How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

You are so small next to him! – Another one? Awsome. Yes. No problem. I’m Olivier, nice to meet you. Can l I try to lift you up? You are so tall. It’s unbelievable Did you get it? Could you lift me up? – Sure. On my shoulder? Can I feel your arm? Oh my God! Jesus!

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  1. he wakes up at 3.00 am and eats…? #mindblown… gotta admire this man's discipline… but what happens if he skips out or forgets? does he like shrink or sthg…. ?

  2. When you actually realise that with a regular body the normal/natural body weight for his height would be around 100-120 FUCKING KG… fucking hell

  3. Dont see what the fuss is about. How many basketball players are his height. Now if he was 10ft' then yes be very interesting.

  4. I could imagine how the Vikings looked and their physical strength! You just need thick big beard and mustache with long matted hair with a horn helmet…….and a huge axe.

  5. The part about roids is missing, quite understandable but still this mini-docu does not reflect the truth. I enjoyed it nevertheless but people have get real about it, without the addition of forbidden substances these kind of mass gains are an impossibility as the human body isnt equipped with enough testosterone to pull it off. And lets get facts straight, the lifestyle isnt healthy at all (pun intended).

  6. Im 1.92 And i have 4 friends who are 2.10 or more. I just love that righters has the dutch advantage.

    there is somthing dutch here

    and it is not righters /// he is just a dutch talest one for now/

    he is not the first and wil not be the last ( most tallest acters/tres have a dutch background.)_ except thorn halfborn

    righters has +15 cm on him

    And simple hight actors like Rutger Hauer (one of our best) is not realy high … he just normal and jet he is tallest among movies. at 1.85 he is normal here .

    biggest actors //// dont give a damn ..
    1(righters 2.18) and the damn body to show in ravers and / black widdow
    2) TALL guy in adams family (dutch) have no clue probly 2.10 or more just checked 2.13
    Some are not dutch but hey … we avrage biggest .
    3) there are also girls that are high : femke jansen is1.82 m
    Reason because if actress are bigger … no role/

    Im 1.92and i have never whitnessed that im high or tall here.
    Im Dutch.

    Am i or avrage /high ? ?

    comments please…

  7. That’s an impressive feat to gain that much weight when I was 20 I was 168 lbs at 6’1 so I was very lanky, after 5 years of eating and lifting like crazy I’m about to about 228 lbs when I wake up the only problem is if you ever stop lifting after putting that kinda weight on you’ll just get fat eventually lol

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