Home Exercise Program for Bad Hips & Knees. Beginner Program for Hip Arthritis & Knee Arthritis.

I feel like that monkey. Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet in our opinion of course Okay Today Brad we’re gonna talk about a home exercise program for bad hips and knees. This is a beginner program. It’s really good for arthritis, this is not for someone who’s advanced at all this is for the elderly and maybe weak and infirmed someone just out of surgery or had illness, or you haven’t worked out in a while, it is really amazing How weak someone can get after they have surgery or illness Or you know been bedridden for a while the body just really drops off and part of this was for my mom And I actually had her do it. She’s doing a lot of these right now, and you know she’s 87 and So it’s a good program for her, so let’s start off Brad. We’re gonna first start off with You know we’re gonna show some warm up in a chair I’ll do the front on view, and you can do the side view And I’m in a wheelchair just because oftentimes people in a wheelchair Need these exercises. Oh by the way, there’s a couple people behind Lonnie. Three of them, if you are new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain free And we upload every day Also go over to the Facebook and like us because Brad and I love to be liked Is that okay to say love to be liked or like to be liked? Let’s get on with it. Let’s get on with it The first one you’re gonna warm up in the chair, and what you gonna do is just do some seated marching up two three four Brad Okay, we can do like 10 times at each side And then you’re gonna to just warm things up a little bit of hip abduction getting the hips Now all these things the one thing you want to understand about arthritis like if you have bad hips and knees Arthritis loves movement. If you don’t move things the arthritis actually gets worse If you don’t move if you don’t move This is taken in consideration. It’s not severe arthritis where you move and you can literally hear the joint crackle It’s a very good point bread there does get to a point where it’s too far, right? It’s just yeah, and then we just suggested just leaving alone and not well I’ve seen people with shoulders like that where it’s just so bad that you can hear you can feel it movement. That’s painful It’s it’s very clear therefore that Right when it first starts that onset and it’s coming and it’s like you all get it moving But do it in a proper and that twitch all the way yeah But as much moving as you get the better so here hip abduction and then you can do some kick outs Brad I just wanted to say on the hip abduction One thing they can get away is the armrest you know you say you may want to scoot out you can This black chair you may not be able to see with my hands here But you want to get that movement so that you get as much as you can but still be safe through not falling see first Don’t slide on the chair precisely. Okay kick out And then the next one Brad you’re gonna actually put the leg down like this and lift it up like that sure So we’re going straight leg raises yeah working the muscles a little bit differently it’s quite a bit different than this This is harder sure yeah it is And then you see this look the other one out like this and you go straight up like this you get a little more hip Flexion that muscle in front of the hip that helps you lift that leg up in the air when you’re walking Now we’re gonna have one product recommendation here Brad. We’ve been using this for Almost 10 years I’m using and I attribute this all to Brad you saw this in a in a store That was MC sports I think they I think they might be out of business now, but we had a sporting store And this is actually made for yeah, I’ll take it off the board here in this store This is the way it’s made to do I think you’re supposed to stand on it this way and it’s for someone like myself or hopefully I can do it and It’s like a mini elliptical but this Obviously is not going to be very helpful for someone who’s very weak with arthritic and in a wheelchair or a chair you need Ultimate balance, but this machine has worked great in our clinics. We got to write here and and the thing is They’ve really Held up. Well, I mean they’re built very well. Yeah, they last for years, and we use them extensive yeah, we use I mean this thing is going copy three four hours a day right and As far as how to use it in a seated position Again, it wasn’t designed to this, but it works. We take and turn it around so that the Adjustment, and the little LED readout is towards you and then you put you can use a couple two by fours actually we like to Have about three inches of elevation here This is about an inch and a half it still works But what that does is it gives your ankles a little more ease to get around yeah, you’re in a better angle And then if you’re in a wheelchair it works really nice. You can adjust your position Lock your brakes, and I better go forward a little bit more so you’re not reaching out or coming in too close And then you simply get it moving it’s very smooth yeah now You already do this you can see that my legs But so you can see there what we’re doing we got a good range of motion On the ankle you got the knee moving you got a nice range of motion there And you can see my femur is moving up and down not a lot But we are getting some hip range motion this works great for Hip fractures and your rehab, and hip fracture and the weight-bearing isn’t very tolerable the girl works for us Rosie. She’s gonna She’s making sure she has her was ready for her knee Replacement I’m just getting some motion and she said it made a big difference with her this works really nice with that because let’s say you start out your back here your knees not bending very much because it hurts it’s it’s straight out of surgery as you get better you can just go a little bit closer and They’re equals you add another ten or fifteen degrees of flexion right there and get that knee moving It’s just meant plus you work on that ankle, too If you got swelling edema we’re working ankle muscles pumping that alone can take the fluid out of your ankle I’m just really a good device for the cost By the way you get a little cardio, too, you know you get your yep a little bit of cardio I’m gonna tell you the name now. It’s actually linked down below. We have it in our Amazon products that we like if you look at the link below you’ll see that. It’s called the Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer 2000 Last I saw it was about 80 bucks and that’s with free shipping but the other thing you should know though it weighs about 30 pounds It’s not real light. No, but it’s solid and it comes in different colors we actually This is kind of the older version again They’ve got Even a smaller version, right they do I mean like you say they last a long time, this one’s been in the clinic here for probably four or five years I bet right maybe more so You can take it, check it out, my mom has one, I definitely got her one, she uses it. Just really easy to use Let’s move on Brad next thing now we’re gonna go to some of the stretches you should do when you have Knee and hip problems the first one is You can do this real simple one when you wake up in the morning All you can do is start This is gonna get your hips moving and I always use this for people who have bad hips And if it hurts going into one direction avoid that one just go in the opposite direction so if it feels fine going this way But it hurts going this way Well just work it to the right to start off with there, and then hopefully over time You’ll be able to go back to that left side Can you move your hand Bob? Just move your hips back and forth there so you can see his shoulders are still But his hips he’s getting that motion Actually go with the other direction, there you got some hip going up right there and his knees are closed together. The other thing you can do in this position then is you can work on getting some knee flexion and hip flexion So all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go ahead and grab on like this And you’re gonna pull forward like this and you can give it a little stretch now I’m stretching the hip, and I’m stretching the knee right so Double benefit do we have our band Brad or you can use a rolled up sheet or a towel, Bob we are always prepared It’s just a matter of finding it. We got one of these listed below too in our recommended products There’s different types, but this works out great if you have trouble getting underneath the hip and Doing the motion because it’s got loops so you can put your hands and wrists into the loop like this and now you can pull up real easy and Get a good stretch like this, you can do it with a roll towel or a belt, too But this just works a lot easier particularly if you’re weak a lot of people have a hard time if the towel’s around like this You have to really grip pretty good with your hand so you need some fair hand strength so if that’s a problem that Eliminates that issue. You can even go like this too Brad. Now I’m getting a little stretch on the knee and the hip At the same time all right moving along You’re also gonna want to stretch the knee into extension, which means you put your foot up on to a stool or another chair And you’re gonna push down like this and stretch the knees straight if it’s lacking any Motion if it’s not going completely straight And normally you’re not gonna have it this high But you know you want a lower stool there we go And it is nice to have a rolling stool because it rolls a little bit But you know if that knee is not going straight you’re gonna gently Work it straight. Not too aggressively after you do five or ten you should get a little farther with less pain then you know you’re doing the right thing for sure and we’re gonna work this and it may take a few days doing 10 to 20 reps two or three times a day and Eventually get that joint to work where it should be and you can also do pressure on pressure off We say the words Pressure on Pressure off Say it with us We have four thousand people out there I wanna get a rhythm going yeah I wonder if people talking to their phone pressure on pressure off alright the final thing Brad so we did warm-up We did in the chair. We did some of the elliptical we did some of the stretches now we’re gonna Go ahead and do some standing exercises because you want to progress to that point because then it becomes more functional in life doesn’t it So you can do it behind a chair like this The first one you’re gonna do is just again a little warm-up, but you want to make sure you’re holding onto a countertop or something that’s real stable Brad and you’re gonna start doing some hip flexion aren’t you yeah If you do have a wheelchair And you can lock it up sometimes you get two nice handles that can be a nice option for it So again, you can hold like this and do hip flexion this way gets a little bit hard But again if you can hold on or maybe put yourself between two chairs even, sure Bob we’ve got another chair We don’t have to just talk about it, this works out really good here Now the next one Brad is this a lot of your balance comes from your hips you really want to make sure that They’re strong so you’re gonna Go to the back of the chair again or back of a counter top and you’re gonna go off to the side Like this, so if you look at it From the back that’s going like this. Yeah the toe’s not pointed out like this It’s pointed straight forward, and you’re going out to the side and not doing this Leg won’t go as high, but that’s okay It’s working that hip abductor the way you want it to be worked, and then we’ll go right into hip extension Brad So I’m gonna go back like this working the hip that way Watch out for anyone behind you out because we don’t want to create any Personal issues now show them how you do it incorrectly if you compensate if I’m going like this Yeah, it’s not like you’re gonna get a drink of water. You want to stand tall and Work that hip extensor. You know one thing I never knew about cows I didn’t know cows could kick any direction. I always thought they could just kick back But there’s a little neighbor kid that got kicked, is this a Minnesota thing? Yeah, yeah it is He got kicked right in the chin this little kid And he was sitting right over to the side a cow looked at him kicked over to the side Amazing thing, mean cow, it was a mean cow, okay Bob next one Brad Another good one to do you can do this one in the chair Or you can do behind the chair just shallow sit-to-stands and what’s nice about these is you don’t have to go that deep But you’re getting strengthening of the knee and the hips and try to keep the knee from going in front of the foot Brad’s gonna show with the plumb line here It’s gonna help take stress off of the knee and the kneecap but could be painful, so I’m going down like this Don’t go like this way far forward try to stay back like this So you got to kind of stick your butt out a little bit here And that’s why you need to be holding on to something if you’re at the kitchen counter And there’s a sink you can put your hands all over the sink. It’s very stable and as a bonus Brad i’s also important I think that you go ahead and with all these you know you start off Maybe you can only do five and then work up to ten and eventually even do 15 if you want But the final thing just to work on balance again holding on to a countertop or holding on something stable I want you to do some heel raises And you can also do some toe raises So you’re working ankle strength which is important with balance plus You’re challenging your balance because you’re putting yourself in such a position that that vestibular system’s being you know challenged, it’s really not hips and knees to any large extent this isn’t but Again, I wanted to throw that one there because it’s a real important one, we do bonus Yeah, that’s right. If you just hang around with us long enough we’re gonna give you a little extra for your money It’s like if you’re playing at the casino, and you get the extra bonus And it goes round and round and then you lose more money I think we need a cow to kick us right now off the program. All right. Thanks for watching everybody You

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  1. You guys are awesome, been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 8th grade a few years back. Been watching lots of your vids to change my life (slowly lol), but this video is perfect because my main pressure points are the hips and knees. You guys give me hope and make me laugh. I would love more intense or advanced training for these pressure points maybe different angles as well. I know I can get pain free, because I've been there before. I just gotta keep at it. Luv from OK. You guys are truly the best, keep it up!

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