How Exercise Affects Your Brain

Hello and welcome to another video! Let me start this video by telling that almost
everything you know about exercise is wrong. We usually associate exercise with loosing
weight but thats a big misconception, in fact exercise is the least productive way to loose
weight, so if you are thinking to loose weight, exercise should be the last on your to do
list. Because exercise seems to have completely
different affects than we all have thought. In a book called Spark that was published
in 2008 by John Ratey, proved that Exercise has more effect on your brain than any other
parts of your body. Surprised? Even I was when I read the book. Exercise turns to be a secret recipe to boost
your motivation, focus and memory. Its like a magic pill that instantly boosts
your brain capabilities. In fact, Exercise boosts your mental abilities
more than drugs such as Zoloft that has significant impact on your mental abilities. How? well before we answer that question, don’t
forget to hit that subscribe butting and the bell besides it to never miss another video. Lets first understand how the brain works
in the first place! Your Brain isn’t that fixed organ that cannot
be changed, its an adaptable organ that changes exactly like any other muscle on your body,
like when you lift a weight for example, you strengthen your arms. The more you use it, the stronger and more
flexible it becomes. unlike your arms muscles, Remember that your
brain is the most important organ in your body. Everything we do and think and feel is governed
by how our brain cells, or neurons, connect to one another. And what connects them are neurotransmitters. There are many different kind of neurotransmitters
in your brain, but the ones we will focus on this video are Dopamine, Serotonin and
Norepinephrine I know that it sounds already little complicated
but I promise that I will simplify it as much as possible. The first one is Dopamine, a neurotransmitter
thats responsible for your motivation. It seeks and searches for a reward to keep
you motivated. It provides you with the motivation to do
things. If you ever wanted to buy something, learn
or win. Its all because of the dopamine, it searches
for the potential reward that you might get out of it which drives you to do that thing,
so that you can get that reward. In other words, The reasons that you are unmotivated
is because your dopamine level is low. In fact, researches tried to experiment and
turned off the dopamine receptor in the brain of a rat, and the results were astonishing. The rat became so lazy that it chose to starve
to death and didn’t moved to eat the food even when the food was in in the cage, because
it was no longer motivated. And human brains work in the same way. Your Dopamine determines your level of motivation. And the good news is that. Studies have proved that exercise instantly
and significantly boosts your dopamine level, which means that it will instantly make you
feel motivated. If you are wondering, How long you should
exercise to get that dopamine boost. Dont worry, we will talk about that in a moment. The second neurotransmitter is Serotonin. Its is basically the police man of your brain,
It influences your mood, anger, and aggressiveness, and helps to keep your brain’s activity
under control. In other words, if you feel anxious and depressed,
or stressed out, thats probably because your Serotonin level is low. And thats why all of antidepressant pills
are focused on increasing your serotonin level, because thats what gets you out of depression
and reduces your stress. And guess what again?! Studies have shown that exercise have direct
influence on your serotonin’s level, which means, that the best cure to depression is
to simply, exercise. Now, the last neurotransmitter is Norepinephrine. Its responsible for your attention. If you are struggling to stay focused, thats
more likely because of low Norepinephrine. It works like the other 2 neurotransmitters
we talked about. High levels of it sharpens your attention
and low levels of it makes it hard to focus. Almost all of the drugs affect these neurotransmitters. Cocain for example increase your dopamine
level, therefore makes you feel really great. imagine if you could increase all of this
neurotransmitters at the same time, without any drug. Thats exactly what exercise is for, thats
why the author of the book calls it – the magic pill. But that not the whole story. There is something else. Exercise also boosts your memory and learning
abilities and thats because of protein called brain-derived neurotrophic factor or BDNF
in short. Studies have shown that, the part of your
brain thats responsible for your memory and learning has BDNF. The great part of is that, BDNF gets unleashed
when our blood is pumping, it Grows your Brain cells and increase your learning capacity. In other words, exercise can directly improve
your memory. Imagine, how would your day be, if could boost
your motivation, mood and attention instantly every single morning. And increase your memory and learning capacity
on the top of that. well, all what you need to do is to start
your day with an exercise. but how many hours do you need to exercise? According to the author of the book, 6 hours
in a week is enough. That can keep your neurotransmitters high
throughout the day. But its way much better if you exercise right
before studying or working. because at that moment your neurotransmitters
are at the highest level and BDNF is just unleashed. Thats why you feel, energetic, motivated and
inspired after a morning jog. So right before you start working on that
project, do yourself a favour and exercise for around 5 to 10 minutes. If you want to know about the brain and how
exercise affects it, then go and check out the book- Spark. I have left the link the description of the
video.If you have enjoyed this video, then be sure to smash that subscribe button. Thank you for watching and I will see you
in the next one.

100 Replies to “How Exercise Affects Your Brain”

  1. Really when i started exercising i was aiming on weight loss, surprisingly i got even more than that. The addictions, the great feeling of muscle soreness, the boost of motivation, focus and abstract thinking, no doubt that workout gives significant effect on the brain.

  2. Exercise (e.g. cardio combined with calorie restriction) is a must for losing weight. Saying otherwise is nonsense.

  3. Y’all are gunna believe what he says about working out when he spells “lose” wrong in the first 30 seconds of the video hahahaa

  4. Any exercise you do makes every muscle in your body work, just some move less depending on the exercise

  5. I've noticed you referred to exercise as running. Does weight training helps release more of the three neurotransmitters and improves the learning capacity?

  6. Lol exercise should be your last resort to lose weight? Congratulations, because of that statement I don't believe anything you said in this video.

  7. Good explanation! Exercise 30 minutes a day (whitout a pauze). Minimal 5 days a week. (latest research)

  8. Everyday, after finishing up the workout, i feel more motivated and confortable to do anything

  9. I think it’s absolutely necessary to train both, body and mind. Not only because it´s healthier, but because it´s fun to be stronger and smarter than other people. Maybe my small website could also be useful:

  10. I disagree with you because diabetes is the number one killer especially in the United States. Exercise is important even though there is a lot of people who thinks they are healthy or look thin. Instead they do not see exercise as being a priority because it is not important to them.

    Exercise has a lot more benefits than you think.

  11. Soooo. Because I exercise regularly my long time depression should be cured??? 🤔
    Please! It helps curb it a little but it doesn't cure it.
    I have exercised regularly most of my life and for as long as I have known, I have always battled with depression. Don't be getting people's hopes up by saying 'exercise curses depression.' Unless you mean a depression that is not chronic or simply a genetic thing. (Everyone in my family struggles with it).
    But thank you for the video.

  12. But if you are too stressed your heart rate will be too high and exercise can become dangerous for the heart. This has happened to me so I know first hand.

  13. thank you for the book recommendation, I am writing my dissertation about addiction problems and I wanna connect exercising to this problem as it is a huge solution. I knew it, it was so much more about than weight loss

  14. Agreed exercise is a small contributor to weight loss. For example I have to run 5 miles to burn 500 calories, but I can eat 500 calories in 5 minutes. But, regular exercise seems to cause one to crave healthier foods, whereas sedentary lifestyle causes anxiety, overeating, and eating too much junk food. Without exercise the body gets confused. Hard physical work is a part of our evolution. It's only in the last 100 years that we are able to survive without hard physical work thanks to motorized machines. The challenge now is to find an exercise program that is enjoyable enough to be sustainable. Walking and bike riding are great, but more is needed by way of goal setting. Try exercises that require occasional social interaction, like participation in challenging events. Learn several exercise forms that suit the seasons of the year to avoid psychological burnout.

  15. Exercise is essential for weight loss, if you are burning more calories than you take in you lose weight muthafucka that’s just science 🔬

  16. Energetic twice daily sex is the #1 best exercise for mind and body and sleep. Pushups #2 for body. Also go up stairs or hills.

  17. This is true about working out to get rid of depression I have never felt so great and happy and my body loves me now. I love my self. I love my gym. ❤️❤️❤️

  18. so that explains why modern humans brain shrinks and prone to depression compare to ancient human thats more active yet less stress

  19. Is masturbation considered exercise? I’m not trying to be crude, just genuinely curious. I mean, I know what I’d rather do for 5-10 minutes before studying besides going for a jog if it’ll do the trick…

  20. Exercise is my drug I absolutely love it I'm literally destroying my joints daily lifting weights but I can't help it, adrenaline is king

  21. Guys, no joke, ever since I stopped eating oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast (pure carbs and some nut protein) and started to eat eggs instead, I’ve noticed that I think more clearly and remember things better. I believe it’s because of the omegas in egg yolks. 2-3 eggs every single morning for breakfast along with a peanut butter coated banana and a small bowl of oatmeal (like three TbS of oat bran in hot water. Not much). Brain food, y’all!

  22. Thumbnail is misleading, sleep is 100000000 times more important than exercise. Why? Imagine not sleeping for 2 weeks, 99.9999% of the time you'd be dead. If you don't exercise for two weeks, it doesn't really affect you…. I love your channel but please don't make clickbait thumbnails.

  23. Exercise……..Benefits….
    ~ 👌elevates dopamine …..
    ~magic pill 👌
    ~😊flexible body….
    ~ activates ..Neurotransmitters ..
    ~☺👌sharper the attention…
    BDNF: learning… Capability….

  24. I cured my chronic anxiety through exercise.

    I used to have 1-2 panic attacks daily (15-30 min each) they were agonizing. But when I started running 1-3 miles a day, 5 times a week, my anxiety was reduced by 95%. I havent had a panic attack in almost a year. Also eating healthy and reading will boost this further.

  25. just dont live a completely sedentary life, meditate, and have a healthy af diet, just dont beat ur dick every day lol, and read novels

  26. i like my brain to look like a brainy. better stop sleeping and start working out. dont have time to watch this video, but like the pic. thanks

  27. Why are you telling your viewers that exercise doesn't help with weight loss? Somehow you know something more than years of science and research? How about boosting your metabolism for a start? And I guess the calories you burn don't help either, right? Or the muscle you develop also increasing your metabolism. Come on. But the rest of the video was good.

  28. If this is true how come most of the guys on the football team total idiot's in school or anything to do with math

  29. Cool video, its so true. If you can motivate yourself to exercise in the first place your in for a great time. Forget the pills that doctors dish out, your body can survive and become even stronger without them.

  30. I don't think that everything I knew about workout before was wrong, but this was certainly informative and just motivated me to do some push-ups.

  31. I lost 6 stone just going weight training 6 times a week so does lose weight and you burn calories 42 hours after weight training

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