How To Build A Nice Body In The Park

– What’s up? I’m here in a park and today
I wanna bring you through on how you can train your
full body and really utilize the park to get a nice physique. First and foremost, got to do my thing, today teach you how to do a full body. Basically full body means entire body. your chest, your back, your
arms, not forgetting your legs and also your abdominal. So the first exercise is,
let’s focus on the chest first. It’s pretty straight forward is a push-up. This is a different variety. Push-up can be pretty challenging for some or pretty okay for some. Gonna start with easiest first. So to get started, an
easier way to do a push-up is find something that can
easily hold on to such as this. Okay, so this can be done by everybody. You can take this as a warm-up. Step backward and just execute a push-up. Okay, this works your chest. And when you do this remember,
keep your back straight, keep your shoulder low, Okay, pretty straightforward
to bring up the challenge, you may wanna lower down yourself. All right, probably you can find this. Take a break and move
on to the next level. After 60 seconds rest leg off the ground, grip wide apart, your Chest up. Do another 10 repetitions. All right, you wanna start
with an easier version first 10 reps, and then this 10
reps and another 10 reps of flat push-up. Well, if you’re fit enough
you can just stick to a flat push-up by doing 30 repetitions, right? And next is gotta train your back. The easier version to do back in a park is, grab a towel. what you need to do here is grab like this, make sure they’re even. All right, grab them hard, take a step forward. All right gonna start from here, take a step forward, or two step, then lean backward and pull, right? Once again, keep your shoulder
low, squeeze your back. This is a great exercise that trains your forearms also Most park have this, you can utilize this. Can use this, this is much more secure
and less effort for a grip. You can put more focus in your back. so grip, this is great, anything too close I think you
will hit a lot bicep, right? You don’t go to wide either, right? Just go slightly wider
than shoulder width, shoulder width slightly wider. Here, all right, make sure the bar just in front of your chest and pull. Again, this can be done by everybody. If you’re fit enough you can do pull-up This is intermediate. to advanced grab a pull-up bar keep your chest high and pull. So how to sequence this pulling workout for the back. I will say aim about 20 repetitions, you can use on towel first 10 repetitions and move on to the parallel
bar another 10 repetitions, or you can straight away
start off with 20 repetitions on a parallel bar, all right? If you’re fit enough and
just stick to pull up, pull up I’ll recommend you to
do as many reps as possible with good form, right? So there you have it, we
have a chest, we have a back, now for the legs. Now legs is probably one of the thing that you can do at home, all right? But you don’t skip legs
even you’re in a park, you have different equipment. Stick to the basic. Squat like this, right? Do 10 repetitions and after 10 repetitions 10 jump, right? Do a jump. Alright, so there’ll be 20
repetitions for one set. Do not forget your arms as well, right? So this is a bonus, right? How to train your arms is you can use back to parallel bar, right? Instead of grabbing this way,
you wanna grab underhand. And this time you should go shoulder width because you wanna do the bicep. All right, so underhand,
again bar, forward in front of your chest where if you’re fit enough
you have a very strong arm, you can go underneath your chest, but this is too hard. All right, see this
require a lot of effort but it’s okay for me, just assume we’re on the same page, right? Bar in front of chest, curl all right, curl. So work a little bit of your back muscles. Just too easy then, all right,
go to do this, this stuff. Opposite triceps, we
did the biceps 10 reps, 10 reps is good enough. Now for the triceps, I need to go this way. All right, close shoulder width. This time you go overhand. We are not going to put anything
but we are going to extend our elbow by stepping backward. This is a very similar
to a push-up position. So just lower down yourself. All right, keep your stomach tight, suck in stomach. So what about shoulders? In the beginning of the video
push-up actually trained Your shoulder already. However if you wanna
give extra stimulation to your front shoulder you can do the pike push-up. So to set this up is very easy. You get onto the ground. All right, instead of doing push-up, you want to push hip high up, right? And lead with your head downward. So 10 repetition of this,
this is really tough. How about the abs? All right, so abs you can
do crunches on the floor, or if your park have this,
this will be awesome, pretty works a lot of your abdominal because you’re in a
decline position, Alright? Extra resistance. All right, so to set it up make sure that your feet is solid, right makes you feel comfortable. All right, 90 degrees. From here you wanna place
your arms up straight and lift with your abs right? Up. When you’re tired, people tend
to use alot of their arms. All right, you can use
this as just a placement and crunch, right? But let’s go for this one. Eight to 10 repetitions are good enough because in decline position
gives a lot of resistance. And now the last abdominal exercises a hanging leg raise. Just requires balancing and require some strength in forearms. So to get this set up, hang yourself and raise
your knee, all right? All right, you wanna
bring up the challenge. You can do a leg raise. This is a bad idea to do because this knot is not high enough. If you want to do a leg
raise you have to find a higher pull-up bar to execute. Not here, so here the
alternative way is to, right? Use the knee raise because of the, right? If I do a leg raise my
feet will hit the ground. Or you can use the dip bar just like this. All right, for leg raise, all right, just on a dip position raise your feet straight. You wanna trains your abs. and since you’re in a dip
bar you can actually do this, dip, up, up, up. But do one by one, don’t swing. The moment you swing you
see, you’ve lost stability. Aright so stabilize yourself first, raise your legs, stop, dip, stop, raise. Eight repetitions for
this is a killer, right? Because they’re doing
two under one repetition. All right, you can do in a circuit format. Start with the push-up, and
then the rolls, and the squat, and do some arms, shoulder,
abs, repeat, right? This is one round, do two to three rounds, it’s good enough. All right, so hope it helps, keep training and see
you in the next video. Peace.

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  3. My City has a few Fitness Parks. A few are not close but one new one is being installed near me at the end of the month. Fitness Parks are fun. I've been doing that instead of #ironmastery I've been recovering so will be heading back to Weights soon. I took a break from #ironmastery and been doing Body Weight Workouts. I really love Fitness Parks. It's fun to workout outside in the sunshine and nice weather. #JordanYeohFitness

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  8. I am falling In love. THIS VIDEO is what I really needed. I live 5 minutes away from the park. Thank you for this.

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