How to Do a Standing Leg Lift | Thighs Workout

Hey, I’m Layla, and this is how you do standing
leg lifts. So for your standing leg lifts, you’re just
going to start off standing. You’re going to have all your weight on one
leg. You’re going to take your other leg, point
the toe and turn that toe out towards the side. So you want to keep the toe 45 degrees. So from here, we’re just going to lift the
leg and then lower. You’re just going to take that leg up and
down. Up and down. Just like that. So you want to really make sure that your
upper body is stable, your abs, you core stays nice and tight, so that as you lift the leg
you don’t shift the weight back with that leg, with the leg lift. You want to keep that focus in the legs. So you take that leg up, then just tap it
right back down. Take it up and down. You’re really going to feel this in that quad
and the inner thigh area here. And you can do about 10 to 12 reps on either

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