How Clean Is Your Bathroom? (full video)

How about quality control? Got an issue there? Show of hands. I know there’s always a lot of talk about it. Um. There’s a natural kind of Gaussian distribution bell-shaped curve to the quality of affiliates. The trainers. And um you know, so you got you got a few really really bad ones. And a few really really good ones. And then some average that sits at the top of the curve. Here’s the deal. The From that axis … And are you picturing this, this bell curve? So I’ve got the poor ones in the skinny end. You probably can’t see this but I’ll draw it anyways. Because it’s what I do. So I’ve got a certain number of limited number of bad ones here. That’s the F students and the A students. The good ones. Now we’ve got your run of the mill good guy. Right? Just average affiliate. From left to right on this x axis this is the, this is the mapping of their influence. And so you’ve got a guy who sucks or she sucks. They’re generally standing in the gym all by themselves. And they’ve got a story to tell. And I’ll tell you what it is. It’s that this guy with all the clients who’s good is his problem. And the song he sings, and sings loud and clean, is one of quality control. It’s kind of a weird thing. And so I’ve got these people screaming about the you know, it’s a very small number, screaming about the quality of the affiliates. And the closer we look and the deeper we dig we find out that yeah we have a quality control problem and they are it. And when they fail we’re kind of like, “Bye bye!” You know. Good luck at your next venture. I don’t know of a very busy trainer where it’s not obvious why they’re very busy. I hang out at their box and I like these people. I would train here. One of the things that I wanted to get across this weekend and I don’t want to lecture you. I like talking to you. And talking with you. But one of the things I wanted to talk to you about was that, uh, uh we give a lot of attention and a lot of discussion about the quality of movement. And I’m here to tell you that that’s not what makes or breaks a trainer. And it’s not what determines a good one or a bad one. Necessarily. It’s not one of the major factors. It really isn’t. I’ll tell you just to name one for instance I’ll tell you something way more important than the quality of your training. In terms of whether your deadlift technique is exquisite. Or not. OK? Whether you’re up to Level 2 snuff or not. And that is simply how clean your bathroom is. Does that come as a surprise to you? If when you’re demoing a clean you pull a little bit with your arms and maybe your grip is not quite right and uh suppose you catch a not at full hip extension. And then maybe fake it and drop back down and pop back up. And it’s not Level 2 training quite. What that suggests to me is that it’s a work in progress. That you’ve got more learning to do. That you’ve got some development that awaits you that’s going to be that’s going to be transformative of your understanding and your ability to perform and teach. When I go into a gym and see a dirty bathroom? What I see is you don’t give a fuck. And that’s fatal. There’s no amount of poverty or lack of clients that excuses a dirty bathroom. And it’s … and dirty bathrooms aren’t my thing. Ah, you know, kind of. But I want you to understand that it’s it’s a symbol for something more important than the bathroom. And that is for how much you care. For how much you care. And I can fix bad training. I can’t fix you don’t care. I can’t give you pride where you don’t have it. That I don’t know how to do. But I can straighten out that pulling with the fucking arms. And pretty quick. And so really alls you need to bring to the game is a love of the client a lot of pride a profound commitment and that manifests in a clean floor, a clean bathroom being there on time, loving your clients. Getting to know them. Getting into their hearts and souls. Becoming friends with them. And I can see it right when I walk through the door I know. The cool thing is what I’m telling you is really easy. Once you care. Once you’re fully committed. The rest will fall into place. And it’s just a matter of time. And every time I come visit you your movement patterns and the movement patterns of your charges will look better and better and better. Let me tell you something else that a dirty bathroom will do. It will scare off the most important clients to your business. Now, can you run a thriving gym with a dirty bathroom? Oh hell yeah. I tell people you could shave your head bald and tattoo a swastika on your forehead and get clients. I also know what your clients will look like. Not my cup of tea. But I’m sure it could be done. But here’s what a dirty bathroom will do for you. All those people in your community that are hugely influential and have the means to support you and your efforts will not want to come around. I’ve got a shocker for you. You should strive, you should hope you should watch and look for an ever increasing average annual income of your client base. Now let me give you one good reason why you want to do that. So you can help poor people. Do you understand that? Lauren and I ended up with a couple billionaire clients. And what they allowed us to do was extend generosity to people who didn’t have the means to work with us. And as a result of that we were able to … I mean, look, we all know Steve Liberati. He’s a friend. He’s doing blessed, wonderful … I’m not a religious man, he’s doing God’s work. It’s amazing what he’s doing. But he hasn’t been able to help a fraction of the people Lauren and I have been able to help. Why? He doesn’t have the backing. When we give scholarships, we call them, for training for seminars for the Journal that’s coming because of the generosity of the people that have means. That have come into our lives. I had a client that paid me twice my going rate to travel to her house and work with her and her husband. And he would typically come downstairs three, four, five hours late and the clock was running. And I sat there in the garage and wrote the first two years of the Journal. How’s that for a deal? And when it came time to expand the gym there they were. Check book in hand. We want to help, we want to contribute, we want to give. We went to pay back the money and they said no we’re not going to take it. If you ever become wealthy I’ll take it then. I keep asking her, am I wealthy yet? She says, no not yet you’re not. You understand you want those people? They’re in your community. Every one of you. Every community. I haven’t been to a community where there aren’t people with means. And they’re going to insist on a clean bathroom. And they’re disproportionately influential in your community. They can help facilitate anything you want to do. Especially help disadvantaged people. Do you understand? What else?

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  1. Not only are the bathrooms clean at my box, but the owner .. showed us newbies where the cleaning spray/rags are in each corner of the gym so we can wipe down the equipment after use 😉

  2. as someone who grew up with a father who purchased over 100 businesses, how clean the bathroom was at a business they were looking to purchase was definitely on their checklist. It's indicative of how much they care about the employees, the business, and doing the little things it takes to be successful.

  3. Is he serious? lol he would rather see people with poor form injuring themselves than a dirty bathroom lol. all it takes for a clean bathroom is a cleaner that doesn't determine whether or not you care

  4. +Eric Cartman: while people spent years perfecting Olympic lifts, let's not act like it is the most complex to understand, there's a difference. To the extent the average person wants to use Olympic lifts in their fitness regimen, yes, the average CrossFit L1 coach absolutely knows enough to help that person. They can spot incomplete hip extension, early pull, slow turnover, immobility, etc…, and provide assistance exercises and cues to help. Most importantly, CF L1's ARE taught what they don't know, we are aware we're not suddenly Olympic coaches teaching world class athletes. The absolute foundation of CF coach education is to introduce intensity and weight loads ONLY as the athlete can tolerate it.

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