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  1. So.. you can't smoke bud?
    But you can run very fast trough a busy street with cars while tripping high on anandamide?
    Gosh, damn you life.

  2. if you have low stamina, jog for half and hour and stop immediately and sit down. sit back, relax and enjoy the high. i always get it most of the time but i hate it when i feel nauseas.

  3. @Zeemas Yup happens to me too
    – No nausea. The only this is if Im not fit I dont get it and it takes longer and longer distances when fit.

  4. i once ha da high from running and everyone said its because im out of breathe and light headed but i knew it wasn that it felt like a could run FOREVER sadly i stopped at 20 laps.

  5. at 1:57 when he said "just continue to watch where you're going" i was hoping he'd run into a tree.. put some irony into your videos howcast!

  6. @abstracteyez i ran 2 miles and sprinted at the end of my cross country meet and pushed myself beyond what i could do… i got runners high -__-
    it feels good
    but if you use it like a painkiller because you cant feel pain then you jut sprint i almost ruined my body

  7. There is a lot of false truths here. Read "Mind Body and Sport" by John Douillard to learn what "runners high" is, how you can use it and recreate it.
    dont listen to music
    work out at %60 max HR
    breathe through the nose
    create balance through proper nutrition and sleep

  8. Most runners run for wrong reasons because their reason is not running right. Their stress induced emotionally charged thoughts have accrued inertia of cyclic motion & they run to realize an illusion of control over the vexing thoughts chasing them.
    Runners high is an effect of stress disassociation. When the mind in motion & body in motion achieve a degree of motion congruency relative to universal motion. So, is this good? NO as you have become just another cog in the machinery of reality.

  9. k heres how you really do it
    step one: go for a run and run for at least 50 min or more
    step two: while your running listen to music that stimulates positive and exciting memories. It will increase the happy levels even more
    step three: stop running and embrace the euphoric high
    I really think its something everyone should at least experience once, my running high's are often so intense I can't even drive. so it's a cool natural way to feel on top of the world

  10. He is running in Jordan's. I just got back from running and i got a runners high. This guy has no idea what he is doing. It's not as fun as they explain.

  11. we had to to conditioning for like the whole football practice today.. and this happend to me i was the only one calm and not huffing and puffing.. I tho
    ught i was jesus or something

  12. I've only experienced it a few times in my life and came after consistency. I believe it's different for everybody. It truly is an amazing feeling though. I wonder if its harder to achieve the older you get. Hmmm?

  13. The good feeling you have after running is not the same thing as runners high. ive been running for 3 years theres a huge difference.you always have a good refreshed feeling after exercise but when you have runners high you feel on top of the world and extemely happy if it happens after your run, if it happens during your run you feel like you can run extremly fast without any effort its an extremely incredible feeling to experience

  14. I fucking love that feeling, I run a mile a day, and I only get it sometimes. But when I am done, I just wait for that feeling to kick in, holy shit… I LOVE IT 😀

  15. I'm not sure if this was runners high but I was running around my block and at about my 4th lap, I felt like I could run forever and I wasn't thinking about anything but the moment I turned a corner I started thinking and it went away. It only lasted about 15 seconds but it was amazing.

  16. I describe the "runner's high" as your body doing the running and your mind being very relaxed and sedated… It's very calming and this is why running before or after your daily routine can help you get rid of stress. It's not the "fake" high you get from alcohol. You actually feel good long after you experience it.

  17. I got one in a 5k race, I felt like my legs were moving on their own and it just felt really easy. It lasted around 500m tho…

  18. Got a runners high few weeks ago on mile 3 (I'm not a runner, I was seriously pushing myself) but once it hit I went on for at least another 2 miles. There's a lot of pride in it.

  19. I have been a binge drinker for 20 years (am now 37) so am unfit. But I've been running lately once a week on average for about 1.5 miles and its been the best thing ive done. feel absolutely fantastic afterwards really serene and calm and it makes me feel good for 2-3 days not just for a few hours like alcohol. i really recommend to anyone with depression or who just wants to feel better in general

  20. Lmao ten miles for a runners high. Does that guy know how far 10 miles is? Guaranteed runners high if you run 3 miles non stop

  21. I'm a cross country runner I've experienced runners high and it feels amazing!!! But I haven't experienced it for a while now .-.

  22. This isn't true. I do not have a vigorous running schedule yet I have experienced it. I do a 1.3mile run at every soccer practice and I still achieved it. I was coming to the final straight of the run when I lost feeling in my legs. This was not a negative feeling but it was as if all the pain and tiredness had disappeared. I was able to sprint past multiple people not feel tired doing it.

  23. When I run, I listen to music and the motivation from the music helps with the runner's high. Doesn't happen every time though. The feeling after a good run though is incredible!

  24. Ok, so I have Quality running shoes and a Running Schedule, but I dont have the rest of the staff on your "you will need" list. 
    Guess il just stay home.

  25. I found that a great pre-workout diet gets me in the zone quicker. By eating an adequate portion of noodles or rice, the carbs light me up and push me straight into the flow👌🏽

  26. This is all BS, its all random. You just have to clear your mind of everything and just focus on your breathing and youll probably get it

  27. Interesting how different people see what cause it some say anandamide and others say endocannabinoids.

  28. Dude I sometimes get runners high in a one mile run and it last for a long time you don’t need to take 10 miles that’s really really far

  29. I get runners high everytime I run. I run everyday 2.5 miles. The high is strong and feels so dam good. Lasts 4 or 5 hrs but still feel great the next 18 hrs after. When I dont run I get depressed. I hated running, now I look forward to my 10pm 25 min run everyday. 😊

  30. I get this occasionally and my
    god is it amazing!!! Its the best feeling ever and music sounds amazing afterwards and you are just so locked into everything as if everything is 10x more interesting!!! I think a lot of things have to be right in your body to get it.

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