How-To Do Burpees • One Academy Training

Alright, next up we have our Burpees, everybody’s
favourite. Here we go, so we are going to lower ourselves. I’m going to plant my hands, so they’re going
to end up on the outside of my chest. I’m going to jump back, squeezing my glutes,
abs engaged, lower myself, up, in, overhead. Plant the hands, out, squeeze, rigid spine,
down, up, in, overhead. So I’ll give you a side view now: we’re going
to go right here, plant the hands, nice strong stable position, back, butt squeezed, down,
up, in, overhead. So a lot of the faults we see, people come
down, and they’re out, and they’re doing this: pushing up, right here, is really not good. It’s hard on the back, you’re compressing
your vertebrae. So, to avoid that, you want to go out, plant
the hands, extend, drop to the knees, do your pushup, up, overhead. Thanks for watching guys. Check out our other videos, smash that like
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