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– Hello, everyone. Welcome to Home,
your 30-day yoga journey. It’s Day 23, focus. Let’s get started. (upbeat gentle music) Welcome back, my darling friend. Let’s begin in
our comfortable seat. Right away go ahead
and close your eyes. Trust.
Trust this moment. Trust that this time that you’re
taking for yourself is valuable. We’re gonna start to
gently deepen the breath here. Then your hands can rest gently
on the thighs or the knees, but let the
fingertips be kind of soft. Start to lift up
through the heart, the sternum,
tuck the chin slightly and just take a
moment here to land. Just a little loving reminder,
whatever you’re coming to the mat with here today,
it’s all good. It is accepted here,
welcome here. The invitation today to focus or refocus back on your intention. Your why, your reason
for going on this journey. Remembering that we’re not aspiring to transform into something that we’re not,
but rather return home, to embody everything that we already are. Let’s take a deep breath in
together you and I but also think of all of the people
practicing together in this moment across the globe. It’s pretty miraculous. Here we go. Take a deep breath
in through the nose. And out through the mouth. Great, bat the eyelashes open and we’re gonna
sit up nice and tall. We’re gonna send the
fingertips out in front, palms face down. Plug the shoulders in. Inhale. Exhale, draw the shoulder blades
together and then imagine them melting down the back body. Alright, from here,
we’re gonna take the left arm over the right,
elbows cross, then send the fingertips
up towards the sky. Cool moves like a
little ninja move, hiya. So we’re gonna stay here if the
shoulders are really tight or if we have any injury we’re healing
from stay here otherwise, we’re gonna keep
her wrapping around. Maybe right palm
comes to the left palm. Maybe we just come
here at the wrists, keep soft fingers, that’s fine. So I’m wanting to keep
my shoulders plugging in, shoulder blades kissing together
and melting down the back body. Inhale to lift the elbows. Long puppy belly here. Big stretch in outer shoulder. Exhale, navel draws in,
we round through, chin to chest. So getting our
spinal flexion here with some Eagle Arms to start. Inhale. Think Cow Pose, lift up. Exhale, think Cat Pose,
rounding through the spine. Inhale lifts you up. Exhale rounding forward. Inhale, lifts you up. Exhale, navel to spine,
bow the head forward. Great, inhale lifts you up,
unravel. We’re gonna send
the fingertips forward and go right
into the other side. Here we go.
Right arm crosses over the left. We’ll send the fingertips up. Then maybe we continue the
journey around here, maybe not. Maybe just stay here in
this nice cool like hiya pose. Here we go, spinal flexion,
inhale, lift and lengthen. Exhale, rounding through. Inhale to lift, lift
up from the pelvic floor. Exhale, round through. Inhale to lift. Exhale to round. Inhale to lift. Exhale to round. Inhale to lift. Unravel, exhale,
float the palms to the knees or the tops of the thighs, close your eyes and
just notice how you feel. Beautiful, inhale in. Exhale to come
forward onto all fours. Spread the fingertips,
curl the toes under, send your gaze
straight down. Inhale in. Exhale, lift the knees,
let them hover, Hovering Table. You got this. Low belly and upper
abdominals cinching in, drawing in towards the
center of your being for three, two and on the one send
the hips up high and back. Walk your hands forward,
Downward Facing Dog. Nice work. Alright, get loose in the neck. Ground through the knuckles. Pedal it out.
Breathing deep. Remember why you
committed to this journey? Inhale, bend the knees. Carve a line with
the nose to look forward. Exhale, make your way
to the top of your mat. Nice Forward Fold. You decide feet
together or hip width apart, just nice conscious footing. Take a deep breath in. Exhale to let something go. Then bend the knees, tuck the
chin and slowly roll it up, nice and slow. Stand up nice and tall. We’re gonna interlace the
fingertips behind the tail here. Draw the knuckles down and away. Open up through the chest. Big breath, big stretch. Inhale, lift your heart. Exhale, bend the knees. Belly comes towards
the tops of the thighs. Knuckles reach all the
way up towards the sky here as we bow the head in. Can keep a generous or
slight bend in the knees here. Breathe deep. Inhale to halfway lift. Knuckles go towards
the back edge of the mat. Crown forward, of course. And then exhale to
release everything, Forward Fold. Great, bend the knees. Plant the palms, step
one foot back then the other. Feel free to
lower to the knees here. Plank or Half Plank. Inhale to look forward,
shift forward. Squeeze the elbows in. Exhale to lower to the belly. Inhale, press into
the tops of the feet. Heart lifts.
We rise up, Cobra. Exhale to soften and fold. Inhale to press up
to Plank or Half Plank. Exhale, Downward Facing Dog. Inhale in. Exhale to empty it out. Bend your knees, inhale.
Draw your focus forward. Exhale to make
your way to the top. Have a little fun. Beautiful, inhale,
halfway lift, your version. Exhale to soften and fold. Listen carefully,
bend the knees. Tuck the chin into
the chest, roll it up. Slowly stacking
through the spine. One vertebra by vertebra. Crazy hair day for me.
Okay, here we go. (chuckles) Interlacing the
fingertips behind. Opposite thumb on top. So the one that
feels a little strange. Connect to your energetic body,
that lift through the front, that grounding through
the back. Big breath. Big lift up through the heart. Inhale, inhale, inhale. Exhale, bend the knees. Send your heart forward. Knuckles go all the
way up towards the sky. Folding inward. Slight bend in the knees. Here we go, inhale halfway lift. Send the knuckles back,
crown forward. Straighten the legs. And exhale to let everything go. Plant the palms,
step or hop it back. Plank or Half Plank
and moving through a vinyasa. Maybe belly to Cobra or maybe
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Build a little heat.
Follow your breath. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. In Downward Dog, inhale, lift the right leg up
high with your breath. Exhale, shift it forward,
squeeze the right knee all the way up into the chest and then step it all the
way up into your lunge. Keep this back knee lifted here. Bring your right hand over to
meet your left and walk your right foot out just a bit. Inhale to look forward. Exhale to lower the back knee. Great. Inhale to reach the
right fingertips forward. All the way up and then
take it all the way back. And we’re just gonna point
towards the left foot, point towards the left foot. Beautiful, inhale, reach it
all the way up back to the sky, right fingertips
reach, reach, reach. And then all the way back to frame your right foot
in your nice low lunge. Here we go. Get light on the
fingertips as you breathe in. Inhale, look forward. Exhale, plant the palms. Lift the back knee. Step it back. Belly to Cobra or
Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Just building a little heat. We’ll meet in
Downward Facing Dog. When you get there,
inhale lots of love in. Coming back to the breath,
exhale lots of love out. Inhale, lift your
left leg up high. Exhale, shift it forward, squeezing that left
knee up into the chest. Step it up into your lunge. Keep the back
knee lifted if you can. Bring the left hand
over towards the right. Send your focus out in front.
Nice, long, beautiful neck here. So not clinched. Inhale in deeply. And exhale completely. Good, lower the right knee.
Here we go. Inhale, send the
left fingertips forward. Inhale all the way up. Send it back.
Keep breathing. We’re just gonna point
towards that right foot. Opening up through the chest. Beautiful. And then taking
it all the way back, really reach, inhale. Left fingertips all the way up. Take up space. And all the way back
down to frame the left foot. Get light on the fingertips, inhale, open the chest,
look forward. Exhale, plant the palms,
lift the back knee, step it back,
Plank or Half Plank. Take a vinyasa here,
belly to Cobra or Chaturanga
to Upward Facing Dog. Find what feels good. Meet me in Downward Facing Dog. Meet Benji in
Downward Facing Dog. From here, bend the knees,
inhale, look forward. Exhale, make
your way to the top. Inhale, halfway lift,
your version. And exhale to soften and fold. Beautiful, listen carefully. From here, bend
the knees generously, send those hip creases
back, back, back. Yep, grounding through
all four corners of the feet. We’ve got this. Utkatasan,
send the fingertips forward, hips way back. Squeeze the legs together. Thumbs up, pinkies down. Shoulders are relaxed. Sink a little lower.
You got this. Draw the low belly in and up. Send the hips back. Drop a little lower
for three, two, on the one,
we rise together, reaching, reaching up towards the sky. Big breath. And then exhale,
hands to heart center. Pause here.
Close your eyes. Observe your breath. Always bringing the focus back to conscious breath. What an incredible tool. Alrighty, open your eyes, send your gaze out
way beyond the horizon. If the feet are not together,
really together, keep your gaze out as
you bring them together. Then we’ll find that
list as we breathe in. We’ll shift the way to the
left foot as we breathe out. Begin to peel
your right heel up. So we’re not
collapsed in the hip here. We’re using all of our training
thus far to maintain balance between left and
right side of the body. Even in these funny
compromising shapes which we’re about to
go into one. Here we go. Send the fingertips forward. Okay, keep this
lift in the heart. Keep drawing the shoulders back.
Here we go. We’re gonna cross the
right arm underneath the left. You can come to
this shape here first. Maybe you just hold this shape
or maybe you continue the wrap around, Eagle Arms, Garudasan. We’re gonna inhale,
lift the elbows. Exhale, bend your
standing legs, sink deep. From here, you can keep your
right toes on the ground or we’ll imagine we’re lifting up the right knee with
a marionette string. So we’re really keeping our
center’s kind of turned on here to lift, hey-oh, lift the right
knee all the way up and cross it over the left leg. Keep the left knee bent. It seems counterintuitive,
but we’re gonna hold on to this center, this balance, by keeping a strong bend
in that standing leg. If you can wrap
the right foot around, go for it but
it’s not necessary. You can also use the right
toes here as a little kickstand. Alright, let’s use our breath.
Inhale, lift the elbows. Exhale, navel draws in, relax your shoulders
and find your focus. Find your Drishti, a place in which you can
focus your eyes and gaze upon and find your balance. If you fall, remember, we’re
here to explore, to practice. Just come right back into it. Garudasana. Breathing deep.
You’re doing great. Welcome that heat. Then draw the navel in.
Find your center. Begin to unravel. Inhale, we’ll ground
through both feet. Lift the elbows up. Then exhale all the
way through, cactus arms, open your chest and then
relax the fingertips down at your sides, Mountain Pose. Take a second
here to just observe. Notice where your
attention goes here. I feel like each week I have
a gentle reminder to myself, Dear Adriene, remember where
attention goes energy flows. Where am I focusing my energy? What seeds (chuckles), what little buds am
I watering this week? Alright, sending
the fingertips out. Bend the knees. Peel the left heel up. This time left arm
underneath the right. Find your version of
the Eagle Arms here today. Strong focus. Calm breath. Shoulders relax down,
elbows lift up. Now imagine that
little marionette string on your left knee.
I love this image because it helps me
remember that this movement is coming
from center, from your core. From that middle. Here we go, inhale,
lifting it up. Right knee stays bent. As you exhale,
cross the left leg over. Maybe you find
your kickstand here. Maybe we wrap. Keep that deep bend. Inhale, lift the elbows. Exhale, sink a little deeper. Find your Drishti,
find your focus. Nice calm breath. If you fall, come back to it. Hold on to your grace. You’re doing great.
Take one more breath. Then we’ll inhale,
lift the heart, lift through the crown. Ground through both feet,
lift the elbows up, up, up. And exhale, unravel,
cactus arms here. Open up through
your heart, your chest, fingertips slowly float down and we pause, observe. Notice how you feel. Inhale in. Exhale to open the eyes. Without looking down,
trust that ground is there, trust me, you trust yourself.
Here we go, trust the practice. Just gonna step the feet wide,
find soft bend in the knees and here we go,
Knocking on Heaven’s Door. This is how we’re
closing it out today. Feel the warmth on
the back of your neck, in the back of
your spine from Eagle. Return to nice, full, buoyant,
beautiful breaths here as you sway back and forth. You can get a little crazy here.
You can really pick up the pace. You can find a little float. Alright, so I’m
gonna invite you to think about this
a little reminder; Where attention
goes energy flows. What do you want to focus on for the rest of the
day or the evening? What do you want
to focus on towards the rest of the week? And what should we focus on for the last beautiful leg of this journey here together? Slow it down. Until you finally come
back to center stillness. Close your eyes. And just give
thanks for this moment. I love a good
return to gratitude, right? Thank you. Draw the palms together. Walk the feet together. You don’t need
to look down here. We got this. Thumbs up to the third eye. Let’s take one final breath
in here together, big inhale. And exhale to
close the practice. Namaste. (upbeat gentle music)

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  1. Hello darlings. Now that we've focussed on our Day 23 practice, what do you want to focus on for the rest of the day/evening? The rest of the week? The last leg of the HOME journey?

  2. I didn’t think I would end up doing my yoga practice today but I did it! Perfect timing for a shoulder opener too! My shoulders have been sore from another exercise I have been doing. My focus the the rest of the week is to have peace of mind. To not let my feelings of fear ruin my day or moment but to embrace them, accept them, let them go and continue on with my day/week. Thank you so much for this practice today Adriene!

  3. I was in a car accident a while back- about 2 and a half years ago- I have been having back, neck and shoulder issues since. I know my patterns and one of those is with pain comes acquiescence, but I am determined not to give up and give into the pain. My back is feeling fabulous!! But my shoulders are showing, some fatigue and discomfort and little to no flexibility,left over right in eagle pose was fine-ish, but right over left- no bueno. So I would like to learn some poses, exercises etc, that may assist in some shoulder flexibility without putting too much strain on the shoulders. I really appreciate your willingness to show the 'stages' of a pose, for example the crossed arms vs. the full twist in the arms. That teaches us a starting point and where a possible finish point is so that we can gauge our progress. I am really enjoying this journey, Adriene. Namaste!

  4. I would like to focus on restful sleep for the rest of today. I need it. I haven't been sleeping a lot lately, which is never a good thing for me. This month, I'd like to focus on self love and empowerment <3
    Great practice today Adriene, thank you! Namaste <3

  5. The perfect quote. Also the marionette Q was a game changer for my balance in eagle. Thank you guys for all you do.

  6. Hello Adriene, I deeply appreciate you. I needed this practice exactly for today. I needed to re-focus. Though it was short and sweet it warmed me up to begin “Light” the chakra series. I have already experienced a deep breakthrough in my energetic body after Root and Sacral…to me it’s miraculous. Your loving essence coupled with your keenness, knowledge, and graceful guidance is very powerful.

    I want to continue to focus on restoring the “Union” between every aspect of my being. I felt flashes of a deep connect with my soul while doing “Light”. It felt like heaven, and brought tears…What a gift!

  7. I noticed that compared to last year the eagle arms has gotten much more difficult for me! Somehow the elbow that goes over really wants to pop out of the socket. T e n s i o n . Something to be mindful of!

  8. “Where attention goes, energy flows ✨🌟💫“ my mantra for the coming years. Namaste to you all , thank you Adriene 🙏🏻💗✨🌟💫

  9. Wow, eagle arms made so much more sense to me today because of your cues Adriene than it has ever done. I love the stretch i got from it!
    It just goes to show, thinking that I have advanced past the basics causes me to miss out on depth! Forever a beginner!

  10. Love this practice it is helping me deal with some issues at work. Question how can I practice and improve on lacing my fingers behind my back when the palms come together, I can only hold for short bursts. Also wondering the same thing about when you cross the left arm over the right arm and try to make the pinky meet the thumb? Thanks again!

  11. Wow! Simply, wow! Even in 20 min. Focus helped me center, see improvement both physically and spiritually. Arms and legs easily entwined. Balance was like 90% better than the first balance practice 3 weeks ago. I was up and on the mat by 6am, loaded the dishwasher, took down a few remaining Christmas decorations, got to work by 8, organized my crew, and left for the airport 90 minutes away to pick up family 💜 Focused, happy, loving every minute even though we got 4 inches of snow overnight again ❄☃️Thank you, Adriene and Kula. I'm me again! Photo is my SIL and beautiful nephew 💜

  12. Thank you Adrienne; we have been meeting every morning for a year now! I love the transformation and send you much, much gratitude for your great coaching! 🙏🏼❤️Onward…

  13. I have so enjoyed this journey! It is something I truly look forward to each day – getting my eyes fixed on God 1st thing each morning! Love the yoga – it’s something I can do and I’m seeing more flexibility. Looking forward to a good downward dog one day – ha!

  14. "where attention goes, energy flows" – this was exactly what I needed to hear today! I was actually telling this sentence to myself a couple of times while doing the excersises – I wanted to have it sank right into my mind! Day 23: it seems I've practised long enough that my 5-year-old yesterday just did downward facing dog, plank and cobra just like I do!! 🙂

  15. Adriene ‘where does your mind wonder to’
    Me (gulping down my morning tea in the quiet bits) ‘tea, my mind wonders to tea’

  16. I’m almost certain you can hear Adrienne’s heart beat towards the end, when we were doing eagle pose. That was my focus during the pose. It was really sweet. 💕

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