How to beat your 1RM in Shoulder Press in one day!

I don’t have enought oxygen continue our tour through Montreal’s crossfit gyms and today we are going to visit cross with Griffintown. we will
check it out from the point of space, training level, equipment and athletes.
And we will share all of this with you They also run at snow. I do not know how they can do that. I can’t walk.. I can just imagine when you all sweaty go out into the snow and starts running.
Must be hard core! you’re gonna have 15 rounds to go
forward to work on the shoulder straight the first part is five of them will be
shoulder press the next five will be push press and then we want to push jerk. You
have to add weight every single time that it touching the bottom right so
like one press and had some weight when press five keep adding more weight to
get on to the push press from the fifth one here move on to the first push
jerk always by adding weight. it’s kinda hard to count it in there
pounce instead of kilos. In pounds I’m very strong,very strong in pounds. first 30 minutes the guys will roll 250
meters the girls something range between 200 and 250 on the roar and then the
even minute will be 15 push-ups or just a push-up for I want to be done to be
able to do 15 push-ups. Put the bar in for those of you that need
leave it to scaling but still doing 15 push-ups treat Oh, god damit.
What do you think? I don’t have enough oxygen a second round, the third round was it
hard the last one was easy, because you know there is a finish
line. But the third in the fourth round I’ve been owner of a CrossFit gym for 12
years 10 years now 2008 we had a gym now this one’s been a few years old so we
moved to this in this location to use yeah we this hours very good that have
like we can compare us but we had couple at least going to get
we won the East regionals and the identity
the top here finished nine in the seniors, in 40-44.
What kind of classes do you have? we mix everything up. Today
we had like cardio mixed with like a mono structural mix with a gymnastic
movement the push up so push the cardio you’re up with the modern structural and
then try to keep maintain posture with the gymnastic movement. Now with the
challenge of the day after striking the shoulders. So all together we like
trying to push up the arms straight to maximum. What packages do you have for people who stay here in Motreal, for a short period of time? like a month, or 2 month we have like all kind of membership we
have the monthly yeah one week seven days it’s fifty bucks we
have to drop in for one session somebody do it and we have that one month three
months six months so great anyone who wants to visit has different kind of packages, very comfortable. So just come in, guys! here’s the tour. That’s the entrance a lot of barbels. There is a main hole with
the rig like an awesome place. rowing machines, an awesome dog. they work out we did today. this is where the stereo is some sort of pipes there are the
changing rooms another small rig graffiti -always
awesome, that’s the second hall. Dumbbells barbells with some dumbbells, plates, awesome graffiti, rig, ghd or gdh always mix them up. Trend mile, bikes, wall balls. box jumps.
bicycles and a slide second hall from the other engle. To
to conclude our experience at CrossFit Griffin town we got there very quickly
because it was located very much near the metro station.
this time the work part was a little bit easier for us maybe because we got the
acclimated to the weather, the food or even because we got the protein bar and ate
it before the workout but anyways we just felt much better from our last
workout here at Canada as for the box itself we got a warm
welcoming to everyone who were at the workout with us even though they saw us
the first time they introduced themselves they were very friendly and
very curious about Israel our culture and our training. The box is equipped
with everything you need for your workouts a generous amount of dumbbells
and weight plates and although we were there weren’t as many people training
with us pretty sure even with the full gym won’t be too much of a struggle to
find equipment for a personal workout or It was a good workout, good day. My name is Raph this is Rita. If you
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