How to do a Perfect Plank

hi guys I’m Kristen and you’re watching
perfect Fitness TV. Today along with perfect fitness we have perfect
technique and I’m going to show you how to do the perfect plank. So we’re
going to do this with really good technique okay so if you come down to
the mat. It’s important to do a plank properly because you’ll get more
benefits because not only does a plank work your abdominals, it looks all four sets
of your abdominals. You have four sets, internal and external obliques and
rectus abdominus and transverse abdominus. So it’s all four layers
and not only does it really work your abdominals it works all the muscles down your spine as well, so it’s a really good one to get the spine working, core working
and it’s good on upper body strength as well. You can also really get those inner
thighs working by squeezing your legs together. So if you’re here. You have
your forearms down and what you’re going to do is you just lift those knees off the
mat and I want you to try to squeeze your legs together, squeeze your glutes and
draw your belly button in towards your spine and try to get a flat back. You want to keep your hips down, flat back, belly in. okay here’s what I see… I see this a lot
sinking in the lower back, that hurts, or I see this a lot hips up in the air
that’s a lot easier on your abs but a lot harder on your arms and shoulders
okay, but we’re really trying to work the core so from here
still trying to press your chest forward trying to flatten out through the back, squeezing those legs together draw your belly button in towards your
spine, squeezing your glutes and that’s really good technique. so if you can
practice this with really good technique maybe you can hold a point for a minute, but are you holding it with really good technique? maybe not, so try doing this
with really good technique and maybe you can only hold it for 20 seconds but that’s
okay. try three rounds and you will start to
get more muscles working in a plank. it’s not just about holding
it for as long as you can. it’s about holding it for as long as you can with
proper technique to get the most results. and the shortest amount of time, yeah? So
if you think about it that way I think about that only will you improve your
workout you’ll improve yourself and I think it’s always good to go back to the
basics, you might have been working out continuously for the past 10 years but go
back and check your technique because we do start to get into habits, we do form different things so get back into what you do because I’m telling you if
you keep doing this… you are really going to have some lower back pain and if you
keep doing this… well you’re not strengthening your core
and that defeats the whole point and I see a lot of both of those and I’m constantly drilling into my clients on how to do
this properly and then they’re starting to get much better results okay so I
really want you to take that on board and I hope you found out really
informative and helpful for your workouts in your training especially
when you do all the workouts with me and we have planks, okay so I hope you found
that really interesting, I’m Kristen and you’re watching perfect Fitness TV.

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