How-To Do A Military Press • One Academy Training

Alright, next up we have our Military Press. So a shoulder movement, vertical push. One of the things I really want you thinking
about with this lift is that external rotation. So we’re going to try to bend the bar. We’re turning on our shoulder stabilizing
muscles. Cool? You want those muscles working when you’re
going up a rope, through monkey bars, through a rig, you want those muscles on. So, next thing we’re going to do, I’m also
going to screw my feet into the ground, just like with a squat, and turn my abs on. Glutes are engaged too, nice strong stable
position. I’m going to bend that bar in. Press, full extension to the top. Same thing, bending that bar, getting those
stabilizing muscles going. Controlled, up. I don’t have a foot forward. You do that you’re taking out your abs, you’re
taking out your core. Cool? and my spine is definitely not arched. So it’s nice and strong, engaged. Don’t be afraid to drop the weight. Well, side view right here: feet under the
hips, nice and strong, glutes engaged, screwing the feet into the ground. Strong abs, bar comes up, and I’m going to
press, bending that bar at the top. Whole body strong, slow controlled down, nice
and rigid right from my feet, right to the bar, right to my hands. Thanks for watching guys. Check out our other videos, smash that like
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