How to Do a Bicycle Kick | Ab Workout

Now I’m going to demonstrate how to do a bicycle
kick. Okay, there’s two variation to this as well;
level one and level two we’ll describe it as. So the level one, your hands are flat on the
floor, just so. And your legs are straight out. And what’s you are gonna do is, okay. Try to get a rhythm, where you are alternating
your legs; or reciprocating I’m in a way actually. So that means your other knee comes in as
before the other one comes out. So your legs extending, okay. You are staying up in a crunch position, okay
. So this will be level one. Level two, would be hands behind the head. And you are going to sync your knees as you
turn your elbows into those knees. Notice keep your chin neutral and turn, turn,
turn. Those are two ways of doing bicycle kick. Level one and level two.

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