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C: Hi, and welcome to another episode of Ask
A Trainer. Today I’m here with Pro Results® trainer
Kayla. Kayla, I’m going to jump right into our
question today. It’s from Ndeye G., “How long before I
start seeing results?” K: I get this question a lot from my clients
and I want to emphasize that the results will come, they will be there. What you need to focus on is coming to the
gym, focusing on today, what can I do to better my life, what can I do to better myself, to
focus on improving your health from the inside out. If you focus on the weight loss and the pounds
on the scale you’re never going to see the results fast enough, because it doesn’t
happen overnight. So, when you focus a little bit more on, oh,
I finished my workout today, I feel good, you know, I feel like I’m getting stronger,
I increased my weight on the leg press, and when you focus on those, those are results. And even if you can’t quite see it yet that
doesn’t mean that other people don’t see it, it doesn’t mean you don’t feel it,
and just kind of take your mindset to what can you do today, what are you doing today,
because your body is a beautiful thing and the pounds on the scale… whatever. You’ll get there. C: That’s a great answer. Well, thank you. Send us your questions, follow us on YouTube,
and we’ll see you next time.

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