1. Hey man, I want to say thanks a lot for putting out these videos, they are really helpfull all arround, even for begginers like me and your atittude towards working out and life in general is inspiring to see. I have a small question, should you still see this. As a new guy to working out, I started out not being able to do 1 pullup last year. I eventually kept working on that and getting better. But even with 1 min, 1:30 min of rest, i haven't been able to do 3 sets of 12 and it's kind of frustrating. Do you have any tips on how I should approach pullups workouts to be able to do it? Anyhow, even if you don't get to awnser, thank you very much for what you do, and good luck for your future 😀

  2. Dude u literally motivate me so much! Just a second ago I thought I would never be able to get that lean look u have, but now? I’m motivated and I’ll give it my all. Thanks Chris, keep it up man.

  3. I don’t usually comment on YouTube videos but you’ve had such a huge impact on my personal goals. I hope I can take a vacation to your location just to work out at your gym!! Thanks for your content! I will be ordering from your clothing line soon! Please add more black and dark gray pieces. I’m building a minimalist wardrobe and I try to keep my clothes black

  4. hey Chris do you have a day or two completely off after doing a full body work out? I only have been training calisthenics for a few weeks, some days I feel like I can't push myself hard enough unless I've had at least 48 hrs off, I do yoga 6 days a week though but I don't consider that too much of a work out. do you train at all on your days off? do you have days off? any info on this would be highly appreciated. thanks mate

  5. OfficialTheNx and your 100 push ups a day video brought me here Chris…you got some amazing tips for daily workout…thank you!

  6. Hey Chris Heria, I started watching your Videos in Dezember, and I have a kind of urgent Question..
    Through how much workout for muscle + endurance/cardio can you push yourself until the 15. January 2018?

    I started with running 1/day ,with timer, since I have 2000 meters in 9 minutes and 50 sec.
    Also I do 4 days a week leg and pullups workout after the running. Can I improve that much in less than 13 days, or is that pointless?

  7. About a month ago I began to watch his videos. He has motivated me to do calisthenics. Keep in mind I’m only twelve and I’ve even motivated some of my friends are family to do the same. I live in Miami and wish to one day meet Chris.

  8. Lol the ad on the video was that Bruce Wayne workout dude. You can tell that Kinobody dude is so much more egotistical than Chris. I really think this channel is the best. Not just for the great advice, blogs, and workout porn, (lol) but because you can tell that Chris is way more down to earth, willing to learn, and more willing to connect with others. Not to mention he didnt have a trust fund, he lives and breaths a healthy lifestyle, and isnt overly focused on getting fit just for girls, booze, and partying. That has its place but I believe that when you're a fitness youtuber, its all about getting your subscribers to get stronger and lead a healthier life. I get its a business but this channel is way classier in how it sells you its stuff and you get so much for free that when you send him money to become a full member you know its going to grow this great community.

    Thanks for this channel bro. I'm overweight at the moment and my doctor told me to get active. Youre my ideal that I'm strivinf towards. Keep it up man. Youre a inspiration to thousands upon thousands mayne millions of people.

  9. A video on getting more reps would be awesome!
    After you complete one workout set do you rest? if yes for how long?

  10. Is everything until failure? I am trying to follow the programs on the app and was wondering if we are maxing out everything? Or if there is a rep count!

  11. Whaaat. His warm up is like my whole monthly workout routine. I am a new subscriber but have already fallen in love with your videos. Definitely need to start practicing calisthenics. Keep up the great work and good luck!

  12. every night after a long day of work in the kitchen first thing 2 do is to watch your video man since i started to watch you i motivated my self to train much harder now i already lost 10kg for 1 in half months of basic training only. before even 1 pull up i am straggling to do but now because of watching you videos i am surprise i can do 5 or more hardcore pull ups in just 1 week of time since i started doin it. thanks man your such a inspiration. many of us here even my crew mates always talk about your work out. now before are contract finishes are goal is at least learn basic calisthenics it hard because we are working at a merchant ship but because of you we motivate are selves to find a ways to do it..thanks man for such a high motivation to us…#fromPhilippines #seaman #lifeatsea

  13. When I got to the GYM my thinking is I am in a playgroung…but while whatcing these vides I would love to train at Disneyland…I love that you do not have any tipical rutine…you always trying your best until you feel the burn in your bones.

  14. Hey Chris. I was wondering if doing weightlifting for your upper body would be beneficial for calisthenics, like would barbell curls help with chinups or would bench press help with pushup reps? If not, what are some other ways I can increase my max rep range in pullups and pushups? I use the ThenX app, but I feel like I've hit a wall and I'm not sure what to do

  15. Привет) Какой у тебя рост, вес? И сколько калорий ты употребляешь в день и соотношение БЖУ))))

  16. Hey Chris, for the workout portion… is a muscle failure type rep? And if so approx how many reps are you doing that reaches muscle failure approx? Just trying to get an idea of the type of weight i need to use for this…. thanks

  17. Hi Chris, I have a question.. if I train kind of like this (whole body workout) should I be resting a day or is it good to continue workout the next day as well? I like to push my self to the limit, but I also want to train smart 🙂 and what is your opinion on training twice a day?

  18. Huge Fan of the Channel. Probably going to drop an email but I want to structure my workouts but I'm just beginning. Therefore how do I know what exercises and how many I should be making for a workout given my beginner level? I don't want to get discouraged but while I'm in ok shape (20 pull up/no kip/no problem) I'm not bout to bust my face doing planches (lol). Little help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  19. Hi chris just wondering any tips for getting started wilst having a illness i have crohn's and its hard for me to put weight on just need to make a change from 54kg

  20. Yo Chris, do you do any free weight exercises? If you do, can you share a program? Thanks man. Love your videos.

  21. Eu sou Brasileiro, comecei a treinar graças a você e antes disso eu nem conhecia esse tipo de exercício… Eu tbm tenho um canal #OPIRES e agora irei falar sobre treinos

  22. Love your vids! You should post a full video of your workouts though! Just an idea.. you said you were gonna do 3 rounds but only showed 1, keep it up man, your a beast!

  23. Oh man love you vids it's great, always learn so much, just wish I could master even a bit of it ha ha

  24. Do you go until failure every set? I always end up fatiguing my muscle and can't finish my workout because of it.

  25. I think this will help me plan a begining female program that's buildable. Right now, I'm not strong enough to complete most of the Calisthenics moves.

  26. Bro! Your channel is lit. Digging the production on the videos…but I’m also growing so much in my approach to calisthenics. So thank you. Question: I have a habit of overtraining…how do you periodize and create cycles etc to ensure that you are getting the right intensity for longevity?

  27. Hey chris , thanks for the vids and information ! Following the thenx programs. But wondering whats the difference between the Heria app and the thenx app. Will heria be free or also membership later in development?

  28. You are the best man thank you so much I started calisthenics because of you … I was already muscular because I was swimmer .. but I always wanna be super human like you … stay strong 💪🏼

  29. i stretch after about 20oz of water in the morning. then a little cardio to get the heart pumping. the general idea of my routine is 4 rounds. each round is a set of pushups, abs, pullups, resistance band stuff, and then dips. every round is a variation on those exercises. after 4 rounds i'll do some light stretching and cardio just for a break on my muscles. to finish up i focus on whatever type of reps were hardest that day. i'll annihilate whatever is left in me now that i've had a little rest and the final burst has a little higher potential. by that time it's time to shower and eat

  30. don't do these bouncing deadlifts bro, your discs will be fucked up after a few years…
    let the weight come down and then lift it up again.

    The reason they're called Deadlifts is because you lift a dead weight, not a bouncy moving one.

  31. Thank you for sharing this Chris. The night before I always plan the workout I want to do when I get up at 5am in the morning. That got me working out early in the morning and I really feel super accomplished and pumped for what lies ahead of me when I hit the office at 9am. You're amazing!
    Cheers from Singapore

  32. Hey Chris, watching you from the uk! I go to a normal gym and would love to encorporate your workouts. I would need to start with resistance bands. Would you consider making a short video showing how to tie the resistance band to the bars on different exercises please?

  33. Just love this Chris to be honest I didn’t know anything about you until I was checking my 16yr old sons phone. I then checked you out and now I’m completely hooked haha. Now my son checks my phone and thinks I’m Thenx mad. You’re such a great inspiration Chris Heria thank you! 😊👊🏽

  34. Chris will gaining strength also help in performing more reps? I'm leaving for basic training in a few weeks and want to get up the number of reps I can do (I'm already in good shape tho). Thanks for the video, I'm constructing a workout similar to it!

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