How To: Box Jump

What’s going on Nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a box jump now the box jump is a great plyometric Exercise that’s going to work on your coordination as well as your explosiveness when you’re jumping This exercise can be applied to any sport that involves jumping However, if you’ve never done it before don’t go right into it on a 24-inch box Okay? Start off on a 12 inch or a 6 inch Or just practice jumping up and down with proper form to ensure that when you do it on a box You don’t hurt yourself. Now there’s some key points You want to keep in mind when doing the box jump Number one you want to make sure that when you’re jumping and landing that your knees don’t collapse in You also want to make sure that when you’re jumping and landing that your back doesn’t round over And when you land you don’t want your feet really spread far apart With your toes pointing out you want to have a strong stance when you jump and when you land if you notice your knees Collapsing in or that you’re landing too far try starting the jump with your feet together And lastly you want to make sure that when you jump you can use your arms to help the driving force But you want to make sure that you are extending through your hips and pushing off the tips of your toes to jump as high as you can Begin the exercise by standing in front of a box or an elevated surface you can warm up and prepare for the exercise Just by swinging your arms and practicing your hip extension Once you feel ready to start the exercise You’re going to load your hips by dropping them back and keeping a tall spine You’re also going to use your arms to help load your hips by swinging them back as well From here explode through your hips as you swing your arms and lift your knees up words towards your chest while landing on the box Once you land on the box you want to step up fully pause for a second and then jump back down Landing with your knees out feet tight and upright torso Always make sure that when you’re jumping and landing that your knees aren’t Collapsing in if you do notice your knees collapsing in try starting the jump with your feet closer together So there you guys have it that’s how you do a box jump, for more great information tips exercises and routines Feel free to join us on and as always guys More good stuff coming soon. See, ya

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  1. We teach fitness "To the World". Have you ever seen my outro? Also, the goal of my channel was never to be a "bodybuilding" channel. In fact, the goal of this channel has never changed, it has been to help people with their fitness no matter what their goal is. I seemingly "started" the channel with my personal workouts. Which were bodybuilding at the time.

  2. I have been working on something like this. And I have been collecting footage since construction! I will put something together 🙂 Just waiting for a couple more pieces to come in before I make the video. I want to have everything you know?

  3. Scott, is this an exercise for someone who's knees already naturally point inward while the their toes point forwards?

  4. I saw somewhere else that you should step down, not jump down off of the box once you've stood up straigh on the box? Is one more beneficial or maybe even safer than the other? @ScottHermanFitness

  5. You saw correct. You should step down off the box. Every time you jump you make an impact which takes a toll on your joints. Your body can only safely take x number of impacts per training session/week/month depending on your experience and bone/joint conditioning. You want all of these impacts to be during your actual training, not wasted movements by jumping down off the box. Simply set up a smaller box or bench to step down onto and you'll be fine.

  6. Dude, you'd be surprised how many people don't know how to jump onto a box properly. It's just like running. We've been doing these things since we were kids but there are still coaches who teach proper running technique. Proper technique allows you to maximize your performance. How many countless people out there limit their performance because of improper technique?

  7. Doing jumps with one foot is always a good idea. You'll be able to identify and correct any strength imbalances and develop better coordination.

  8. Thought I'd mention since it wasn't in the video you should climb back down after completing the jumps as dropping back down becomes a depth drop and will create a different overall training stimulus affecting the outcome. 

  9. Is that the $200 home made box? Plyo boxes are pricy. Try cinder/concrete blocks at <$2 16/8/8 in & 38 Lb at Lowes/Home Depot etc. make strong steps/plyo box/db/kettle bells.

  10. I love his voice! Don't understand all the hate this guy gets. His videos are always very clear, concise and informative.

  11. Are there really men who still wax their chests?  I thought that fad was over by 2010 or so.  It looks so weird and unnatural.

  12. One thing I would say different is that you should be closer to the box. I read the other day that you should focus on jumping up not forward and up like you were.

  13. Hey, my friend had some good results with theSoaringBaller programme (just google it). Was pretty cool seeing his results…

  14. yeah but your landing horribly when you jump down, your knees arent bending at all- forget simple technique.


    Having some explosive power through your legs is really going to help with your squats and deadlifts. That's where box jumps come in!

  16. What advantage does this excercise have please? Like is it just for loosing weight or is it good for leg muscles?

  17. Make sure you step off the box and not jump off like the video shows. Makes no since that we focus on proper landing mechanics when jumping on the platform but could care less how we land when we jump off. Seems counter productive for our knees and ankles.

  18. Why the hell would you not look at where you're landing? Is this some kind of a technique a person needs to implement, of not looking at the target? I don't get it :S Legit question

  19. First of all not sure why people are obsessed with you doing this with your shirt off…

    Secondly, my big issue is my mind. I psyche myself out. I plan to work on my form.. but not sure my mind will get on board.

  20. I had hope when you started this is would include some exercises for beginners. This turned out not to be for beginners. No beginner will be able to jump on a 24 inch box. That's going to take some time.

  21. I’m acually scared to do these because I feel like I’m going to not make it on to the box. It’s all in my head but I just need to break the mental block

  22. What the fuck are you doing with your hands 😂🤣😂🤣😂 abduction not extension 😂. You leave your force behind with that movement.

  23. Jeez he makes that look so easy I was doing box jumps for the first time today in personal training and only one a 12 inch box I had to do a step before I jumped like a run up or I couldn’t get up haha 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ he practically floats up!!

  24. Great coaching Scott
    Although I do these as part of my training I'll no aspire to doing them as well as you!!

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