30 Replies to “How to Do Dumbbell Concentration Curls”

  1. LOL I still can't get over the fact that an ex body builder and actor is governer of California."I'll be back"

  2. lol cuz probably 75% of the people who voted for him, didnt care about his policies. just thought it wud b funny and cool to c him as governor cuz he was a badass terminator.

  3. @tlast2O12dude guy… even on steroids you don't get that big of sitting around. A lot of work went in to Arnold's physique

  4. @crazywanch101
    Why not, it's not like actual politicians are any more deserving, 95% of them are puppets that can't tell what's what either so might as well have one that looks cool and acts cool.

  5. That's stupid to say, that's like saying Obama was elected only because he was black.. a lot of people agree with Arnold, and what he does..

  6. @jboogie2192 They agreed with the sperminator a lot more before he was elected and actually started doing anything. By the time he left office his approval rating was 22%. That's even worse than bush jr.'s.

  7. well i hope someone at YOUTUBE reads this. every video ive clicked in a row has had some advertisement before the video. im just about done with youtube. stop selling out

  8. @redv8jeep Either this or users start paying for YouTube. We get a tremendous amount of content for free. Sitting through a 30 second advert (although most adverts you can skip 5 seconds into) is nothing.
    Stop whining.

  9. @redv8jeep What browser are you using? I recommend getting Firefox/Chrome and getting this add-on called 'Adblock Plus'

    NEVER see an ad again!

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