How to Do a Skater | Sexy Legs Workout

OK so after you’re warmed up and you’ve stretched,
we’re gonna go into some slimming exercises, some cardiovascular movements that will get
your heart rate up and start slimming you down. So first we’re going to do skaters. What you’re going to do is you’re going to
lean forward, keep your back flat and your core tight, and you’re gonna go back and forth. Just like in a skater movement. So you’re going to leap to the right, and
as you leap you bring this foot behind you and this arm comes in front of you. Same thing happens on the other side. This arm comes in front of you, and this other
leg comes behind. So you’re going to go back and forth, in like
a skating movement. Keeping you back flat and your core tight. Back and forth. You don’t want to lean forward to much. You want to keep your back flat, your shoulders
back, so that your back is not rounded. Back and forth. And what this is going to do is it’s going
to get your heart rate up, you’re going to start sweating, like a cardiovascular movement. Do it for about thirty seconds, and you can
do two or three sets of this. Back and forth. This is great for your legs, you’re going
to start feeling it burn outside your legs, your butt. And your core is always tight. And that is how you do a skater.

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  1. How to do a skater: Have lots of weed and junk food and you'll be able to do just about any skater there is.

    They're easily seduced I suppose.

  2. I get it, when instructors are physically attractive people watch their videos more. The problem is when body image, cosmetics and clothing come first and whatever they teach is just a complement.

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