How To Build A SUPER HERO Physique | 2018

– What’s up, it’s Chris Heria. Today, I’m gonna show you how
to get the superhero physique. But to look like a superhero, you need to train like a superhero. Now your favorite superheroes
have the same aesthetics: Big shoulders, wide lats, a small waist like an
upside down triangle. They also have big traps to give their upper body an
even bigger appearance. They have strong, defined arms, but most importantly, they are strong as hell. (dramatic techno music) So, I’m going to show you a routine today that’s going to target and activate these muscle groups that are gonna give you the physique of a superhero. But most importantly, it’s
gonna get you stronger. So, the first exercise that we’re gonna get into is handstand push-ups. Now, if you guys can’t
do this free-standing, you can always do it against the wall. Alright, lets go for it. (dramatic techno music) That’s the first superhero
move right there. Alright, so that move right there, we’re activating shoulders, core and arms, and even burning fat with
that exercise right there. Let’s move into the next superhero move. It’s gonna be wide-grip pull-ups. Alright guys, let’s go for it, wide grip. (upbeat electronic music) Let’s go! Alright, so that wide grip right there is gonna hit your lats. Of course, it’s gonna hit your arms as well, bicep, shoulders. And of course, as you
keep the heart rate up, as you keep moving, we’re
gonna be burning fat. (exhales) I have to trim that waist. The wider you go, the bigger your lats are gonna get and the more of that upside down triangle
look you’re gonna get. So, really go wide in
everything, as much as you can. Alright, so the next move we’re gonna go into is burpees. Now this move right here, is
gonna increase our heart rate, burn that fat, work on those arms, work on those shoulders. This move is gonna give you strength, explosiveness and agility, the perfect combination
for superhero strength. Let’s get it. (electronic dance music) Alright so, that move right there, you guys really just wanna max out. Do as many as you can until you can’t go anymore. Alright, next move we have deadlift. Alright, so we’re not
even gonna take a break. Let’s just keep it going. (heavy breathing) (light techno music) There we go, light-weight baby. So, that move right there… You got that cardio, back,
delts, traps, and lats. So, we’ve basically targeted already each muscle group that’s gonna give you that superhero physique. We’ve hit the shoulders, the traps, the core, the lats, and the arms… and even the chest. So, now we’re just gonna
blast those arms real quick. Let’s go for it. Weighted straight bar dips. Let’s do it. (electronic techno music) You guys wanna try to pull
that bar out of the ground with some real superhero strength. Alright, we’ve made it to
the end of the routine. It’s time to take this weight off, and just blast that core. (heavy breathing) (electronic techno music) Switch it up. Alright, there’s round one of the superhuman workout routine. Guys, do a total of three, if
you’re just getting started. Do a total of four, if
you feel pretty advanced to complete this workout routine. Thank you guys so much
for following along. If you like this workout
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that superhero physique, you need to be focusing on your shoulders, your lats, your traps,
working on your core, and tightening that waist. Most importantly, not just
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  1. In my opinion you dont look like the typical Superhero more like an super strong Ninja Just because you dont have the muscel mass Like Superman or Hulk

  2. Класс! Крис красавчик! Недавно узнал про тебя и просто зафанател, то что ты делаешь это просто супер не останавливайся!💪

  3. Brother, great physique and explanation. You are strong and disciplined. Your shape shows the determination you have. Thank you for the great vid!

  4. This is my goal I’m gonna give it shot and I’m built but I struggle with handstands and stuff and I’m going to do it and then as I’m doing it I’m gonna try to figure out my own exercises

  5. What do i hear at 2:43 ?????? MAAAAN THAT MUSIC IS LIKE A CONTINOUS PEPERTUUM MOBILE FOR ME, IT'S LIKE THE ABNORMAL MIRACULOUS COSMIC ENERGY CAPTURE WITH A LOCKING KEY IN MY MIND LIKE GANDHI VS THE NAZZI, OSAMA VS THE DALAILAMA . Bro that is gonna be my music. Even if you created it, is gonna be my love. You are her dad. So when i'm gonna pick her up from your house please let me take her to a movie at the cinema

    (I've just comented before at that video with one arm pull up with Osvaldo and your bro)

  6. I appreciate all of your video & workout. Chris, when i do calisthenics i have big gain of strength. But the problem is i have Uneven muscle. Can u make a video about uneven muscle?? Base on your train.

  7. I'm subscribing to your channel is awesome , thank you for all the advice . I appreciate all the effort and knowledge you are putting on these videos

  8. i like how he said like super heroes and then showed clips form dragon ball z but lets be honest anime characters could beat up super heroes

  9. I'm sorry but what is the music called? Especially the one at the beginning where you wearing the orange material with weights?

  10. Dont want to be someone be yourself you dont know u could be better than them cuz every person's genetics are different

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