How Do You Get Lean and Lose Body Fat AMA with James Fitzgerald

I’ll go break back to the basics. If you want to look good naked, you should do slow resistance bodybuilding training (Functional Bodybuilding), you should do easy aerobic work, you can’t be an asshole when you eat
foods, you need to sleep effectively, you need to drink water and you need to get sunshine. In order to increase lean mass, you must recognize that increasing lean mass is unnatural. Anything that you’ve been sold on Instagram (IG) or is all based upon people either being super disciplined as a professional sport and gaining a couple of kilograms
of lean mass per year. However, you must recognize that gaining lean mass is unnatural biologically. If you can gain that much lean mass, you’re either a 13 year old who’s getting bigger, or you’re someone that is highly disciplined in a natural environment, or you’re a drug user or using supplements that boost anabolic hormones to boost lean mass. Again, that’s (drugs etc…) unnatural and will lead the biological complications long term. You’ve got to try to gain lean mass in order to create a metabolic environment to burn fat. The burning fat silo, all by itself, is pretty simple, but we wrap so much bullshit around it that we perceive the real way to burn fat to be complicated. To burn fat, try to gain muscle even though it’s unnatural and you actually won’t gain any, make your system as low stress as possible, you need to chew food really well, you need to get water half your body weight in ounces of water per day, you need to get sunshine on your skin every day, as an adult you need to sleep 8 hours a night straight through undeterred, you need to have great energy patterns
throughout the day, and you need to have great purpose and great intention. If you’re like “well, no one’s gonna do that,” then you don’t try to find a fucking duct tape program to burn fat in place of what’s really needed. If you want to fake it, sure you can provide some fancy resistance training + high intensity program. It’ll make people more thermogenic in the short-term, but that yo-yo program eventually burns out their organs so much so that they can’t actually burn fat for the rest of their life. So, yo-yo diets and/or yo-yo programs may get you short-term loss of body fat and, actually ironically, look successful in the short term, but if you follow these people for 10 years, you’ll see it’s the Biggest Loser concept, they often actually go back even worse than where they started because they fast-tracked all those steps. and they didn’t do the non sexy shit to burn fat. You put all that together for months and months and months to work on whatever it takes to get to that level and you’ll turn into a really good thermogenic machine irregardless if you lose fat or not which could be genetic, environmental, or a handful of more complicated things.

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  1. excellent content. Have you found a specific heart rate for the easy aerobic ? in general .Can you provide Type of slow resistance style training Movement reps sets rest periods etc ? i know it varies from person and goals

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