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– Hello, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 22 and
today we stir it up. (upbeat gentle music) Alrighty, welcome back,
my darling friend. Let’s begin today’s practice
in Extended Child’s Pose. Come on down on the ground. If you know this
shape’s not right for you, as always, choose a
shape that feels good. One in which you
can close your eyes, soften your heart and
start to notice your breath. Taking a moment
here just to land. Taking a moment to check
in with the physical body, just kind of scanning, but also today, as you are
comfortable and willing, just taking a second to scan the rest. Notice your thoughts. And your emotional body. How you feelin’? Gently begin to
deepen your breath. Inhaling lots of love in. Exhaling lots of love out. I love regular daily at-home
yoga practice because I really get this sense that every
time I show up the practice or the mat is catching me
wherever I am that given day, wherever I land with whatever I’m bringing the mat has my back. And it’s true. So be kind. Check in with your
physical body today but if any thing comes up, the heart space or
the emotional body, just notice it, breathe deep,
and remember this practice is here to support you,
to have your back. We’re gonna slowly start to rock
the head gently side to side. Massaging the brow bones. Kind of massaging,
(clears throat) excuse me, stimulating this area around your third eye center. This is also
sometimes kind of nice if you have a little
sinus pressure. Continue to gently
deepen your breath. Noticing what it feels
like to be alive today. Then bring the head
back to center stillness. Reach the fingertips a
little further out towards the front edge of your mat. Nice active arms here. Inhale, carve a line
with the nose to look forward. Exhale to drag the hands back,
lift your heart all the way out. Keep the knees wide. We’re gonna begin to
move in a circle here, inhaling to smooth
the heart center forward. And exhaling to come around,
hi buddy, (kisses) and back through that
Extended Child’s Pose. Continue,
inhale to come forward. Big breath.
Exhale, around and back. Keep it going with your breath. Using this time to really find
that hand-to-earth connection. Checking in with the shoulders, the side body, the torso. Getting into the hips. Nice and easy. Synchronizing the
breath with the movement and the movement
with the breath. And then reversing your circle. Inhaling as you come forward. Exhaling around and back. And if you find any spots here
that feel a little crunchy or sticky (laughs),
work it out, right? Find what feels good. Notice and respond. Listen and respond. You can decide what
tempo feels right here, moving really slow or perhaps starting to
pick up the tempo, stirring the pot. Great, and the next time
you’re all the way forward, go ahead and walk the knees
underneath the hip points, drag the wrists underneath the
shoulders and let’s spread the fingertips super wide. Press into the
tops of the feet here. Upper arm bones rotate out. We’re gonna lift the heart space
up between the shoulder blades. So you kind of feel this doming
effect in the upper back body. Then curl the toes under,
drag the hands back in space, inhale in. Think of that contraction
we did yesterday of drawing the navel
up to the spine. You’re gonna use that here as
you lift the knees and let them hover here in a Hovering Table. Gaze is straight down. Again, upper arm bones turn out. You have it. Hug the low ribs in for three. Strong and steady, two, and slowly lower on the one. Press into the tops of the feet.
Enjoy this. Inhale, drop the belly,
open the heart, the chest forward, Cow Pose. Exhale, round through,
chin to chest, Cat Pose. Again, inhale,
dropping the belly. And exhale, navel to spine. Take one more on your own. Follow your breath. Then inhale to
Tabletop Position. Walk the hands out just a bit. Maintain that external rotation
of the upper arm bones rotating out as you curl the
toes under, inhale in. And exhale, peel the
hips up high and back, Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out here. Bend one knee
and then the other. Make sure you’re
not holding, gripping, tight in the neck. Nice, then anchor
through your left heel, inhale, lift your
right leg up high. Dial the right toes down. Try to level out
through the hips. Press into both palms evenly. You got this.
Hug the low ribs in. Find your core connection. Now bend your right knee, you’re gonna stack
the right hip over the left. Opening up, maybe you
take your gaze underneath your right armpit here,
breathing deep, inhale. Exhale, bring your right
knee all the way through. Shift it forward,
upper body’s in Plank. Squeeze your right
knee up into your chest. Excellent, then send it back,
Downward Facing Dog. Take a break if you need to. You can lower to the knees,
rotate the wrists. Otherwise, three
cycles of breath here, Downward Facing Dog, in and out. In and out. Maybe you take a moment here to find exquisite stillness. Just for a second. And if you’re on your
knees, rotating the wrists, go ahead and join us
in Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high and back. Ground through the fingertips. So strong
hand-to-earth connection here. Upper arm bones
externally rotated. Anchor through
the right heel, big inhale, lift the left leg up high,
Three-Legged Dog. Dial the left toes down. Left hip’s, should feel like
your left glutes are in line with each other here. Claw through the fingertips,
breathe deep. Good, then bend the left knee. Here we go, stacking the hips. Left hip over the right hip. Right heel’s still reaching
towards the ground and working to press into both palms evenly. And then maybe I turn my gaze underneath my left armpit
chest here, breathing deep. Inhale. Exhale, carve a line with your
left knee all the way forward up and in squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift, squeeze and lift and then send
it back to Downward Facing Dog. Awesome, inhale in deeply here. Exhale, bend your knees, slowly make your
way to the top of the mat. Nice and slow. We’re gonna get
off these wrists. Forward Fold at
the top of your mat. Shake the head loose here. Good, then bend the knees. Let’s walk the hands
now underneath the feet. So you’re gonna bring your toes
right to the wristline here. Peek at me if you need to. One foot at a time,
feet hip width apart or wider so you have a nice wide stance. And then again, relax
the weight of the head over. Can shake the head a little yes,
a little no and if you want, you can shift forward towards
the ball joint of your big toe, ball joint of your pinky toe
and even wiggle the toes for a little massage here. Keep breathing.
Hold on to your center. And then slowly
release one hand at a time. Good, tuck the chin, bend the
knees and rise up to Mountain nice and slow, enjoy this move. Stack the head over the
heart, the heart over the spine. And when you’re ready, let’s bring the hands
to the waistline here. Think about drawing your
shoulder blades together. Really elbows reaching
back in towards one another. And then here’s the thing,
my friends, keep your gaze,
your eyes straight out, your focus straight out. You don’t need
to look down here. Trust me.
Trust yourself. Trust that the ground is there
to catch you and you’re gonna walk your feet as
wide as your mat here, a little bit wider
than hip width apart. And if you did look down,
that’s all good. That’s why we’re
practicing here, just noticing. So just bringing a
little bit of magic. We’ve been working so
beautifully on all of this awareness and then
it’s funny because in, you know, our yoga guide, our
yoga buddy will invite us to do something and we
have to look down. So I’m just lovingly inviting
you to think about that. You know the
ground is there, so, alright, more on that later.
Here we go. We’re gonna bend the knees,
soft bend in the knees. And we’re gonna slowly
bump the hips to the left, then take them all the way back. Bump the hips to the right and then take
them all the way forward. And then you’re just
gonna keep moving here, soft bend in the knees. Big circles one way. And most of us at first
are gonna feel a little foolish, a little silly. Some are like, “Ooh, yes. “So glad this is in the
practice today. Mmm, get it.” So wherever you’re finding
yourself today here with these hip circles,
it’s okay. It’s great. But I’m gonna ask you
to lean in a little bit. Bring your
breath into the picture. Maybe even close your eyes or
soften your gaze so you can really start to
notice the sensation, if any, in the hip socket,
in that ball and socket. Moving with your breath. If you’re practicing
today with someone, maybe you give them a little,
“Hey,” or something. Just have fun.
It’s okay to have fun. And then bump the
hips the other way. But I’d really,
really, all fun aside, like to invite you to pay
attention to the sensations in that ball and socket joint. So I find it is helpful to
kind of soften the gaze or close your eyes to do that. Get in there if I can
do this on YouTube you can do this at home.
(laughs) A little slow motion hula hoop. Alright, then reverse
the circle once again. And now reverse it again. Oh yeah. And then stand up nice and tall. Lift up from the pelvic floor. Nice power pose here. Same thing, my darling friends. As Mr. Shakespeare
once wrote, “See feelingly.” So put your eyeballs in
the soles of your feet and walk your feet together. Try to keep your gaze out,
your focus out. Bring the feet
together without looking down. Just an experiment. Then when you’re ready, inhale,
reach the fingertips up high. Big stretch, big breath. And exhale to float it all
the way down, Forward Fold. Inhale to lift and lengthen. Halfway, nice
flat back position. Exhale to soften and fold in. Great, reach for the sky. Big inhale, big stretch. Spread the fingertips. Then back down you go.
Bend the knees, Forward Fold. Big inhale lifts you
up halfway, your version. Lots of space between the
ears and the shoulders here. Good, and exhale,
soften and fold in. Again, inhale,
reach up towards the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Lift your heart. Exhale, bend and
fold all the way down. Inhale, halfway lift. Long neck. Exhale, soften and fold inward. Great, bend the knees. Plant the palms.
Step the right foot back. Bend the right knee. Inhale, sweep
the arms all way up. Check it out, today, instead
of leaning into the Crescent, press into that front foot. You’re gonna
stack the spine here. Right toes can stay curled or you can uncurl for
a little more stability. You decide. Squeeze the inner
thighs to the midline. Pull the thumbs back, inhale in. Exhale, palms come together, you’re gonna bring the outer
edge of the right elbow to the outer edge
of the left knee here. Alright, then we’re
gonna the continue the journey, pulling the
left hip crease back. Beautiful. Lifting up from
the pelvic floor. And we’re working to bring the
thumbs in line with the sternum. Just give you a
little intention. Front knee over front ankle.
Nice, long, beautiful neck. So channel those halfway lifts,
that flat back here. Now breathe into your belly. Return to that balloon breath. Excellent, one more breath here. If you want to curl
the back toes under, lift the back knee,
that is available. Otherwise, keep
that back knee lowered. Good, here we go. Nice and slow and
steady from center come all the way back. Frame your left
foot with your hands. We’re gonna lift
the back knee up. We’re gonna step
all the way back and up into Downward Facing Dog. Good, nice cleansing
breath here in through the nose. And exhale out
through the mouth. Once more, inhale
in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Nice, bend the knees. Inhale to carve a line
with the nose, look forward. Exhale to make your
way to the top, your version. Good, here we go
with the breath in. Lift up halfway,
nice flat back position. And exhale to
soften and fold inward. Nice, fingertips
come to the earth. Here we go.
Step the left foot back. Left foot back.
Lower the left knee. And here we go.
We’re gonna lift up, reaching fingertips
forward, up and back. Come all the way up out
of that front hip to start. Pull the right hip crease back. Stack head over heart,
heart over pelvis. Now find your strong connection
through that back foot. Make a choice. Inhale to lift up
through the heart. Exhale, palms kiss together. We’re gonna think up and over,
bringing the left elbow up and over towards the outer
edge of that right thigh. Front knee stays
over the front ankle and we find our twist here. Breathing deep into the belly. Working to get those
thumbs toward heart center. Nice, long, beautiful neck here. Think about lifting
up from the pelvic floor. Tuck the chin just slightly.
You’re doing great. Breathe deep. Stay here, or if you lift the
back knee on the right leg maybe you try it here on the left leg. Nice work.
Inhale in. Use your exhale
to guide it back. Frame the right
foot with your hands. And here we go, stepping it
back to Downward Facing Dog, awesome. Claw through the fingertips. Let’s do a Lion’s Breath. Big inhale in through the nose. Exhale, tongue out. Great, anchor
through the left heel. Listen carefully, inhale,
lift the right leg up high. This time, again,
bend the right knee, stack the right
hip over the left. Great. Inhale. Exhale, carve a line with the
right knee all the way up and over to kiss the right elbow. Shift forward.
Upper body’s in Plank. Good, then kick it back up,
Three-Legged Dog. Down Dog Splits. Great. Lower the
right foot down. Switch, second side. Inhale, Three-Legged Dog. Bend your left knee. As you’re ready, keep
breathing, stack the hips. Great, inhale in. Exhale, carve a line. Think up and over with
the left knee all the way up, up, up, over an imaginary
hurdle to kiss the left elbow. Gaze straight down. Good, then kick it up,
Three-Legged Dog. And slowly lower,
Downward Facing Dog. Awesome.
Bend the knees. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. Find length in the neck. And exhale, soften and fold. Root to rise here.
Spread the fingertips. Here we go. Big inhale,
reach up towards the sky. Big beach ball up and overhead. On the exhale,
drop to shoulders down, keep the fingertips spreading. Fingertips reaching
high up towards the sky. Ground through the feet.
Big inhale. Big beach ball going overhead. Think up and over as you exhale. Take that beach ball
over towards the left. Bump your hips to the right.
Tuck the chin just slightly. Big side body stretch here. Inhale to spread
the fingertips, reach. Exhale to come back to center. Inhale, send the
fingertips up high. And exhale over to the right.
Bump the hips to the left. Keep those low ribs hugging in. Hold on to your center. Inhale. Exhale, back to Volcano. Stand up tall.
Inhale, look up. Exhale, palms come together
and let’s slice it right down through, Forward Fold. Bend your knees generously here.
Little love for the low back. And then on your next inhale,
lift it up halfway, long neck. Good, exhale, soften and fold.
Beautiful, beautiful. We’re gonna plant the palms,
step one foot back. Step the other foot back,
Plank Pose. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Exhale, squeeze those elbows
into the side body and slowly lower all the way down to your
belly or to your blue heeler. Press in the tops of the feet. Inhale, Cobra. Be gentle. And exhale to
soften and fold in. From here you’re
gonna press up to all fours or Downward Facing Dog,
your choice. We’re headed
towards One-Legged Pigeon. Whether you’re on all
fours or in the Down Dog, let’s inhale,
lift the right leg up. Nice and easy, start to soften
out all the hard edges here. We’re gonna bring the right
knee all the way up and in. We’ll walk that
right ankle towards the front left
corner of the mat. Maybe, or we’ll keep the right
heel close in towards center. You’re here, or you’re here or
you’re somewhere in-between. Keep the feet
nice and energized. Press into the
top of the back foot and when you’re ready,
find length. Lift up through the chest. Lengthen through the crown. And then slow and
steady we’ll fold inward. So you can create a little
pillow with the forearms for the forehead. You can reach the
fingertips forward, rest your head on the earth. Maybe sometimes creating
a little like bubble gum, bubble gum in a dish,
mudra vibes. Some people are like, “Yes!” Most people are like,
“What is she talking about?” But just create a little
pillow with the fist for your forehead here,
your third eye. So we want to get to a place
here today where we can really be here with nice,
full conscious breath. So you should not be in pain,
but we do want to be in a place where we can observe sensation. And you can make a
little adjustments, never feel like
you’re stuck, right? It’s something we’re going to
be talking about in an upcoming practice, you know. Does it make me happy?
Does it feel good? And if not, what can I change? Spoiler alert. Okay, take a deep
breath in wherever you are. And use your exhale to
soften into the posture, to relax your shoulders,
relax your jaw. Relax your jaw. Close your eyes,
my sweet friend. And just observe, listen
to the sound of your breath. Move nice and slow here. Inhale in. Exhale, soft, easy movement. You’re gonna rock the
hips gently left to right. Barely moving. Tiny, tiny, tiny movement. Keep breathing, keep listening. This practice is
designed to support you. Stay with it. And soft and easy, almost as if
you were moving through water, just hang with me, you’re gonna
slowly start to rise back up. Don’t rush,
don’t rush, don’t rush. Keep your feet
kind of bright, energized. And here you go, you’re
gonna come on to the right hip. We’re gonna guide the
left knee all the way up. Left leg all the
way up, up, up, up, up, up over there
and we’re gonna come into Gomukhasan Legs or Cow Legs. So we’ve been
here before together. So if this is about as far as
that leg goes, then go here. Otherwise we’re gonna continue,
keep the feet active. We’re gonna work
to stack the knees and we’re gonna
walk the feet out just a bit. Just do your best.
Alright? This is a great moment to maybe recruit your
blanket or your towel. Sit up a little bit,
lift the hips. Hands can come to the
soles of the feet or the ankles or you can use
fingertips on the ground. Not gonna be here long.
So breathe deep. Use that directional breath. Find stillness. Lift up through the chest. If you have really,
you already have open hips, you know, maybe just
anatomically or you’ve been practicing for a while,
go ahead and take it forward. But keep that left hip heavy. And if you’re new and
you want to practice without, you absolutely can. Just keep the chest open. Shoulder blades drawing together as long as possible
as you lean forward. Breathe. So the hips don’t lie. Just keep noticing how you feel. If you start to feel
a little tender hearted, I got your back. Stirring it up. Yoga, it’s powerful
mind-body work. Okay, one more breath, inhale. Use your exhale to find that
connection, that contraction. This is gonna
stabilize this transition. So here we go.
Navel draws in and up. We’re just gonna go
right back the way we came, all the way back through. Through the Pigeon. And then to all fours or Downward Facing Dog,
your choice. Make a choice. In Tabletop or Down Dog,
take a deep breath in. Empty it out through the mouth. Good, here we go, second side. Soft and easy,
bend the left knee. Slide it all the way up. Left ankle towards the front
right corner of the mat or keep it hugged in. Strong back leg. Notice what it
feels like on this side. Inhale to lift your heart. And exhale to fold inward,
your version. Take your time. Pay attention, pay attention. As you’re ready,
close your eyes. Snuggle up to whatever… Whatever feedback
this shape is giving you. It’s okay to
make adjustments here. Stay curious. No judgment. Whatever you find,
greet it with a nice, deep, loving, inhale in. And a long, loving exhale out. Notice where you might
be clenching or holding. See if you can soften
and as you’re ready, perhaps welcoming that
gentle rock ever so slight of the hips back
and forth left to right. Subtle body movement. Inhale deeply. And exhale to empty it out. Catch a wave with this breath. Here we go, big inhale. And empty it out. Nice and slow, as if you
are moving through water, use your hands to press back up. Stay focused inward. We’re gonna bring the
left hip to the ground, keep the feet active. Swing right leg around. Maybe we just come
right foot to the earth. We’ve been here before or
we’ll work to come to Cow Legs, Gomukhsan Legs,
bringing the knees together. The ankles, the feet come out.
We keep nice active feet. Sit up nice and tall. Again, hips don’t lie, you
don’t have to do much here. Don’t feel like you
have to come forward. If that’s available to you,
that’s great. But if not,
just be here with it. Be here with it. Close your eyes.
You’re doing great. Active feet. Breathe. Take one more deep breath in. And nice cleansing exhale,
begin to unravel. Again, we’re just gonna reverse. Going back the way we came.
Coming through that Pigeon. Your version. And then back to
Downward Facing Dog or Tabletop Position
just for one breath. Here we go. Inhale in through the nose. Exhale out through the mouth. Good. Slow descend on the
knees down if they’re up, swing the legs to one side
everyone and we’re going to come through to a nice
cross-legged seat. If you have a
little extra time today, you want to come to lay
flat on your back, please do. Take a second. Palms come
together at the heart. Anjuli Mudra, just
notice how you feel. Close your eyes. Just but a moment more here to reside in the
role of the observer. Way to stir it up today. Way to be brave. Way to keep showing up.
I love you guys. Take a deep breath in. Exhale, bow all the way down. Nice stretch in the low back. Bow all the way to the earth. And we whisper Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

100 Replies to “Home – Day 22 – Stir | 30 Days of Yoga With Adriene”

  1. Starting today's practice was hard for me. So many things on my plate and feeling overwhelmed. There must be something to that theory that we store a lot of emotions in our hips, because once we started to move into pigeon I began to feel slightly relieved and less frustrated. Movement is medicine.

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  3. In my lesson today I was telling my instructor that I was having issues with rushing in a fast piece I'm learning. He told me he explains rushing to his students by saying that they're on an 8 hour train ride. They can either enjoy the scenery, talk with a friend, read a book, etc, or they can sit there constantly look at the time because the train ride is so long and they have nothing to pass the time with. He said to practice enjoying the scenery more, meaning finding the little phrases in the piece that I can take more time with even if the whole thing is fast.

    It made me think of this yoga practice and how it's usually my one time of the day where I can be fully present with my body and mind. I've felt so much more in tune with my body, and can tell more easily when I'm straining something (usually my neck), and how I can relieve the tension there without resorting to cracking it like I used to lol. Thank you so much for this series, it's really helped me be active at least once a day for nearly every day this month which is amazing!

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  8. The first three minutes felt so good on my calves and shins. This really stretched them out. They have been knotted up sore from all the running. I am definitely saving this session for future use.

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    I was having 2 big problems today.
    1. My hands felt extra slippery on the mat. Have no idea what that was about lol
    2. My left elbow would sorta lock up when I was stacking my hips. Luckily I was able to shake it out and try again, but I thought it just bizarre as it was very noticeable today and it only happened in the left one.
    Nonetheless, I conquered Day 22 and my body feels very stirred and awaken because of it. Thank you Adriene!

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  21. I'm really learning how to slow down and treat your practice differently. I'm a very flexible person so most of the poses come naturally to me. But I've got a wicked rib inflammation that made most of what I'm used to almost impossible and I've had to nope out on some of the poses today, which was honestly frustrating since otherwise it's not an issue. But it's a reminder to be kind and gentle with myself, and know to do the practice is a process of healing and self-care.

  22. Day 22! Spent the last week of my month home enjoying time with family and friends before flying back across the Pacific last Friday. Decided to just pick up where everyone else is and get back to days 9 through 21 later. February sounds like a good time to start home anew! I needed this practice today. Felt wonderful getting back into it after two weeks off. โค

  23. Wow this felt so wonderful through my hips and core. All the coffee grinder moves were fabulous and I felt so strong during the three legged dog. And then those pigeons, wow, loved how much time we had to explore them. I can feel such a change in my hips these days.

  24. I had an annoying day (including two hours at the DMV that still didnโ€™t solve my problem) got home an hour later than usual, put this off for a bit but I knew in my heart I would get it done eventually. I loved the length, the flow, and my brain FINALLY understood how to move from Table Top to pigeon-what a revelation! Felt so amazing at the end, sweaty and shaky and 100% better than I did when I walked through my front door.

  25. stir it up
    Little darlins', stir it up
    Come on and stir it up
    It's been a long, long time
    Since I've got yoga on my mind
    And now we are here, I say it's so clear see what we could do when we stir it up.

  26. Earlier today I had my first lesson in stage combat training! With a long sword! That was about 3/4 my size. It was awesome! Needless to say, I have been stirring the pot all day, and it feels great!! I am welcoming that sore feeling for tomorrow!!

  27. Almost didn't show up on the mat tonight… Not only did I feel like I would be disappointing myself but would be disappointing y'all as well. While I know it's ok not to show up some days (everyone has those days) and y'all wouldn't have judged, yet I was still afraid of those mean inner voices bringing me down. I guess it says a lot about how great this community is. It's a world of inspiration and love where we pick each other up when we fall down even being world's apart. It's a community where I know there's others going through the same things I am and if they can show up, well darn it, so can I! For that, I want to say thanks to Adriene and her team and to all you beautiful souls out there! Sending lots of love and good vibes! ๐Ÿ’š Goodnight from Arkansas…

  28. Today I had the hardest time getting on the mat and had a rough time getting through the practice but I am absolutely astonished I made it to the end! Love yoga. #ywaHOME

  29. In the stir I had many conflicting flavors and bumps. It was nice to meet my self and know why I did not notice…

  30. Proud of My Culture People in West Now Accepting Yoga !
    I suggest Everyone Come to Rishikesh India & Do Yoga in Mighty Himalayas (Yoga capital of world) …

  31. It feels great to be alive today after a morning up hill run, then a dip in the cool ocean followed by day 22 to relax my hips ๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™‚๏ธ

  32. Wow!!! This is now my favorite session. Thanks again Adriene for this journey. I've also got my wife doing yoga as well. We turn our living room into a yoga studio, complete with our corgie-husky. I so loved Pidgin and it felt so much better than in previous sessions. We're doing these sessions at night and I'm finding its a wonderful way to end the evening. Namaste. ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. Adriene! I was in downward dog towards the end, and right as I took a deep deep breath in… my cat walked right across my face. I got a breath of cat fur and couldnโ€™t stop laughing ๐Ÿ˜‚

  34. Man…these one-legged pigeon poses should mandatory before any first date! Or interview…or anything requiring straight honesty because these poses truly stir up some deep stuff.

  35. I couldn't believe how released I felt after we stayed in pigeon for so long. Apparently being in that pose for an extended period of time is magic for me. What a lovely discovery. So grateful for this slow practice today.

  36. Todayโ€™s practice was LIFE CHANGING. It was my very first complete MIND/Body connection. Now I understand what you mean that the mat has my back. Thank you, thank you for creating this program. Itโ€™s awakening a beautiful thing in each of us Adriene. Namaste.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

  37. The past week during these at home practices AND during my yoga class I find myself "finding what feels good" before I even hear the prompt. It is amazing to notice my body telling me exactly how it needs to move

  38. I loved the stirring! Thank you for a great practice. Iโ€™m proud to have completed 23 day with the community – this community is awesome.

  39. I loved this practice! I happen to have very open hips, so this was perfect for me. It provided a much-needed stretch on both sides. I am savings this one to my YWA favorites right now โค๐Ÿ˜Š

  40. I smiled/cried during the entire practice. I feel so connected to myself (almost as when I was a baby lmao). Iโ€™m so grateful for everyone involved in this projectโค๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐ

  41. Day 20 and 21 done! I am finding that I enjoy the rythm of a longer practice (2 videos) every other day as I struggle to truly get into the right mindset/focus/heartspace right now in just one video. Being still and then getting a boost: delightful combination. Thank you for this practice Adriene <3

  42. Hi from the UK. I've been participating in your yoga sessions for a few years now and they are an enormous source of inspiration. You really are a gifted teacher. Thank you so much for brightening up my day and making the world a better place. Already looking for to the next video!

  43. "Does it make me happy? Does it feel good? If not, what can I change?"
    I stopped mid practice to take a note of that.
    Thank you, Adriene โค๏ธ

  44. Some good stretchin' right here! With all the breathing I sometimes get light headed, but with some loving adjustments I find my way back home!

  45. I definitely fell asleep in pigeon today haha, I've really had a long week it seems! Thank you for grounding me every day!

  46. Day 22, I didnโ€™t have time for you and when I came to my yoga mat, I found a 30+ minute practice. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Thankfully this practice was full of the very thoughtful, hip opening poses I need most. I rushed it yesterday and have returned today to repeat it after Day 23โ€™s practice. Thank you, Adriene! Somehow you always know best.

  47. Hi Adriene! Just got done, I miss yesterday, I'll be caught up tonight.
    Last year I commented on every vid, so I figured I'd stop by and share some good vibes with my 0mies๐Ÿ˜ƒ see you all soon

  48. How do you do it? Spread so much love, and I love myself a little more everyday . What a sweet heart you are โค๏ธ๐ŸŒป

  49. Gratitude for the body, the practice, the guide, and the fellowship.
    I was frustrated at the start of practice, I doubled 22 and 23 together since I missed yesterday. Oh my can I feel it in my muscles when I go a day without yoga! By the end of the practice I was feeling acceptance with my emotions, which helped me maintain focus in today's day 23!

  50. Yoga is truly MY life! I absolutely adore this practice and I appreciate you spending your energy in this way.

  51. Keeping that one for tomorrow. I really wanted to catch up on that one as well since I'm a bit behind but I want to do it properly instead of rushing it out

  52. Wonderful practice, thank you so much Adriene! I am so happy to take a moment everyday to reconnect with my body!

  53. A nagging shoulder/trapezius injury had me opting for child's pose many times throughout the practice. Leaned into loving the awareness and respect I have for my body by making this choice when the "you should be able…." thought popped up. Also, cried during pigeon pose. I've often heard the hips hold emotion and extended holds including hips can let some of those emotions release. This was my first time experiencing it myself. Adriene, when you said "if you have a tender heart, I got you" it was a gift. Thank you ๐Ÿ™

  54. I am truly starting to feel that I am nearly home. I canโ€™t thank you enough Adriene. I look forward to getting on the mat everyday after a long day. Such a brilliant way to reconnect with yourself and a deeper sense of being no matter what the external circumstances may be.

  55. Today's practice was particularly challenging in the mind and body, both felt restless and inactive. I know it is the precise moment when I choose to trust. Thank you for being a part of self-discovering journey.

  56. Hey Adrianne! I havenโ€™t commented in a while because Iโ€™m watching on my smart tv, lol but I have been here on this journey with everyone! I can tell Iโ€™m able to handle the pigeon well now after doing yoga with you for about 6 months now! But next time I wonโ€™t practice in my work scrubs, I kept thinking I was going to rip my pants ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคช have a great day everyone!

  57. Oh my God! I was so tired today I almost didnโ€™t make it to the mat. Yesterday, I got out of work very late and was not able to do this practice and I almost didnโ€™t do it today. I am so happy and proud I showed up. My hips neede those stretches very badly!!! Now, I am pumped and starting day 23 practice right now. Oh, yes!! Thanks, Adriene. From Puerto Rico, Namaste. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผโค๏ธ

  58. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ ready to dive now … wreck today! ๐Ÿงœโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿคฟ๐Ÿ‘Œโ›ด

  59. Ended up having to do this yoga section on a camp site. The hip rotations were particularly awkward. ๐Ÿ˜‚ So thank you Adriene for helping me grow by letting me be in uncomfortable positions. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’™

  60. Took a little hiatus due to a rib injury (not yoga related), but actually think these practices will help me heal faster! With plenty of modifications Iโ€™m pleasantly surprised at how good it still feels ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿง˜โ€โ™€๏ธ

  61. I missed yesterday, first time all month, and couldnโ€™t even get to till 10pm today. But this was well worth the wait. โ€œWay to be brave.โ€ Thanks, Adriene.

  62. For the first time in this practice I felt real stilness and it felt soooo good. Thank you Adriene for every single practice. You really change my life!

  63. Doing Day 22 on Day 23 because I had my second job and to pack for a work trip for my first job. I had to pick one hour of sleep or half an hour of sleep and yoga. I took the former. I knew it would not be kind to me if I stirred it up yesterday!

    Thanks for this practice, Adriene. Namaste

    I'm off to Day 23

  64. Good morning everyone ๐ŸŒžLoved the stir and the whole session so feeling good as new๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ Thank you Adriene, Namaste to you all ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป๐Ÿ’—โœจ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ’ซ

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