How to Do a Close Grip Push-Up | Boot Camp Workout

Whether you do a wide-grip push-up or a close-grip
push-up, you’re going to be targeting mostly the peck muscles, the interior deltoids, and
the triceps. When you bring your hands closer together,
it actually just means that your triceps are going to have to work a little bit more. You take away the larger muscle group aspect
of it and you hone in on the smaller muscle groups, usually the weaker muscle groups which
is why close-grip push-ups are sometimes more difficult to perform. You’re going to set yourself up into a plank
with your hands not shoulder width apart like a traditional push-up, but right underneath. Again, close together, close-grip. Your fingertips are pointing straight ahead
and you just want to establish your high plank position here, watching that your belly is
not hanging out. Instead, you’re pulling the abdominals in,
engaging your core, not so much that you take yourself out of plank and get the weight away
from where you want it which is to be in the upper body. I like to think of it as I just kind of on
my tippy toes, putting as much weight into the arms as I can so I can most benefit from
the upper body work in this exercise. Elbows are going to point straight back. You’re literally trying to squeeze your arms
against your ribcage. You don’t need to go any lower than 90 degrees. Then exhale, pull the abdominals in, and press
the floor away. So again, squeezing your arms in, feeling
them tight against your body, abdominals pulling in, head in line with your spine, exhale,
bring it back up. You’re focusing on the elbow extension. Your triceps muscle is the muscle that extends
the elbow. You want to get full extension so you most
maximize your triceps work. Be careful if you happen to be hyper-extended
that you don’t push too far into that joint. Just a teeny micro bend is good for range
of motion.

18 Replies to “How to Do a Close Grip Push-Up | Boot Camp Workout”

  1. this helps alot! thank you! I'm training for the navy so I need these pushups and I find them insanely difficult, I'm mostly training upperbody and mostly triceps so I should be fine, I've got 3 month to be able to do 20

  2. Good explanation.
    Excellent exercise for the triceps without taxing the elbows as happens when doing triceps isolation exercises like the skull crushers.

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