How ‘The Biggest Loser’ Coach Erica Lugo Lost 150 Pounds And Kept It Off

– It’s my 2020 vision week and one of our favorite shows is back, and refocused for the new year. I’m talking about “The Biggest Loser.” (audience applauding) I know. Here to share the latest, is trainer turned host Bob Harper, who that now, you used to be the trainer
but now you run the show. And Erica Lugo you’ve joined right? – [Erika] I did, yeah. – [Kelly] Yes. So that’s cool. – [Bob] It’s so much much fun, you know I did the show for 17 seasons. – [Kelly] Yeah. – [Bob] And now it’s like
coming back for the reboot, I’m the host of the show and now I get to just boss everyone around and I absolutely love it. – [Erica] He doesn’t
let up on that either. At all. – [Kelly] That’s a true trainer. – [Erica] Yeah, absolutely
it’s still in him. – [Kelly] That’s awesome, and how do you feel
about joining the show? – [Erica] You know what? Going up next to Bob Harper is scary. Super scary. I mean look at him, right? He’s had 17 seasons but, this season’s just a whole new, I don’t know, just a whole new feel, isn’t it? – [Bob] Yeah it took us. It’s so exciting. – [Bob] And it took us a minute to kind of get into our groove. I was like, “This girl has got attitude.” – [Erica] Whatever. – [Bob] Attitude. But then all of a sudden we fell in love. She drinks Tito’s and diet Coke. – [Erica] Stop it. – [Bob] I’ll just leave it at that. – [Kelly] I love it. – [Erica] So, we’re
out to dinner one night and I was like, “Can I
have a Tito’s and soda?” and he was like, “Oh okay.” and I said, “Do you have diet Coke?” and he goes, “Excuse me,
what are you drinking?” and I said, “Honey,
I’m from the mid-west.” – [Bob] Felt like I was back in Tennessee. – [Erica] I’m from the mid-west and that is never gonna change. – [Kelly] I know there are somethings, like right? As much as you work harder, your like, this is my one thing. – [Erica] Yeah, that’s my vice. My dog’s name is Tito, like that’s how much I love it. (audience laughter) Like I have a Boxer named Tito. – [Kelly] And you actually
have your own story right? That you’re bringing to the table and that I find insanely possible. – Thanks. – But go ahead an tell everybody, they’re not gonna believe you. – Yeah, so I weighed 322 pounds about five years ago. – [Audience] Wow. (audience clapping) – [Erica] Um, yeah. (audience cheering) – Like that’s incredible. – Thank you, so you know, weighing that and then coming to be a trainer on “The Biggest
Loser” five years later, is just insane, but you
know I’m a single mom. I just beat Stage 2
thyroid cancer, this year. – Wow, congratulations. (audience clapping) Wow, you have had quite a life. – [Erica] Yeah, so. – [Kelly] Just hurdle and hurdle and yeah. – Yeah and I feel like everything’s kind of brought me to this point and to share that experience and what I’ve gone through
with the contestants, I’ve had to relive that and I get what they are going through, so for me it’s such a fulfilling thing. – [Kelly] Yeah. – To be like I get it, like those tears you’re crying, I’ve cried those tears. Like that burpee you’re complaining about, I’ve also cried for that burpee. (Bob laughing) – Oh my god, I hate burpees. Um… (laughing) It’s like the devil’s work. (audience laughing) It’s true though, I mean
it’s completely different but the analogy of it is, everybody was asking me about “The Voice”, what I love about “The Voice”. It’s the same thing. I’ve actually been in their shoes and when you’re actually
trying to coach someone, that you’ve been in their shoes, you feel like you have
some kind of connection that maybe everybody can’t have, you know. So that’s probably coming from you, that means a lot, you
know what I’m saying. That you’ve been able
to shed all that weight and like change your life. – Yeah, she really put her
heart all over that gym floor, every moment that she was there. She just, she’s the real deal. She really delivered every single day and we’re just so lucky to have her. (audience clapping) – Oh my god, the combination
of you two is awesome. So but you’re bringing a
new perspective, right? Because you, you had a heart attack right? – I did, it’s been almost three years now. I had a heart attack when I was living in New
York City and dropped, not only did I have a heart attack, but I went into cardiac arrest. So I felt like a Biggest Loser contestant during my recovery because I went from doing Crossfit and being able to work-out so hard all the time to not being able to
walk around a city block without feeling winded. Had to change everything
about the way that I ate and everything about the
way that I worked out and as I was going through my rehab I was just like, wow, this is what it feels like to start back at square one and that’s what I’ve gone through. – Gosh, but it’s, once again though it means so much more, I know that sucks having
had to go through that, – It’s the worst gift you could ever get, but you know what you
make something out of it. – Yeah, you can relate to them though, like people, you can relate and say I have to work
from the ground up too. It means something
different when you say that. – [Bob] Right. – Instead of just bossing someone around. – And have you, you’re Southern, you know, have you ever heard, you make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. – No (laughing) – [Bob] You’ve never heard that? – Wait one more time. Say it one more time. – You make a silk purse
out of a sow’s ear. – [Kelly] I’ve never heard
that, but I’m in to it. – [Erica] I don’t get it. – The wor… You get it. – Bless your heart. – Yeah, yeah, it’s just like
you go through the worst, you go through something really bad and you make the best out of it and that’s what you do. – Yes. – Silk purse out of a sow’s ear. – Lemons lemonade, that’s the one I heard. (laughing) – But how is the show, because I know there’s
a new perspective on it. How is it different now? – Well the show is so different because, well we have two new
trainers, that are fantastic. We are in this new location
in Santa Fe, New Mexico, which by the way is the
most beautiful place in the entire world. I understand why they call
it the land of enchantment. But we have new doctors and we have a new psychology team and what we’re really trying to focus on is giving our contestants
all the help that they need, while they’re on the ranch with us and when it’s time for them to go home because it’s really, really
important to give them that. You know we’re giving them a trainer and we’re going to give them a membership at Planet Fitness and we’re going to give
them a support group. It’s really important. We want to do everything we can. – It’s easier to do it when you’re in a confined little space, – [Bob] You can’t do it alone. – but we when you start moving
back into your regular life it’s harder to implement. Well as part of 2020 vision week each day we’re helping one person create a vision for moving
forward in the new year. Today we have Christine whose vision is to lose 70 pounds. She’s already half-way
there, that’s awesome, but she’s hit a snag. I think all of us have hit a wall when you’re trying to lose weight. You always set a big huge goal and then you’re like ugh after like 30 pounds. What just me? (laughing) So Christine stand up for us. Where is Christine? Oh hi Christine, you
popped up out of nowhere. (audience clapping) So tell us Christine and by the way, way to
go on half that goal. – [Christine] Thank you. That’s awesome. So tell us what’s happened. – At my highest weight I was 230 pounds and I just, I hurt when
I got up in the morning. My back hurt, I felt tired most of the day and it was a difficult challenge everyday to run around with my
kids, they were toddlers. I didn’t know what to do. I’m afraid of becoming that person again. – Yeah, well I’m sure
that you see this a lot. What’s your advice Erica? – You know I can completely relate to you when it comes to your children. You know I actually lost weight because my son asked me to play with him and I couldn’t play with him and that was my ah-ha moment. Like I couldn’t even
play with my own child. He has to be here, you
know I brought him here and I couldn’t be the mother he wanted. So I applaud you for
losing weight for that because that’s a huge thing. (audience clapping) But for me, what kind
of struck a chord for me is when you said, “I’m
scared of being that person.” Can we bring that picture
back up real quick? You said, “I’m scared
of being that person.” – Look at her. (laughing) You take this show, you make it your own. – I know I like it. I’m feeling it. – I like it, I love a powerful woman. (audience laughing) – But you know, so often some people look at that before picture and I hear those words I’m scared to be that woman, like that woman is someone bad, but I always tell people that woman is going to be the same person who gets you to your goal weight. – That woman got you this woman. (audience clapping) – That woman took charge and
decided to make a change, so like have a little bit of compassion towards that woman. You know that phrase,
“You can be a masterpiece and a work in progress
all at the same time.” Right. – Oh Amen. – As cliche as that is right, like masterpiece and work in progress. – And I also think that
you need to remember this. When people reach that goal, you know it’s like I
want to lose this number and I see the number that’s on the scale, life goes on after that and you’ve got to like really
stick to what you’re doing as you’re going on this journey and this process and what
ever you’re doing to keep the, or lose the weight, to keep it off. It can’t be so extreme that you won’t be able to sustain that. – Yeah this is a choice, you
know I’ve kept my weight off for four and half years now. You know losing 150
pounds and it is a choice. – It’s a big deal. – [Kelly] Wow. – To keep it off. – It’s a choice I make day in and day out and just because I lost
the weight does not mean all those thing just magically float away. I still love food honey. I go to 322 pounds for a reason, right. (laughing) – It doesn’t get any easier, but I just get stronger and you just have to push past those walls because I always feel like
that wall is meant to see like how bad do you want
to get on the other side. – And also just realize that
you are doing everything that you are supposed to be doing. Forgive yourself, love yourself, love that woman. That woman is an important
person in your life (audience clapping) because that woman is a part of you. – Do you find, like for me personally, like relating to you,
it’s like the habits. Breaking that habitual cycles,
that we have developed. – And you have to. What I have found, because I’ve been in the fitness industry
for a very long time, you have to replace a
habit with another habit. You can’t just all of a
sudden just be like this, I’m just not going to eat, you know anything after my dinner. It’s got to be, you’ve got to
put something else in that. – Let me go for a walk. Maybe change that into
going for a walk outside. – Anything, I mean what
ever you want to do, but you’ve got to just break the habit. – The habits are hard because we’re so habitual and we get in our patterns. Like for me at least. – Maintaining. – Yeah maintaining, yeah. And then it is funny though because once you hit your goal. I’m totally like this, I’ve hit my goal weight
where’s the chocolate pie. – Where’s pizza? – [Kelly] I deserve a reward. – Yeah and that’s a problem. We always treat ourselves. – I know. – But we treat the losing weight with food and you’ve got to learn to like have none food rewards. – It’s ironic, but it feels good. When you’re in the moment Erica. – Again I was 322 pounds, I totally get it right. – So is that something you
think you can start doing, like changing up habits
and like maybe just, maybe instead of eating after dinner, something like that, take a
walk or do something else. You think you can do that? – Definitely. – I can do that. If you can do that I can do that. – Drag the kids along. – Yeah drag the kids, wear them out. So by the time bed-time
you’re not fighting the fact that they’re going to sleep and somehow they forget that they do that every night and complain about it. It’s so annoying. – Bedtime. – Well thank you so much
Christine for being here. (audience clapping) – It’s awesome what you’re doing.

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  1. I feel like 70lbs is where a lot of people plateau. I'm at 70lbs lost and it's so hard to stay motivated. I'm like "I already worked hard lemme just be chunky for awhile"

  2. Can't believe he is going back to that farce. I guess you have to work but to me if they continue to run this thing with an unrealistic weight loss environment he has zero integrity in my book. Yep, that PF membership will do the trick !

  3. I wish Biggest Loser could just disappear and we could have a weight loss show that let people loose weight in a normal pace and be less about the magic about being skinny and more about actual health because that's nor the same thing :/

  4. Wow, he's about to run out of flesh for the tattoos. I believe he's obsessed, just like a shopper, alcoholic, or someone that never stops with plastic surgery.

  5. The Biggest Loser was my favorite show when i was in primary school. I have always wanted to join it but i was skinny so theres no need for that. But since i learned that the transformation was unnatural and could be dangerous to the contestants' health, im glad the show has stopped. I hope the new format will fix that aspect especially

  6. I literally cannot believe that the ENTIRE panel had never heard that not-at-all-obscure phrase before. Hmmm….

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