HOW TO BREAK WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU (3 Intermittent Fasting Tips!)

hitting the dreaded weight-loss plateau
has got to be one of the most frustrating things that can happen to
someone who’s trying to lose weight and this is especially true when you’re
doing intermittent fasting you hear how awesome it is for weight loss so you
start doing it you feel like you’re doing all the right things then all of a
sudden boom you’re stuck don’t worry I’ve got you
I’m here to help and in this video I’m gonna show you three intermittent
fasting tips that I can almost guarantee will help you break your weight loss
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number one is take out the training wheels don’t have anything during your
fast what I mean by that is you want to have a zero tolerance policy during your
fasting window I’m talking about putting butter or MCT oil in your coffee first
thing in the morning drinking pre-workout or BCAA before your workout
even though it’s labeled as zero calories or drinking diet soda or really
any zero calorie drink but is artificially sweetened during your
fasting window so let’s talk about each one of those real quick I’m not saying
that putting butter or MCT oil in your coffee also known as bulletproof coffee
is bad for you in fact it can help you even get fat adapted faster it’s called
doing a fat fast it’s where you’re consuming some fat during your fasting
window and this is actually really helpful for some people especially if
you’re new to this because pure fat doesn’t have a lot of effect on your
insulin levels and you’re still getting most of the benefits of intermittent
fasting because it still keeps you in ketosis it’s kind of a training wheel
for absolute beginners but it’s exactly just that it’s a training wheel what I
mean by that is if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau keep in mind that butter
and MCT oil still contains calories a standard bulletproof coffee recipe for
example contains something like 440 calories so let’s do some math here
let’s say you round that up to 500 calories just to make the math a little
easier let’s say you’re putting a little extra butter in your coffee so if you
drink bulletproof coffee every day in a span of a week that is about 3500
calories so 500 calories times seven days now one pound of fat approximately
contains 3500 calories as well what that means simply is that if you’re drinking
bulletproof coffee every day you are potentially stopping yourself from losing an extra pound of fat every week and that could be the difference between
you being stuck versus you breaking that weight-loss plateau now let’s talk about
pre-workout and BCAA let’s say you take that stuff before or during
your workout because your bro told you that it’s okay because it’s zero
calories or again you’re drinking a can of diet soda or anything that’s branded
as zero calories but it’s artificially sweetened and this includes
unfortunately stevia by the way all those things that I just mentioned will
inadvertently break your fast because it’s gonna trigger the cephalic response
in your body when you take it so when you drink that stuff your body tastes
something sweet so it sends signals to your pancreas to start producing insulin
in anticipation of the food that’s coming in because there’s something
sweet in your mouth but there’s actually no food in your mouth you’re just
drinking liquid that’s supposed to be zero calories so now your brain gets
confused and it’s gonna send even stronger hunger signals it’s gonna send
even stronger hunger pangs and at the same time you’ve just broken your fast
because again you just triggered an insulin response and you’ve just switched
your body from fat-burning mode to fat storage mode even though you’re not
eating. Does that make sense? This is why drinking diet soda is one of the worst
things that you can do when you’re doing intermittent fasting same goes for
drinking anything that’s zero calories but is artificially sweetened it’s a
one-way ticket to hitting a weight-loss plateau you’re selling yourself short
and you’re not getting the full effects of fasting just because you’re drinking
this stuff now let’s say you’re staying true to your fast you’re not taking anything
you’re you’re just drinking water soda water tea or black coffee but
unfortunately you’re still stuck the next step then becomes we need to start
looking at what you’re consuming during your eating window and that’s tip number
two track your food listen calories still matter when you’re
intermittent fasting like fasting is awesome it’s extremely powerful when it
comes to weight loss but it doesn’t give you the green light to hit up your
local all-you-can-eat buffet during your eating window and a lot of people can
get away with not tracking their food especially when they’re just starting
out and this is especially true if you’re used to eating six meals a day
and then you compress that to just an eight hour eating window but you can
still eat a lot of food in that eight hour eating window especially if you’re
still snacking or you’re eating a lot of fat bombs or
keto bombs and if you’ve hit the dreaded weight-loss plateau and you haven’t been
tracking your food then this is something that you need to start doing
because you can’t control what you can’t measure and you don’t need to track your
food every day I don’t track my food every day but you need to have a general
idea of what you’re putting in your body and how much specifically awareness is
key with a lot of things in life but this is especially true once you’ve hit a
plateau and this doesn’t have to be rocket science just start by writing all
the foods that you’re eating and then you want to use an online food tracker
to log in your food and I personally use a free app called MyFitnessPal and I
have a separate video on how to use it if you want to know more about it and if
you’ve never tracked your food before this is gonna be an eye-opening
experience for you again I’m not a big fan of obsessing over every single gram
of food you put in your body but the other side of that is just because
something is labeled as healthy doesn’t mean that you can go to town on it
cheese and nuts are great snacks for example especially if you’re replacing
chips cookies candy or whatever your caloric kryptonite is but if you eat too
much of it or if you just eat too much food in general that’s gonna put you in
a caloric surplus and if you at a surplus you’re not gonna lose weight and
that’s kind of weight loss 101 here if you want to lose weight you need to be
at a caloric deficit that statement will always be true but you need to know that
you’re at an actual deficit and it starts again by tracking your food again
intermittent fasting is in my opinion the best method of weight loss on the
planet bar none because one of its main benefits is that it lowers your insulin
levels which then gives you access to your almost unlimited fat stores for
energy like at any given time you have about a hundred thousand calories worth
of stored energy in the form of body fat waiting to be used and you get access to
it when you fast but you can easily cancel that out by eating too much
during your eating window and that’s another thing worth mentioning is that
you want to do your best to pair intermittent fasting with a diet that moderates
your insulin levels so if you’ve hit a weight loss plateau you want to look at
the foods that you’re eating if you’re still eating a lot of carbs for example
one of the fastest ways to break a plateau is by limiting the amount of
carbs in your diet because again carbs, especially refined carbs spike your hormone insulin
the most so if you’re still eating whole-wheat bread or brown rice you want
to start limiting those things because it doesn’t matter that it’s healthier I
mean they’re not because your body still has to produce the same amount of
insulin to process it and if you’re having digestive problems you really
want to start limiting grains because of its high anti nutrient content and it’s
the same thing with low carb options like low carb crackers for example why
because you’re still eating processed food listen the more processing your
food goes through the higher the insulin response and again your job if you want
to lose weight and break your weight loss plateau is to moderate the insulin
response from the foods that you eat so you want to replace those excess carbs
and processed foods with green leafy vegetables eat cauliflower rice instead
of brown rice did you know that cauliflower rice has eight hundred
percent fewer carbs than regular rice amazing right and then you want to start
eating healthier snack options like a couple of squares of 85% dark chocolate
for example and more likely than not if you do those things you’re gonna break
your weight loss plateau guys if you’re enjoying this video so far make sure you
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okay if those first two tips still doesn’t work then we can move on to tip
number three and this might be the most powerful one of them all I saved the
best for last so if you’re still at a weight loss plateau after following tips
1 and 2 so you’re good during your fasting window and you’re tracking your
calories the next lever we can adjust is your fasting window so whatever your
current fasting window is I want you to add four hours to it for example if
you’re completely new to this and you’re eating three meals a day so you’re
balanced you have a 12 hour eating window and a 12 hour fasting window then
it’s time to graduate and it’s time to actually start doing intermittent
fasting so you’re going from a 12 hour fasting window to now you add 4 hours
you’re now doing a 16-hour fasting window if you’re currently doing a 16
hour fast so add four hours to that it’s time to level up so now you’re gonna be
doing a 20-hour fast so more of a warrior style diet and the effectiveness
of this tip is based on my own personal experience and the results of all my
students because the power of intermittent fasting lies in not eating
less but less frequently again let me repeat it’s not about eating less but
less frequently when I started out for example I used to do a 16-hour fast
and I got good results but then I switched to a 20-hour fasting window
eating the same calories I got even better results when I switched to a
24-hour fast that was when I got the best results and I’ve been able to
maintain those results ever since the longer you fast the better because
you’re giving your body more time to lower your insulin and tap into your
fat stores for energy and this is especially true if you’ve been
overweight or obese for a really long time you need to give your body a little
extra time to lower your insulin levels so even extending you’re fast to like 36
hours or even 48 hours will do wonders to someone who’s hit a weight-loss
plateau again this is especially true and I can’t emphasize this enough if
you’ve been overweight if you’ve been struggling to lose weight for a long
time because that means that you’re extremely insulin resistant you got to
put in a little extra work again remember that’s what body fat is
there for it’s not just there for looks and as mentioned earlier you have about
a hundred thousand calories worth of stored energy so it’s time to use it and
this is where voluntary hardship comes in by the way and it’s rarely ever
talked about guys losing weight isn’t easy if it was everyone would be skinny
everyone would be walking around with a six-pack but that’s why it’s so much
more gratifying it’s so much more rewarding when you actually stick to it
when you actually see this through and that’s where voluntary hardship comes in
and you don’t have to stay in this new fasting window by the way you just want
to break the weight loss plateau because again based on my personal experience
and the results of all my students it’s so much easier to maintain weight than
to lose it but you have to get to that maintenance weight first and if you
follow all the tips I just mentioned in this video you’re gonna be well on your
way to breaking that weight loss plateau and get that scale moving in the
right direction and if you still need help keep watching the next question
then becomes how are you actually supposed to eat if you want to lose
weight because here’s the thing 80% of your body composition is
determined by your diet you can’t just freestyle this part do you
have a proven plan that you can follow to help you with that I want to give you
a free copy of my lean body blueprint this is how I melted all the fat around
my stomach without depriving myself of my favorite foods or wasting hours at
the gym it’s a simple four-step process specifically designed for a busy professionals
and it’s the exact same blueprint that I teach to all my private coaching clients
and they’ve all got to see some amazing results if you want to be the next
success story then download your FREE copy of the lean body blueprint right
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31 Replies to “HOW TO BREAK WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU (3 Intermittent Fasting Tips!)”

  1. HOW TO BREAK WEIGHT LOSS PLATEAU (3 Intermittent Fasting Tips!). Let me know your thoughts below!
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  2. For most peop, I do Omad , I do fasted cardio , drink lots of water but the meal is small but has more than 50 g ( I basically cut 1/2 of what I originally eat ) and still don't lose weight , is intermittent fasting really for me?
    No hate it's just real stress

  3. Carlo, how are you? I am on a 72 hour fast, I hit a weight loss plateau, and will be complete tomorrow at 3pm! Only drinking green/hibiscus tea with lemon and water. I am on my Blue and Black Power band to get a more challenging workout! Hope you are staying well, with this CoronaVirus madness. Virtual High Five my friend!

  4. Great tips!! Love fasting but you can’t out fast a bad diet so I’ll have to get back to the regularly scheduled program when this quarantine is over. 😩

  5. I’m just starting my regimen and this video will be helpful for if/when I do hit a plateau. Cutting out carbs will be my last move once I do everything else.

  6. I'm sad to say I fell off the wagon I was intermittent fasting 24 hours went off gained my weight back 12 pounds I'm back on I can't BELIEVE how hard it's been to get back on but I'm at 18 hours agin best lifestyle nut I'll never go off again LV.CIDDD

  7. Did OMAD 6 days a week for 3 months then hit a plateau. Changed to Alternate Day Fasting where I don't consume food for over 36 hours, every other day. Broke the plateau. Now I will do a combo of both OMAD and Alternate day fasting.

  8. Hi Carlo, I've been doing IF for almost two months now. I do OMAD five days a week and Warrior two days a week and have seen amazing results. But, I'm not sure how many calories I should be taking in every day. I think I'm doing 1200 or less. Is this about right? Certain days are more challenging than others, but I'm hanging in there. Thank you so much for your time and videos they are literally changing my life. Hope to hear back from you.

  9. This is the exact information that I desperately need. You're just in time Carlo. You're such an amazing person. Honestly Mate. My brain is full of details of what are the steps that I need to do. All of the questions on my mind has been answered by your tips. Thank you so much!

    I've also downloaded MyFitnessPal. I need to start tracking my calories intake. Starting this Monday I'll start my strict diet. My body got stucked into 160lbs. Thanks! Cheers! (Water! Haha)

  10. I have 69kg of lean body mass, my to weight is 77kg, you say I should have intake of 0.7 of protein. At the current moment I eat 81gm per day of protein 50 gm carbs and 154gm fat. In one meal a day. I am a Royal Mail postman so on my feet most of the day, I do HIIT on a treadmill 2x per week and weights (1hr) 2x per week. I do OMAD for at least 6 months prior to that I slowly worked my down from 3 to 2 to 1 meal a day over 1 year. I gone down from 95kg to 77kg. Do you thank my protein and carbs, fats are to high?

  11. I just eat twice a day no matter what. I'm not keto but I no longer drink soda or consume any sweets. Maybe every other weekend I'll eat something sweet or take a swig of soda. I dont see any difference in my body composition although people always compliment me. For me though I feel real real real good!!!! And to me that's what it's about! Aesthetics too but mostly how I feel inside

  12. Hi carlo. Thanks for the tips. Since I can’t go to the gym now I’m fasting from 7pm-11am and it’s really helping me (is that a good window period?) also do you have any tips for losing visceral fat?? Thx I like ur personality 🙂

  13. Dear brother thanks for your devine guidance. I have one query I am 55 year old female, I do regularly workout and I do intermittent fasting 16/8 . I drink only water in fast .but on Sunday I don't follow the 16/8 it ok

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