How To: Decline Sit-Up

What’s going on nation? I’m going to show you how to do a decline sit up first thing you want to do is find a decline surface some gyms have benches where you can extend the machine all the way to the top which we want to do you want to maximize your Decline so I’m gonna use this piece of equipment right here. I’m going to firmly locked myself in place This exercise is going to focus on tearing apart the rectus abdominis Mostly the lower region because what you’re going to do is you’re going to keep your back arched like this Keep your core nice and tight and as you come back Maintain that arch to the back with this nice and tight come down Touch your shoulders and your neck to the pad for a second and then come back up Keeping your core engage the whole time breathing out on the way up. So breathe in breathe out breathe in Breathe out, now you can also put your hands behind your head or you can point towards the ceiling Just make sure wherever you put your hands your face remains parallel with the ceiling the whole time That’s how you do a decline crunch. Hope you guys enjoyed it and as always more good stuff coming soon. See you guys

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  1. i love your videos, very informative.
    the only thing i can't stand is how you exhale. people that exhale loudly like that in the gym always get on my nerve.

  2. I watch these videos all the time before going to the gym and would just like to say how much they have helped me. A year ago I got out of a rehab clinic for drink and drug abuse and was weighing 15 stone. Today I am 13 stone and it is pretty much muscle thanks to these.

  3. @ScottHermanFitness Hey Scott, this might sound weird, but I have a REALLY boney tailbone, that I have injured on several occasions, and it makes doing sit-ups sort of painful. Is there something I can replace this with?

  4. Hey Scott, I really need your help. I want to workout everyday and I dont feel any effects of overtraining. My work-out routine currently is, Day 1: Legs Day 2: Chest Day 3: Back Day 4: Shoulders Day 5: Arms. Repeat. I am wondering if I can cycle through this without any break days. Thanks alot!

  5. @deamfortier Im not scott, but. You could grab a Plate, and hold it above your head, arms locked. You keep your arms perpendicular to the floor and you kind of crunch on through while you hold the weight up. Don't hold it above your core… It makes it easier.

  6. HI Scott. Was this the ab exercise you were mentioning in your most recent weekly update and the one that "killed" your abs and lower back? Thanks, as always.

  7. Hey Scott, take care of your voice, okay? In the last couple of week it sounds like your're getting dysphonia. Just take care and take consultaion in time, if needed. It can get nasty…

  8. Hey Scott, Question: Any time I do this exercise I feel that I always engage the muscles that are the sides of my legs JUST below my hips. Even when I focus hard to control my core, i feel that this muscle group kicks in because im using it to hold myself upside down or something. Is this something that is normal or is it because im still not focusing enough on just my core muscles?

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    do a lot of cardio to get that 5% to -5% and take fish oil to replace that bad fat w/ good

    THUMBSS UPP if you want scott to look cut even in the light

  10. I have an awesome way on how to do Decline sit ups that you will LOVE check my channel page!
    Keep up the good work Scott

  11. Hmmm, I am well on the downside of the hill. This man, however, inspired me to buy one of those situp devices and start exercising. Thank you Scott, also for the other videos. You are terrific.

  12. Hmm… ive heard that it is better to do inhale on the way up, as to strengthen the diaphram(sp?)… any problem with this?

  13. IMHO, it's not helpful to try to execute a move that contracts the abdominal muscles at the same time as inhaling, which tends to prevent contraction. I find it better to exhale on contraction, and inhale on the part of the movement where muscles relax.

  14. OMG if I was a dude I'd want to have his body o.O
    thankks for the vid my gym has this bench but I had no clue how to use it lol

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  17. THAAANKS!!! My lower back was popping when I would lower myself down. I thought push through it, but it seemed that my I would have pain in the joint or whatever instead of my muscles being sore. When I tried your suggestions the popping stopped. Thanks for saving my back.

  18. umm i've not done these in awhile so my back kinda hurts.. does this mean i shouldnt do it anymore? I also go fully down and up.. wonder if that is the wrong way to go

  19. Sure is right. You are smart if you understand you need to eat right at your age to kill your belly.

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  20. The tip to keep the face parallel to the ceiling is very important – we see a lot of people neglect to do that. Great video as always Scott!

  21. Scott you need to take this video down! People will get injured performing the decline sit up this way. You never arch your back on the decline sit up…that's a recipe for disaster.

  22. What the hell are you doing scott? Are you trying to get people to injure themselves? That this shit down immediately!

  23. Ok so on other videos they say roll the back as keeping straight is more a pelvic flex and will put huge pressure on lower back

  24. Master Scott. If my feet hook the top bars rather than the lower bars of the bench to do sit-up, is it correct?

  25. This is the incorrect way to do this. Keep your small back flat while you do the crunch, you will hurt your lower back doing it this way.

  26. Scott, I'm pretty sure dude that when you arch your back like that, it puts a lot of stress and pain there, you should really roll your spine when doing these, this will avoid injury

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  28. This is a very bad way to do a sit up! Arching your back like that during ab exercises is really bad for your back, and it won't even work your abs…

  29. Actually, Scott, is one of the few who does this to perfection. The visual demonstration is perfect, he just chose is words wrong. He is not actually arching, but keeps his core tight thru the full range of motion. Well done!

  30. Be very careful!! This video is not clear enough about the proper technique. Improper technique often does not hurt until it is too late and you have a back injury. Back injuries are very serious. Here are two videos that give a more detailed  explanation.

  31. Perfect, everyone is use to people doing situps the "shrimp" way where they curl their backs like a shrimp.

    Which to ME I think is bad for your back. But when they do it like how Scott is doing, they can only do maybe 30 at most and their back gets tired or fatigued before their abs.

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