How to do a Bicycle Crunch

Hey everyone, I’m Jared with, and this is “How To Do A Bicycle Crunch”. This is probably one of my favorite abdominal core exercises just because it activates so many muscles down there. What you’re going to do – you’re going to start in this position – on your back with your knees bent. Your hands come back behind your head, I don’t want you to interlock your fingers – just place your hands to the back of your head. Just like that. The bicycle crunch – what you’re going to do is touch opposite elbow to opposite knee. I like to lift my legs up into this position – is the start. Now I’m going to bring my right knee up as I bring my left elbow right towards it. And so it looks like that. And then you’re going to repeat on the other side. And so to do that at full speed – again we’re starting right here… right knee to left elbow… and then alternate.

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  1. When I lift my legs up off the ground, I have to arch my back, and then I can't balance when I bring my knee towards me. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Fu$#, I did it wrong for 17 days all along. Didn't catch by the animation that the arms need to be so opened, I just got them closer so my elbows could touch my knee easier…

  3. I'm using this App.
    But I don't wanna make abs..
    I just wanna lose my weight.
    And I'm not on diet. I'm on day 6
    It'll be helpful or not?

  4. Yo, Everytime I do one with the right leg, it makes a sound and feeling like when you press your fingers to make them sound (sorry but TBH I don't know how that is named in English) Everytime I lower my right leg, is something wrong?

  5. I have a problem whit doing this and similar .. my back don't going strait . I got how 3 fingers 🙁 . And when i trying i feel so big paint not in the mussels . In the bone

  6. Тяжело с поднятыми ногами это выполнять. Позвоночник еле держится

  7. It's kinda hard for me rissing my legs up….can I just put them down and do it instead of rissing them????

  8. Кто с приложения???? Мне помогает клёвое приложение мне помогает

  9. Bicycle crunch panradhuku bodies sa up panna mudiyala elbows opp knees sa touch panna romba tough ha iruku what can I do for that?pls rply me

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