that part of being our best includes making choices mindful of how they will impact others. The shirts you offer are from brands that have committed to only the most basic level of social responsibility.
    I am not judging or trying to shame anyone, just asking that you consider it.
    Obviously none of us (including myself!) are perfect, but I think it is our responsibility to at least think about it and decide where we stand.
    With love and respect.

  49. What a beautiful dance! What abundance of energy flowing through the palms! From now, this is one of my fav flow! Love you, A.!

  50. Yesterday I was in pain because of my period, and I just couldn’t show up, I started to watch the video on the mat but every movement hurt, and I decided to taje the day off and do today yesterday’s and today’s practice. It didn’t feel good to “skip”, but actually I’m glad I did, because today I’ve felt stronger than ever. And it made me realize that there are days, where I am not going to able to feel good or accomplish what I want, but the very next day I can rise and feel stronger than ever. I am just human. Thank you for being there for us, Adriene!!

  51. I wrapped my leg hair over my knuckles but that was a different kind of pain. Not stretching (maybe a little bit in the skin) but like I was going to pull it out. Made it through though. Yay for neuroplasticity.

  52. What an amazing flow, saved this video for later practice! wow, so good!

    I normally do this at night, but last night I got home very late after working many hours and my body needed rest more then yoga. Did it this morning instead (and now I get day 16 tonight!) and that felt good to listen to what my body needed instead of pushing with my mind.

    Also reflecting that I definitely a different feel in the morning, my body wasn't always awake enough to jump into the poses but by the end, now I'm ready for my day!

  53. Good morning. Well, it’s still cold here – warming up to -31C… I woke up, grabbed my coffee, let my dog out and in and headed downstairs to do yoga. PJ’s and housecoat still on, bed head… and Lonnie looking at me like I’m crazy. Two sips into the coffee and I’m in a mountain pose. Realized to be coordinated this quickly after waking, needs more than 3 sips of coffee. But, continue I must… I showed up and that’s the worst part. So, I’m slowly getting more coordinated as we go along and all was going good – yes, easy on wide stance on toes… please with that. Then did three lions breaths into my pj tops, to find Ms. Lonnie coming to check on if I’m okay, I see my pj’s top move as she tries to comfort and check up on me. Then as were in some version of child’s pose… she’s hugging me, giving me kisses, sorry Adriene, but you lost me for a few seconds, while I laugh and scratch her and reassure her that I’m fine. Now, with fresh coffee – I’m ready for the day, just had to share…

  54. So I did this today in my sisters room because she has the best view of the woods and she always has her radio on but honestly I never hear it. Today right at the end of practice I hear Cold Play –
    Nobody said it was easy
    No one ever said it would be so hard
    I'm going back to the start
    just those lines…..perfect for Reset today!

  55. To those resting the body in prayer, healing who can watch and be still like I . yes, thank you for showing up as you are and as you can. There's the lovely future to look forward to with GRAT-ATTITUDE – Ocean, Sue's awsome daughter

  56. Today I did both 14 and 15! When you reiterate, as you do, listen to your body, I actually do and I can literally FEEL my body healing and feeling stronger from my little set back. So my advice for the day, especially to my fellow senior citizens, like you even want it, is to never give up! I’m doing this! Sometime around the middle of February, I will be celebrating with this community my first year with Adrienne anniversary! And oh, I almost forgot, when you want us to feel our energy by looking beyond, I felt my energy bouncing off the f——ing walls. Sorry about that word, but it is one of my favs when really trying to get a point across!❤️❤️❤️

  57. I’m kind of struggling. In the beginning it was really easy for me to keep up but recently my energy levels have dropped and I feel depressed

  58. Great energetic practice. My legs are a little rubbery right now but it's all good. Wish the lady's slim t-shirt came in a more vibrant color to reflect my renewed vibrant life with Adriene. Namaste.

  59. i missed a day so i'm doing 15 & 16 today to catch up, anyway MAN was this a yummy practice 😋 standing wide legged forward fold is one of my favs!

  60. Day 15 – I practiced on my own in bed. I do not feel guity, I needed the calm space. Day 16 – was a great day 🙂

  61. Your voice is so calming. And I loved the paste of this practice! Needed that Chaturanga.
    Thank you, Adriene.

    Lots of love

  62. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to lift one heel at a time, let alone both – but I did it with ease! And a goofy grin on my face, haha. Feels so good to notice my body getting stronger and less tense each and every day I get on the mat. I may never be able to touch the ground in some of the movements, but I can definitely reach further than on day 1, so that makes me happy.

  63. Well, the side plank was a surprise 😁 this is what I love about your practice, Adriene. It’s so different in a pleasant and exciting way and so unique. Thank you for being awesome

  64. Great flow practice. I can definitely tell a difference in 15 days. Down dog twists and happy baby. All good. Thank you for your encouragement; the variety in practices and guiding me on this journey.

  65. Mirroring others, this practice today was different. Definitely going to be coming back here a lot. Good shit good shit

  66. I must confess I missed a day… loved this Reset practice. We have had nearly 250 mm or approx 10 inches of rain in the last 4 days here in the Northern NSW Australia. A drought breaker for us, such a relief for all concerned.. a much needed reset. xx

  67. Yay! today was FUN happy to be here. ♥️ Oh by the way tried today the crow pose after finishing today's class, and i did it fpr a couple of seconds even lifting one ankle and then the other. So all in all a good day

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