How to Do an Inversion Table Workout : Decompressing the Spine with an Inversion Table Workout

Welcome to Expert Village my name is Dr. Ed
Riffel. One of the many benefits of doing inversion is decompressing the spine. This
was done years ago by Hippocrates who is the father modern western medicine. He would tie
people to a ladder and then a couple people would turn them upside down and they would
rack the spine, trying to open the spinal disc and un-pinch the nerves. So this has
been done for centuries. Until recently, we’ve come out with apparatus for safety so even
people who are not experienced or aren’t confidant to hang upside down by some shoe clips, you
can still do it. This is a model of the spine. This is the back part, the head. This is the
neck part, or called the cervical spine. This is the back part, or called the thoracic spine.
This is the lumbar spine or the low back. Then you have the sacrum which has been named
as a sacred bone. Then you have the two Ilium, the sacroiliacs, located right here. When
we decompress the spine we want to get the primary and the secondary curves back into
position. The secondary curves come forward, the primary curve comes backward, and then
the secondary comes forward. A lordosis in the lumber, a kyphosis in the thoracic, and
a lordosis in the neck part. We want to get that all lined up when we decompress this
will fall in place.

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  1. I have Sciatica running down my right leg and it seems to be worse when my lower back pain is at it worse. Would an inversion table help with this? My back also cracks every time i take a deep breath..haha im a mess

  2. I know this helps because I started using one and someone at work commented that I usually shuffle my feet when I walk but not any more. That's because the lower back tension is gone and I can move more freely.

  3. I have the same problem and this has been helping for me. Not alleveatied it completely, but I can at least walk semi-normally.

  4. Can't see anything video with your text box covering all over the screen. Should put texts on the bottom of your pictures. Very counterproductive.

  5. @twcckuo: Ditto on that. Maybe this is a recent playback error? Cuz Im not seeing people a few mos or a yr ago complaining about it. Thanks for taking the time to mention too. Maybe someone will read their email notification, if they get those, and fix it.

  6. This is one in a 'series'. Just lick on the above "138,000 videos" link, that is under the title and ALL the videos will be there.

  7. My only wish is that I could fully extend my arms over my head for a better spinal stretch. As it is now, my hands touch the floor.

  8. @TheMisterWhatt Inversion tables work for me. Just make sure you get a sturdy one that is well made and is comfortable in use. You should be able to easily find one for less than $100 new and likely can find used ones for much less; though I would inspect them carefully.

    Use is simple. You adjust the straps/pins to control how far back the table goes. You get in, lean back and let gravity work. Then you pull the safety bars to straighten back up. 10 min works for me.

  9. wow I always feel like turning my head and feet on opposite ends, or going on the climbers for a stretch because my spine feels like its gone down and needs to be pulled up. I guess I should be getting this or talking to my physiotherapist about this! Other than the normal stretches I do, this would really HELP cause it uses gravity!! Makes things a lot easier than standing on your hands which I do not recommend doing.

  10. My back/chest area also cracks when I inhale sometimes. From my research and gut feeling, this is a good thing. I feel more healing light is coming into the body when I hear that cracking sound. I wish it happened more often !

  11. u r welcome ! I got the f 7000 teeter used on craigslist and it is great because the ankle supports are not that uncomfortable like cheap ones and when u hang all the ways upside down, the weight of your body locks it into place so u dont have to hold the back part and u can totally relax which is the primary thing to look for in an inversion table.

  12. once i felt a HUGE 'pop' that seemed like one pulled out of my tailbone; i've done this for years and that only happened once…………what was that doc?

  13. if you want to know more about workouts, just go to Unflexal page, there you'll find your answers 🙂

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