100 Replies to “Home Leg Workout Weapon (KILLER LEG EXERCISE!)”

  1. Dude you really really needed to mention that you need at least a 7ft barbell. I have a 6ft barbell and i'm only 5ft 8 and i can't even get down a foot. Your movement is limited to the size of your barbell.

  2. no offense intended, but your camera(wo)man is not great – i think it would help more if they actually focussed around the joint that is being exercised.

  3. your videos are grate but the only problem is your talking about leg exercise but we mostly see your upper body

  4. Came across this channel a week ago and I'm so hooked! Inspiration for me to get off my lazy ass and back in the gym! You clearly know exactly what your talking about and it's so good to hear sound advice, thank you

  5. OMG I hate your cameraman! He is not showing how your selected muscles are suppose to look like in action!

  6. Hi Jeff, I´d like know about leg excercises that do not put too much presion on the lower back, because I have a back problem, and when I do squats they just kill me, but I want to train my legs properly.

  7. Omg this is great why have i never thought of this.

    This also keeps the shin and back in great alignment, to take shear force off of them. Will be trying this next leg workout.

  8. Again, only half the top half was filmed. On a squat, I wanna see how you set up and sit in the bottom of the squat from the floor up. Please fix. This isn't much help when I try to do this in the gym.

  9. oooh thats a great one. esp for me cause the hack squat at my gym is too heavy. not geared for women at all. but this exercise i could do

  10. For those who use the two legged version, do you switch the side the bar is on half way through or alternate each set? Because im assuming it puts more pressure one leg.

  11. Great idea for a simple workout. Would be better with the full range of motion shown. What size barbell bar is that?

  12. Jeff!   question please. I have a leg press machine in my back yard. it's the one where the weights are stacked, and you adjust the weight with the metal pin. So you sit in the chair and press. I worked out yesterday, and my knees a little sore?  is this weight pressing bad for knees?  advise needed. thanks!

  13. Jeff, nice idea, but… The whole construction doesn't seem to be safe. I imagine my legs slipping and my chest ( or head) being crushed under that barbell. As I have a very good imagination, I'm even frightened by the exercise)

  14. Wow even after looking through a 100 videos, Im stiil finding new stuff or (old) If you like!!
    Thank you jeff for awesome work even after all these years! 2018 by the way

  15. Great tip I've been looking for this! Thanks a lot. So what do you do for a leg press if you dont have a leg press machine?

  16. So, apparently the landmine hack squat is a shoulder exercise, to judge from this video.

    Hint: Tell your cameraman to show the body parts that the exercise is supposed to be targeting.

  17. SHOW SOME COMPASSION GUYS ON THE CAMERAMAN & CAMERA WORK. I know it could have been better, but the guy handling the camera is just a normal individual like all of us. He is not a professionally qualified or trained CINEMATOGRAPHER. Of course the guy in front of the camera jeff is an expert in his craft. I am a little disappointed with Jeff because, once he knew after seeing that this particular video was not good in terms of the things in focus onscreen, then probably he should & could have done it – redone it once more. ANYWAYS, THE BIGGEST ROOM ON THIS PLANET, IS THE ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT !👍

  18. this exercise is awsome
    i work out at home and dont have many options for working out legs since i dont have a squat rack
    i usually do belt squats (slighty elevated) in a german volume training style (10 sets of 10) since iam limited with the amount of weight i can put on the belt
    but this exercise looks like a good alternative to the belt squats

  19. The one leg will super activate and super pump your glutes. Have not tried this, but Jeff demonstrates it very well.

  20. Is there a landmine apparatus I could buy ? Bc it takes a long bar to do this and I don’t have that –

  21. I wanted to see feet distance angle of feet pointed out or straight good training idea but needs bit more info mate

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