How I Lost 43 Pounds In 5 Months | Size 12 to Size 8

hello everyone so I think about making
this video for a little while and I just kind of this video is about how I lost how I lost 43 pounds in about 5 months anyway so this is um kind of just my
journey and now everyone’s journey is gonna be completely different your
journey is gonna be different than mine and my journey is like evolved over time
and just changed just it just changes and evolves into your lifestyle so I
started back like the end of June my boyfriend and I one night were just
like we should lose weight because it’s just like it’s just unnecessary to be
overweight in my opinion like if you’re totally fine with it like that’s fine
it’s just I felt unhealthy and I felt like I was never happy in any pictures
with myself like I’m selling a picture yeah I just felt like I’m just unhappy
in my like the way I let myself go so to kind of like preface this I and 27 and I when I first started I don’t know what
my like first weight was but like cause we didn’t have a scale because I was
like but now I weigh myself Emerson anyway we did not have a scale so I
don’t know what my first weight was I’m guessing it was one which like might not
be a lot to people but I’m 5 foot 3 so for my like height to weight thing
and like looking back at pictures as look yeah this ankle like is not doing
me any justice and like I have gym hair so but like when we first got our scale
I was 186 and now I am 143** so 43 pounds lost since the end of cute so around
Christmas it’ll happen six months so five months since we started so anyway
yeah trying to think of how to start this so yeah one day we’re just like
let’s just try to lose weight like I’m like that’s all it takes you do not have
to wait until New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to like start so you do not
have to start wow you didn’t have to wait until New Year’s Day to start you
can start right after this video and probably no one will watch this but
that’s fine so you can start like we started like June 23rd or something like
a random day like I don’t even know what the original day was but it was
something like that was just like one day for no reason at all just did it so
we’ve started in the morning we work in the afternoons afternoons
we work in the afternoon so the morning is the time that we have to do stuff so
I was like we’re gonna wake up every morning and like 8:30 9:00 o’clock and
take a walk and at the time it was really hot obviously because it’s tuned
so stupid screensaver so we took our dog we took our dog for a walk and yeah I’m not like long walks because
obviously it was really hot out like just going outside weird like already
sweating so I feel like that really helped not that you have to wait until
summer to start but like in the summer it’s just so much easier I feel like to
lose weight you just go outside and sweat and so we would take like 15 to 30
minute locks like depending how hot it was and if we like head off we would
obviously take like a longer walk or you know just whatever just and we’d take
our dog and there was there’s this big hill it’s like 10 minutes away and we
would walk it every day and we would call it like oh like the death hill or
something like because it’s like not ninety degrees it’s it’s just like
obnoxious I get it’s just really tall to would walk up it and down it and yeah
and every day it gets easier to walk up that hill and so that’s what we started
with was the walks and obviously we wanted to change our diet so we were
like no more takeout food not that we ordered a lot anyway but just like we
just moved actually in two days it’ll be a year so we just moved and there’s like
a little Caesars and Papa John’s in the McDonald’s and just all the bad things
so no more of that and our portions were a big thing portion control and your
calorie intake so I don’t use it anymore because I kind of mmm like after a
certain point I feel like you can kind of Judge how many calories something is
and how much you need and like if you feel full just stop eating and so I use
the app lose it I know there’s one called my Fit
pal and I did try that after using lose it already but I don’t know I really
like the layout of lose it but some people like the layout of My Fitness Pal
so do whichever one that you like more but I don’t know I kind of like the lose
it because it’s more colourful to me the My Fitness Pal is very like structured
just like black writing and like blue and I lose it has like orange and it’s
just I just like the layout personally but just use something that tracks your
calories and you can put in your weight and about how much you like how much
exercise you do daily like moderate moderate or light or heavy and that will
judge how many calories that you need and you can do I can’t think of anything
I shouldn’t write this down I’m just talking yeah how many you need to lose
in order to lose like a pound a week or like half a pound a week or like a pound
and a half a week however much that you think he can do I would start off with
maybe a half pound or a pound a week I feel like that’s pretty reasonable and
yeah that’s what I did so um along with that we changed the
foods that we eat so I changed up no more red meat except for like every once
in a while but like not in our everyday type thing
we mostly now eat fish turkey chicken yeah and anything that you can change
like to a healthier version of something then definitely do that like I feel like
it’s not healthy to totally take out everything that you love to eat and just
be like I’m eating salads forever because like you won’t want to stick
with it you’re just like I’m gonna eat all this mac and cheese and yeah I just
feel like hell it’s for like healthier versions of things just a better way to
stay on track so like a few things that I found is like if you want to use
alfredo sauce there’s this one it’s called like simply alfredo and it’s my
like pray your ragu is that it says like made with cauliflower and milk it’s so
good and for like a cup it’s like 25 dollars or something like it’s crazy I’m
not just finding healthy alternatives to things like a lot of people I know cut
out carbs and I do try to like limit the amount of carbs that I have but like
I’ll get the Sara Lee delightful bread and supporting 5 calories per slice and
that’s the best bread that I’ve found it’s not white bread it’s um they have
multi grain and wheat and for pasta I use I can’t really the brand but it’s
it’s called protein pasta and they have like different styles like if you like
spaghetti kind or lengthen penne use Merrit use Mayo so it’s too
light Miracle Whip I don’t know just if you have something that you really like
to use I would try to find a healthy alternative to that so just apply it to
things they like and another thing that we did was add vegetables to every at
least dinner that we have so like I’ll get
huge bag of frozen vegetables and you can either like steam them or boil them
or we got an air fryer and you can put them in the air fryer it’s really good okay so that’s basically the diet I kind
of switched from like exercise to die off switch back to exercise sounds like
all over the place but yeah I didn’t plan this out it just kind of decided to
do this so we started off with walking every day and then on top of walking we
found Lucy wind ham read on here on YouTube and she’s really awesome she has
seven minute daily challenges where just for seven minutes a day you can they
have different ones there’s like hit ones belly fat legs arms drop a dress
size like they’re really awesome and if you’re on Facebook which most people are
you can join the Lucy squad Facebook and there’s a lot of inspirational things or
like if you’re feeling down you’d be like like all I getting two-pound yep
and they love it really like everyone on there is really nice so that’s what we
did for a very long time was the Lucy 7 minute workouts and and the walks and
then we joined Planet Fitness so since it was getting colder out we obviously
are not gonna walk when it’s like 30 degrees outside or like snowing and
raining and just like horrible weather outside which sucks and I feel like
that’s why people end up gaining weight in the winter we joined Planet Fitness
obviously you can still do Lucy’s workouts at home like there’s a ton of
indoor workout so that you can do but personally like we really liked we felt like we evolved into wanting to
do weight training which obviously can obviously really I’m gonna say obviously
like 10 times you can obviously do that at home as well like we even have
weights out now just going to a gym just makes you like kind of an workout more
in my opinion I mean some people don’t like it because they’re like I’m fine
with like people I know some people don’t like going to gyms because it’s
just a lot of people around and like you like to have your own space which that’s
fine like if you can workout at home that’s kind of even better because like
you don’t have to get all dressed and like look presentable for the world like
you can just throw on some leggings and it’s like and yeah we wanted to include
weight training and we really like the elliptical in the treadmill so which you
can buy can buy those like we don’t really have room in our apartment for
this kind of things plus they’re pretty expensive so we joined Planet Fitness
and I know there’s like people like judge people who go to Planet Fitness
cuz it’s like a lame gym or whatever but like because you’re the one working out
and they’re probably not or their gold’s gym gym snobs so that is basically yeah
just like how I lost the weight diet and exercise and to me personally I don’t
feel like there’s there’s not going to be a miracle pill and there’s nothing to
be a miracle detox tea that can make you lose weight and I know there’s plenty
out there that maybe they do help you lose weight
like water weight or something I don’t know but I think just like diet and
exercise like everyone always asked me like at work like oh how did you lose
all this weight it’s like literally what the doctors tell you diet and exercise
like just honest hard work and dedication and self-control isn’t a lot
and just you have to want it like if you don’t want to lose weight like an honest
way it’s gonna be so much harder you just have to tell yourself this is going
to be hard but I’m going to work through it and that’s yeah that’s basically my
story of how I lost 43 pounds in 5 months I don’t know if I want to show my
body I’m gonna switch it right now so like so doesn’t watch this so that was
basically my story and I’m sorry it was really long I hope you had a snack and
spooky coffee yeah wanting to do this like I said and if you do sorry if you
like have your own journey like comment down and you know I love to like make
more videos about it now I’m not an expert by any means like I’m not
nutritionist and I’m not like a physical coach you know what I mean like personal personal coaches I’m not a personal
thing you know okay so have you got this far tell me what your favorite coffee is
in the comments and I know when we’ll watch this but that’s fine and I hope
this was somewhat useful even if it wasn’t
thanks for watching and I’ll see you whenever I

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