How to Cool Down and Stretch after a Workout – Scott Burnhard & Noemi

Alright Scott Burnhard
Bernard. Talk to the people, man. Let them know what’s
getting ready to go down. – Let’s go. Let’s go. It’s
your boy Scott Burnhard aka The Vegan Beast back
on Good Money channel. And thank you guys for having me here. And today we got a video
and we’re not going to be working out today. I know you guys are used
to me doing the reps and sets and everything like that, but it’s all about recovery. Recovery is very important. And what we’re gonna to talk about, stretching after a workout. So I had to bring a professional in. – Noemi. – Yes, yes.
Okay. So Noemi is gonna show us some awesome stretching techniques to do after workout because,
I am a victim of this. Listen i be getting it in, I be doing my reps and sets. and after workout
I just don’t stretch. I am a victim. I am just straight up
being 100% transparent with you guys and she’s going to show me– – Shaking my head. – I know, shaking my head,
I know better. Right? As a NASM certified trainer but– But she say
you’re a professional now. Why do you qualify
as being a professional? – So I’ve been teaching
yoga for the past six years, I teach consistently about
three to four times a week. I have private clients that I’ve helped improve their
flexibility over the years. And I do tons of continual
education in yoga, and I have my own yoga practice as well. And you
got any kind of educate… What’s your educational background also? – So I went to school
for exercise science. – Oh.
Oh, okay. – You smart, smart. Oh. That’s what I
was waiting for it. Go ahead. – I’m on my way to physical
therapy school. I’m applying. So I definitely in the future
want to help people recover on all different levels. I want to have a greater
scope to help people recover. So right now I can help people stretch. When I become a physical therapist, I can actually help you
with specific injury, and help you rehabilitate
from the injury back to almost 100% normal. Okay. Alright.So let’s
get it. What you got for us? – Show me, show me who
she got for me, man. This sister is the smart man. She’s smart. – So, I’m going to reiterate this. A lot of people should
focus less on intensity and more in consistency. So with intensity, with intensity, a lot of people think they
have to stretch 30 minutes to an hour every single
day when it’s better to just stretch for a little bit of time, and then do that
consistently, almost daily, maybe two times a day if you’re
working out a lot like how Scott is. You want to make sure you’re
protecting your joints and definitely improving
your range of motion is going to help you perform pull ups better, handstands better dips better. Especially if you’re a muscle… If you feel like you’re
muscling through exercises, with a little bit more
flexibility, you’ll be able to do those exercises and
it just feels like butter. So we’re going to do, your
foot’s already up there. So you’re going to take the right foot on an elevated surface. It can be anything. It could
be a chair, could be a stool. And the most important
thing when you’re stretching your hamstring is to
bend the knee slightly. If you lock out your knee, that puts a lot of pressure on your pelvis
and on the hamstring. So bend the knee as much
as you need to, right? And then from here, you’re going to walk
your hands down, down your shin, ok? If you can only make it
here, that’s completely fine. If you keep practicing,
yeah, you might be able to grab your foot from here. And then see if you can
lengthen through your spine, so that way you’re going to
feel your hamstring even better. The bend in the knees completely fine, you’ll still feel the stretch. And then make sure that you’re breathing, you want to make sure
that your breath is fluent and you’re not holding
your breath that long. How do you feel Scott? – I feel really good, really relaxing. My hamstring is feeling it. – Okay, awesome. So generally, I like to stay in my stretches if I’m just doing static stretching for about 30 seconds to a minute, just because that’s the amount of time that allows the muscle fibers to relax, so that they’re not clenching and holding on and being tight. And then we’ll repeat on the other side. How
long are we holding it? How long do you hold this stretch? – For about 30 seconds to a minute. Ideally for these stretches. Especially when you’re
holding them for a long period of time, you can hold
it for longer, right? But that’s only if you’re really trying to be a contortionist or
you’re a yoga teacher like me. If it’s someone like
you and you’re nothing, you just want to have
enough range of motion to do your dips and your
pull ups in your squats. You should do 30 seconds to a minute, for about total 10 minutes
of different exercises. Okay. – So, about 30 seconds is five preps, if you’re breathing really deep. So if you don’t have your phone next to you or something like that, you could just take five
really deep breaths in and out through your nose and your mouth. And then that helps you to breathe too. Awesome. Now from here, we’re going to stretch our inner thighs. So, we’re going to come down
into a deep squat, okay? So, especially in Calisthenics, right? People say that we don’t do legs as much. – Yeah. – (laughs) But me and Scott, we do legs, We do legs with
weights in the gym actually. – You can see it, you can
see it through the tights. Okay. – So if you’re having a bit
of trouble with your squat, it might be your ankles,
it might be your knees, it might be your hips. If you come down to a
full squat and hold it, and you do this consistently
for about 30 seconds to a minute daily, you’ll see definite improvements
when you do your squats and you’re packing on the weight,
if you’re squatting right. Especially if you’re
squatting 200, 300 pounds. – Oof!
– Right? You want to make sure that
you have the full range of motion to do it properly and not squatting only halfway
or barely hitting parallel. You want to make sure you’re
squatting all the way down and all the way up. So, we’re going to come down to our squat. – I do 265, on the squat. – Amazing.
– I know right? – So everybody has a
different squat stance. Scott looks like he took
a wider stance, right? And you could play around
with your squat stance. You could actually bring your
feet a little bit closer, to make it a little bit more challenging, challenging on your ankle. So, Scott bring your feet
together a little bit closer, not that close. Right there is fine. – Okay?
– Yeah. You can come down and move slowly. Ideally you
want shoulder width apart or? – Ideally you want it a little
bit wider than your hips. Okay. – A little bit wider than your hips but everybody squats differently. You have to play around
with your feet and you know, because it feels comfortable
for you in your squat. You should be able to just
chill here for a little bit, Okay? And then you want
to lift your chest up too while you do this, right? You don’t want to be hanging down low– – Right, because pressure
on the lower back, right? – Right, exactly. You want
to be lifting up through your chest, feeling tall to
your spine and you just hold. We can get an even lower. Try to get your hamstrings
to touch your calfs. So you’re engaging your muscles, and you’re also stretching
them at the same time. And then take your elbows
inside of the inner thighs, and then you want to press out, so that you’re getting your
hip flexors and groins as well. Okay, you can still lift
through the chest, right? So if you do one thing, try
not to lose the other thing. You want to keep everything
together right? And then just keep
pressing, lifting, smiling, breathing, holding (laughs). – I’ma smile in pain. Good, and then you come
out of it. Perfect, good. And you do that daily, you should be seeing
improvements in your flexibility, in your range of motion. If you have lower back pain, sometimes this might even help it go away. And then, doing upper body, we’re going to do something
called Down Dog in yoga, which is just an upside down
V-shape with your body, Okay. So, you’re going to
come down to the ground, and lift your hips up
towards the, towards the sky. Okay, if you come over
here, your hands are fine. – Okay. – You want to do this with your hands about shoulder width distance, and not a little bit wider, right? If your shoulders are super tight, you might benefit from having
your hands a little bit wider. And then, you want to bend
your knees right here as well, and then push your chest
back towards the backs. Perfect. So, you’re
stretching your lats here, but you’re also strengthening. I love to incorporate exercises
where you’re strengthening and lengthening at the same time. You kill two birds with
one stone it’s efficient. You’re not wasting time. And then also, he’s stretching his calves
and his hamstrings here. So if he’s straighten
his legs a little bit, he’ll feel his calf muscle stretching and his hamstrings right here. And then he’s also working
his core, just stay lifted up, and his arms. This is actually a really good
progression if you’re trying to learn a handstand. But it’s also really good just to have that overhead flexibility
when you’re doing pull ups. And then you can come out. I’ll definitely hold that
for 30 seconds to a minute, after the workout. – Woo! – How did that feel? – You sure this is not a workout? – So, it might feel like a
workout if you’re not used to stretching, so I can see
how a lot of people are adverse to doing this after they just
had a really hard workout and they’re like, “Okay, now
we’re going to do more work.” But, if you just tack this
on and you do like five to 10 minutes after the workout, you’ll see tons of improvements
during your actual workout. You’ll see that you have more endurance, you have more flexibility,
you have more range of motion, and you’re more connected. You’re creating that mind-muscle
connection to your body because you’re actually
feeling the muscles that you’re supposed to feel
when you’re working out. – Right, right, right, right. – Right, you don’t want
to be doing your workout, and then you know you’re
not warm enough off, and you’re not flexible enough, and then you try to muscle through it, and that’s how you to
start putting yourself in risky positions to get an injury and you don’t want to do that. – Exactly, exactly. That’s why, when you say, “Prevention
is better than cure.” So we want to prevent you
guys from getting injured. So, what you want to do is
make sure that you, you know, stretch, warm up properly
and just take care of your body because you want, we want you to be the best
version of yourself, right? And we don’t want you guys to get injured. Is there anything else
you want to say, right? Any more
stretches or we’re good? – No more stretches? – You know what, I could do
a whole three hour class, but I think the stretches I
gave you you guys (laughs) We’re not
doing a three hour video. We’re not doing a three
hour stretch video. – Oh my God.
– This is good. – I think it’s three hours.
– We had 10 minutes now. – But I feel like especially
when you’re beginning, the less is more, right? You know when like you’re
first starting to diet, for example, you want to
lean now and then you know, you’re focusing on cutting on sugar, cutting out all this stuff
and then, and taking pills and all these unnatural
things that you’re doing to your body when you can just focus on eating more vegetables,
getting more sleep, focusing on just showing up to the gym, or showing up to the park. Like there’re sometimes
you’ll see those people that work out really hard one day and you never see them again. You never see them again
because their intensity was way too high. They got turned off and then
they don’t see progressions because they’re not putting in
the hours that they need to, in order to get better. So it’s really important
to focus on frequency and consistency. I can’t
stress that enough. – Oh my goodness. – Like if I could just make a whole video on being consistent, you could do and achieve
anything you want in your life. If you just keep being consistent and keep repeating the same
thing over and over again. Repetition, yeah. – Yes, repetition is key– – To mastery. – Yes. – Repetition is the key to mastery. All right guys, you’re not
going to get it in one day. You’ll probably not getting the next day, but you keep on going. You keep on working on your craft and keep on working towards the end goal, you will get it, all right? – Yes. – So keep on fighting the good fight, man. And there you have it, man.
Thank you so much guys. Scott Burnhard here with the one and only. – Noemi – Yes, Noemi so– Noemi.
Thanks a lot Noemi. – Yes, thank you guys, man. Okay. Got links
to have this Instagram will be in the description box. Do you have a YouTube channel, maybe you can jump on the When people comment on the video. Yeah, as a
– Okay, only on Instagram, emivhenry. I post tons
of my muscle up workouts, Beginner Calisthenics workouts, my avocados, I love avocados. I’m Dominican, I post my Bachata videos and like me working out so much. It’s literally my life and
my Calisthenics journey. So give me a follow, if you
feel inspired by this video. Okay. Thanks a lot. – You’re welcome. – Salute, namaste. – Namaste. It’s
good. That was a good one.

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