How To: Bulgarian Split Squat

What’s going on nation? I’m going to demonstrate for you guys how to do a Bulgarian split squat. The Bulgarian split squat is very similar to a normal split squat as they involve the same joint movements and technique but the Bulgarian allows you to go lower, which allows you to put more emphasis on your quads the primary muscles that are going to be used in this exercise are your quads glutes and inner thighs. So if you’re looking to really pack on some muscle this exercise is really great for those areas. Your hamstrings and calves are gonna be targeting throughout this exercise as well but they’re going to be worked mainly as stabilizers throughout the movement. Also keep in mind this exercise requires a lot more balance, which makes it a more challenging movement as well. Begin the exercise standing with your front foot flat on the ground and your rear foot on a bench. Your front leg is going to be the working leg during the exercise and your back leg will be utilized for balance. You can choose to have your rear foot flat or on its toes. Once in position, lower yourself into a deep lunge while keeping your chest up and making sure your knee does not pass your toes. Return to the starting position by pushing through the heel of your front foot while maintaining your balance with your rear foot. As you perform the exercise the majority of your weight should be shifted to your front leg. You can choose to keep your arms by your sides or out in front of you to help with balance throughout the movement. With a closer foot stance you’re going to activate more of your quads. If you step forward, you’re going to activate more glutes throughout the exercise. If this is your first time performing the exercise you can place a pad on the ground to protect your knee from impact. Be sure to switch legs once you complete your set So there you guys have it, thats how you do a Bulgarian split squat. For more great tips exercises and routines feel free to join us on and as always guys More good stuff coming soon. See ya

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    Time for some glute gains!! This one burns like crazy, but it's totally worth it!

  2. I’m so bad at these! My back leg always looks skewed too far out and my back foot spasms 🙁 I look so wobbly too

  3. Too bad there aren't variations for someone that's pigeon-toed. These are extra difficult for me since my feet slant inward, thus affecting my balance 🙁

  4. It is very helpful.!! But I have an question. When I do it, back leg is very stiff more than front leg. So May I keep going this workout?

  5. Just curious, what % of body weight is used during the Bulgarian squat? I assume around 70%? So the leg being worked is taking 70% of the body weight.

  6. doing this feels like hell, i mean, i feel the pain, which is good lol i'll keep doing it, thanks mate, awesome channel by the way

  7. I just bought a gym guide from Instagram and she said that your front knee should go over your front toe. You said that your knee shouldn't pass your toes. I'm so confused???

  8. Doing these after a set of squats kills your quads and you will absolutely grow your legs. Scott you should do an updated video on this with dumbbells and a way to program them.

  9. Question: Were Bulgarian split squats originated in Bulgaria? Or is there another reason why they are called Bulgarian?

  10. Just F_ME I raced bikes, ran 100 mile runs, super heavy leg press and all that. This is a different animal I had to hang on with both hands!. I think also the back foot flexed is what you want when swimming so a little extra bonus in stretching and flexing the foot.

  11. This is all you see lazy millennials doing these days, useless kettle bells, one leg lunges, cables only, play with your phone 90% of the workout. Makes a lot of sense to me!😕

  12. Love these things.>>> Wanted to build a small home gym in my garage, but didn't want to take up a ton of space. They are perfect for giving you tons of options for weight increments while not creating the clutter of having 15 pairs of dumbbells. They are very easy to use and quickly adjust weight. The only knock as others have said is that if you did the smallest weight (5 pounds), it's a bit bulky for a 5 pound weight. Not a deal breaker for me by any means…I anticipated that. They look and feel very solidly built. Quality product

  13. Was so tempted to click off the video just because he called me nation. Stupid. Don't refer to your YouTube audience as nation.

  14. You're supposed to move your hip not your knees, so knee and tip of the toes are constantly in a vertical line to each other. This is terrible form if you want your knee to survive longer than a few years.

  15. 😮😮😮😮😮🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️🙇🏻‍♂️

  16. Subscribed, going to incorporate these in my calisthenics workouts! Someone commented on my videos and said I should try the bulgerian split squat. The exercise name itself already grabbed my attention, you look awesome and displayed a great form of this exercise thank you!

  17. Bulgarian Split Squat, Romanian Deadlift & Various presses named after many Russians Lifters.. These Eastern Europeans are born only to lift and lift heavy ass weights and get exercises named after them..

  18. I wouldn’t advise people extend their foot like that. Putting a lot of weight on a very weak joint. Instead stand on the foot or rest something below the joint to prevent strain and injury on the ankle joint. I don’t understand why examples tell you to stretch it out like this and add weight.

  19. I did these for the first time today, I found it pretty hard to keep my balance… any tips? Or will this just improve over time?

  20. I'm sorry but this exercise is terrible. Keeping your balance during the movement is easier said than done and your rear foot will hurt like crazy (regardless of the stance showed on the video) so the only way I see one progressing is doing it as your first exercise; I'm sorry but I'll stick with regular Squats . Maybe it's a super advanced exercise but I don't see the point. I just ditched it in favour of more reps in Squat and Glute Raises.
    If you really have a desire to do an unilateral leg move just go with Lunges and leave this shit to the bulgarians

  21. 0:21 What is the difference with a "normal split squat" ?
    I thought "bulgarian (split) squat" and "split squat" were synonyms.

  22. All I held while doing this was 45 lb dumbbells and I literally felt like my legs were going to explode. These are killer exercises and highly underrated.

  23. This is exactly what I was looking for. I have limited flexibility in my left foot after a bone fusion surgery, so I am unable to perform traditional barbell squats. Looking at this example, the foot did not flex that much throughout the motion, so I should be able to substitute this into my plan in place of the squats.

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